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How do I apply for admission to the M.B.A. program?

What are the program admission requirements?

What about Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships?

Does WNMU facilitate enrollment of International Students?

What is the GMAT and where can I take the GMAT examination?

Are there specific M.B.A. policies and procedures that may be unique to WNMU?

What are the M.B.A. program prerequisites and how can I meet them?

What are the core requirements?

Is there flexibility in the core requirements?

How do I apply for admission to the M.B.A. program?

Western New Mexico Admissions at 575-538-6106 can provide information about the application process.

Application materials must be on file in the Admission Office by:

Fall Semester               June 1
Spring Semester         October 1

This material includes:
  • application for admission
  • all transcripts or national examination scores and/or
  • transcripts form colleges or universities (with and English translation)
  • all test scores including the TOEFL (Foreign)
  • proof of adequate financial support (Foreign)
  • health examination form (Foreign)
Applications not processed by the above dates will be processed the succeeding semester.

International students are also required to show proof of adequate health insurance or arrange to purchase such insurance. The policy must include emergency evacuation or repatriation to their home country.

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What are the program admissions requirements?

M.B.A. applicants must submit a minimum score of 400 for the Graduate Management Admissions Test. The GMAT score must be on file with the Graduate Division and the department office before the end of the first semester after enrolling as a graduate student. However, the applicant can take up to 6 credit hours prior to the receipt of the GMAT score. After which, her or she will not be allowed to enroll for any more classes until the GMAT score has been submitted. Generally, acceptance to the program is based on the following formula:

Undergraduate GPA * 200 + GMAT = 950 or higher

Applicants not meeting the above criterion may petition the Department of Business Administration Graduate Admission Committee to be admitted on special consideration. The petition must include a written definitive statement as to why the applicant believes that he or she will be able to successfully complete the M.B.A. program. Also, the M.B.A. applicants who did not meet the 950 qualifying score must meet with the M.B.A. Graduate Admission Committee for a personal interview. No more than 20 percent of candidates will have a qualifying score lower than 950.

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What about graduate assistantships and fellowships?

Applications for Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships are available at the Provost's Office, 575-538-6317.

The WNMU Department of Business Administration offers graduate assistantships to qualified full-time students. Individualsholding these positions are normally assigned to support the faculty through teaching and research activities.

Minority fellowships are available to New Mexico residents. Fellowship recipients support faculty teaching and research activities. Fellowship recipients may be required to show financial need.

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Does WNMU facilitate enrollment of International Students?

The general policies of the University, as outlined in the catalog, apply to international as well as U.S. students. However, some special policies, mandated by federal law, apply to international students.

An international student is any individual attending WNMU while present in the United States on a non-immigrant visa. Legally admitted immigrants and refugees are not considered foreign students. All foreign students will hold either and F-1 or M-1 non-immigrant visa.

Information and application materials for admission to WNMU as an international student are available at the Admission Office.

English Proficiency: WNMU requires a score of 550 or better on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for all international students.

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What is the GMAT and where can I take it?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) information is located at

"The GMAT is specifically designed to measure the verbal, quantitative, and writing skills of applicants for graduate study in business. It does not, however, presuppose any specific knowledge of business or other specific content areas, nor does it measure achievement in any particular subject areas. In addition, the test does not measure subjective factors important to academic and career success—such as motivation, creativity, interpersonal skills, and study skills. Test takers should note that the GMAT is entirely in English and that all instructions are provided in English." (GMAT Website)

The GMAT Web site also provides testing locations and the format of the GMAT examination. Please visit the above WEB site for more information.

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Are there specific M.B.A. policies and procedures that may be unique to WNMU?

  • Specialization: WNMU offers a general M.B.A.. No area of specialization or concentration is currently available.
  • Thesis: The M.B.A. program does not require a thesis.
  • GradeAverage: No more than three (6) credit hours of a grade of a "C" will be allowed to count toward completion of the M.B.A.. A student who receives three grades of "C" or one grade lower than a "C" will be terminated from the M.B.A. program.
  • Hours: The WNMU M.B.A. consists of 36 hours of course work, 11 required courses and one elective.

What are the M.B.A. program prerequisites?

Prerequisites include specific course work and a Bachelor degree. The Bachelor degree can be in any field from an accredited university.

There are two options for completing required foundation course work. The first option consists of completion of traditional coursework. The second option is comprised of "leveling" courses that give students "need to know" preparation for M.B.A. coursework. Credit hours received from the foundation courses do not apply toward the 36 hours required for completion of the M.B.A.. Prerequisites for a graduate course must be completed prior to registering for the graduate course. The department encourages students to use non-traditional alternatives such as on-line Web-based courses to complete M.B.A. prerequisites.

Option #1

ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 202 Principle of Microeconomics
BSAD 230 Managerial Accounting
BSAD 231 Financial Accounting
BSAD 340 Principles of Marketing
BSAD 350 Principles of Management
BSAD 370 Principles of Finance
MATH 321 Statistics

Option #2

ECON 500 Economic Analysis (Microeconomics and Macroeconomics)
BSAD 500 Survey of Business 1 (Accounting and Finance)
BSAD 501 Survey of Business 2 (Marketing and Management)
BSAD 502* Survey of Math & Statistics (Statistics and Math)

* Students are excused if they have adequate Math and Statistics course work

The ability to do basic word processing and use a spreadsheet program such as Excel is helpful. It is expected that students will have completed courses equivalent to College Algebra and Calculus.

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What are the core requirements?

Classes are designed to meet the needs of the students. As such the courses are applied, emphasizing case approaches, and group interaction. The classes are designed to stress the importance of various management skills required by future work forces and to promote life long learning.

Core Courses

BSAD 510 Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
BSAD 530 Advanced Managerial Accounting
BSAD 540 Analysis for Marketing Planning
BSAD 550 Management and Organizational Theory
BSAD 552 Current Issues in Human Resource Management
BSAD 556 Production and Operations Analysis
BSAD 560 Advanced Business Statistics
BSAD 570 Managerial Finance in Theory and Practice
BSAD 586 Advanced International Business
BSAD 597 Managerial Policy and Strategy
BSAD 512 Comparative Analysis using Managerial Economics
Guided Elective, 3 hours approved by M.B.A. Advisor

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Is there flexibility in M.B.A. course requirements?

Students may transfer up to six hours from other graduate programs. The transferred courses must substitute for required courses or one may be used as an elective.

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Contact Information:

Department of Business Administration:

Phone 575-538-6321
Fax 575-538-6264

Admissions: 575-538-6106

Graduate Division (Provost & VPAA): 575-538-6317

M.B.A. Advisor: 575-538-6331

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