Linda Gill Billings
Class of 1963

Inducted 2002

In recognition of 34 years of teaching and "making a difference" Linda G. Billings is hereby named to the WNMU Education hall of Fame.

The Credibility of Linda's fame is founded on allowing learning to come alive and have personal meaning for children. Her success is based upon the successful performance of her students. Transforming culture, expecting excellence, balancing student and teacher activities, working cooperatively, and writing for the sake of writing are the foundation of this great teacher.

Her career started in the Gadsden Schools with stops in Lincoln Nebraska, Silver City, Truth or Consequences, and Cobre Consolidated School Districts. For nine years Linda taught in international settings. She helped develop and teach for schools in America and Macedonia and also taught elementary school in Damascus, Syria.

Hazel Sechler professed in 1973 that Linda Billings would stand in the "Top Ten" of all western education graduates. Hazel's vision has now been fulfilled.