Why Teach? Student Responses


Student essays reflect on the motivation to teach, and the School of Education Vision.

Why Teach?

When some people start to think of what they want to do as a profession, it seems that more and more people want to be policemen, bank clerks, or enlist in the army. All of these professions are wonderful and important to our society. However, teachers are and will always be in need. I have chosen to become an educator because I truly enjoy working with children. I hope I can be that teacher a student talks about ten years down the road saying, "That teacher really cared."

I have chosen to become an educator because I enjoy working with children as well as being able to see them learn and grown intellectually before my eyes. I want to be a teacher that will make a difference in students' lives, even if I only touch one student's life, I will be satisfied. I want to be the teacher that will stand up for my students' education and personal values. I have chosen to pursue Special Education because I have seen many teachers look down upon students with special needs and treat them differently or not fairly just because of certain accommodations that they may have to make. Teachers should become teachers for one reason, in my opinion, for the students. A teacher's main role in his profession is the students' growth: academic, emotional, and intellectual. This is what a teacher's main focus should be; however there are many teachers out there that I have seen that have lost this vision.

I plan in my teaching career to always be understanding of my students at all times. I want to be the teacher that shows progress in my teaching and to be able to measure my effectiveness through assignments and assessments. I plan to use many skills in the classroom that I have observed in other classrooms such as classroom management skills, knowledge of content, and inclusive learning.

Student: Jonathan Gonzales

Foundations of Education, October 2010


Why Teach?

I believe to teach is to give another something valuable. Knowledge is valuable, a basic need to live. The more rich in knowledge one becomes the more rich life can become. Teaching is a gift one person gives to another; there are no boundaries on who can teach or learn. My hope is to help learners who face unusual challenges and have special needs. My inspiration came in observing my first child struggle with learning to read. Now I include experience with learners with extraordinary special needs and I feel the desire to help them learn. I want to become a special education teacher. To become a teacher one must be willing to learn, and never stop learning. To me, a professional educator must continually be open to new possibilities. I feel I have the principles, the patience and the dedication needed in special education. Why teach? Because I want to encourage others, as well as myself, to learn in order to become better.

Students need plenty of opportunities in which they can grow. I truly believe everyone is entitled to education; everyone deserves the opportunity to learn what they can as well as they need. This fundamental right is what I desire to fulfill. I want to give students valuable knowledge and structure that will make a difference in their lives. I ask myself why teach, what is it that inspires me and what I feel inspires any teacher? I feel a teacher simply desires to give.

Jeana Gutierrez

Foundations of Education, January 2011


Why Teach?


Teaching is both a rewarding and challenging profession. Several of the reasons that teachers find the classroom experience rewarding are: a desire to work with young people, passion for the subject, a desire to serve others and society, work hours and vacations, and job security. On the other hand, the challenges of teaching are long work hours, measuring up to the standards of high-stakes testing, and keeping up with the influence of technology on students.


Personally, my desire to teach is a combination of factors. I love to work with children, and have for most of my life. I have worked in poverty situations to make life better for our children, and have seen what a difference one person can make in the life of a child who is at risk of dropping out, turning to drugs, or giving up on life. I have over the years developed a keen sense of empathy for children of different cultural backgrounds, and I want to be of service to my community, and teach them that they can be of service to others, no matter their history. Teaching is a great way to be active in one’s community, to create lasting bonds with those with whom one interacts. I see teaching as the vehicle that will take me into the future, a future of active service to others.

Donna Robertson

Foundations of Education, January 2011


Why Teach?

I came a long way before realizing what better way to share my passion for Biology than to spark an interest in learning in students. In my personal experience, science was not stressed as reading and math were in elementary school. For a very good reason: reading and math are the foundation of further learning.  However, teaching would give me the opportunity to change the students’ perspective on Biology or science in general. Through teaching, I would be given the pleasure of educating students in science and allowing them to grow fond of science.

Teachers are a major aspect in the lives of their students. Being able to educate and integrate the love of learning is a very respectful position. Being able to educate students in Biology would, hopefully, change a student to be passionate about science and to someday accomplish great things. Teaching would allow me to educate the students not only about Biology but different paths that can be taken with science in the years past secondary education. Who knows? One day that student may be your doctor, a research scientist, wildlife biologist, or another teacher sparking an interest of learning in future students.


Becoming a teacher would not only allow me to spark an interest in learning Biology, but would also allow me to further interest the students in becoming further educated. Learning does not stop after graduation nor will education stop at facts in Biology. I look forward to teaching because this would allow me to educate the students on many levels of learning beside my chosen field. With practice and reflection I hope to educate many different students in the many aspects of education.

Student: Sarah Zuniga

Foundations of Education, January 2011



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