Action Project Annual Update

Submit electronically (send this file with an email) to by December 1, 2001.

It is not necessary to send a paper copy.

INSTRUCTIONS: Fill out one form for each Action Project on which you have worked this past year. You can find this form on the AQIP website at (If you’ve completed a Project, fill out forms for both the one completed and the one which will replace it.) Each completed form should be no longer than three printed pages. Call AQIP at 800-621-7440, or email, if you have any questions.

Action Project title: Increase Funding

Name of Institution: Western New Mexico University

Name of Person to contact

for additional information: Kathie S. Gilbert

Telephone number: (575) 538-6348 Email address: gilbertk@iron.wnmu.edu____

  1. In the past year, what have you accomplished on this Action Project? What is its current status?
  2. <Note – time period is since May 2001 when action projects submitted. Teams formed in September.>

    A team of eight members representing faculty, staff, and students meets regularly to monitor progress toward the funding goals. Members volunteered to be a part of the AQIP Funding Team and others with an interest in participating are welcome. Several resource people, identified in the various funding areas, are also available to the Team. The committee identified priority areas for meeting the funding goals and targets and alerted relevant parties in the campus community about the specific data needs. We are currently collecting the baseline data from them that will form the measurement and evaluation basis for this action project.

  3. How did you involve people in your institution in your work on this Action Project?
  4. During the Faculty Retreat and at Staff Senate meetings, an opportunity was provided for faculty and staff to sign up to work on the AQIP Funding Action Project. A member of the faculty and a staff member serve as co-chairs of the team. Specific team members are in contact with the various parties engaged in funding-related programs and departments pertinent to the Funding Team’s responsibilities. Team members will work to involve their specific areas in an appropriate fashion. The co-chairs also maintain communication with the campus community through reports at Faculty and Staff Senates, AQIP web-page updates, and articles in our general campus monthly news publication.

  5. What are your planned next steps on this Action Project?
  6. We will complete the collection of baseline funding data for the fiscal year 1999-2000 and similar data for the year 2000-2001 in order to provide the comparative progress measures. We wil identify those funding ares in which goals have not been met and evaluate possible root causes for the insufficiency. We will also identify those areas that have met or exceeded goals and examine specific reasons for their success. We will continue to communicate with the campus community regarding our activities.

  7. Has your work on this Project resulted in an "effective practice" of which you are proud and that we could share with the broader higher education community? If so, describe the practice.
  8. We have not reached this stage yet.


  9. What challenges or problems, if any, are you still facing with regard to this Action Project?

Both hard copy and electronic communication with funding contacts have often failed to clarify the exact data needs of the AQIP Funding Action Project. This indicates that direct personal contact with the individuals concerned should be implemented.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of AQIP’s providing you with help to stimulate progress on this Action Project, explain your need here and tell us whom to call, and when.

Not at this time.