Members of the Cadet Band, while traveling across New Mexico, had time to create humorous tales. For example:

Senior: "Why is the Normal Band the most appropriate adjunct of the Normal School?"
Band Teacher: "Give it up."
Senior: "The function of the Normal is to develop tutors!"

1932 Yearbook

Luke 1: "Hey Luke, I understand you got a check from home. Pay me that five you owe me!"
Luke 2: "Sorry Luke, but the outside of that envelope had, "Please return in five days" on it so I had to send it right back!"

Floyd: "Your lips are nice."
Mary: "I warn you not to talk about something that may be used against you, but I'll admit they are pretty..."
Floyd: "Aww, I don't think so. Why, I'll put my lips against your lips anytime!"

Visitor: "Have you folks got a bottle opener around here?"
Mrs. Shock: "Yes, but he's away at college."

Abie: "May I have some aspirin please?"
Clerk: "Why?"
Abie: "To clear my head."
Clerk: "Oh I see, a sort of vacuum cleaner!"

1934 Yearbook

Leroy Marek here doth lie,
Near the sweet by and by.
He kicked a mule and did repent,
The mule returned the compliment.

1955. homecoming October, 1955 against New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas. Jesse Bingaman Collection





1978 Disco Dance,a sign of the times.Campus Collection


Old Brady Magers liven in a shoe;
He had so many on the football team
He didn't know what to do
So he shut his eyes and took his pick
And drew a team that no one could lick!
-created by Students in honor of
Coach Brady Magers' efforts 1923