AQIP Quarterly Meeting

7 February 2002

Present: Marie Leck, Marcia Harris Bourdette, Chris Casey, Frank Juszczyk, Steve Reed, Peggy Lankford, Faye Vowell, Curtis Hayes, Chris Farren, Kathie Gilbert, Mike Metcalf

NCA Meeting Showcase --The group decided we wait until next year to participate in this.

Advising Subcommittee report: Curtis Hayes and Marcia Harris Bourdette

The subcommittee is working on an advising handbook. The table of contents has been finalized and the handbook will be available in a partially completed form by the end of the semester.

Funding Subcommittee reportFrank Juszczyk

They have accumulated some data such as the ENMU and Highlands institutional profiles that they will analyze in comparison to Western. They have the WNMU financial statement and auditorís report and will compare them for the last 2 years. They will collect further funding data on grants and legislative funding. The group is studying the feasibility of establishing a standard funding data format; they suggest that WNMU establish a central place to collect funding data. The funding information is hard to understand for the reader who may not be familiar with it. There has been turnover in committee membership. There are two student members: one never comes and one doing is doing student teaching. Judith Lawrence is coming to the next meeting to discuss the funding formula. They hope to produce a report with bar graphs and pie charts. The group will address the alumni and foundation data next year. Slogging is the word they feel describes their progress.

Communication Subcommittee-Marie Leck

This group is a large committee that is broken up into 3 teams. Each team took on the task of addressing key issues that emerged. A sense of urgency took precedence in dealing with the student concerns in regard to registration, advising, housing, and food service. How satisfied were students with the information they were provided in these areas? Do staff and faculty know what students know and need to know to deal with these areas? Do people in these departments know how the other departments work? How do we find out what students know? We can use Noel Levitz and some focus group surveys to find answers to some of these questions. We need a central location where information is made available to students and to faculty and staff. A central information desk should be staffed all the time. The group would get all areas to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions to be available from this information desk.

The group agreed that we need a list of members of all committees. Co-chairs will forward the to Kathie Gilbert to put on the web. The student affairs handbook for students is being revised. Also Financial Aid is revising a handbook for student workers; Kathie Gilbert suggested that they look at the library handbook for students. Dr. Farren will supply copies of proposed student worker handbook being developed by the Financial Aid office for the communication committee to review. February 20 is the next meeting of communication committee.

Noel Levitz Supplemental Questions: We can add 10 questions to the survey.

The group revised proposed questions and identified appropriate ones which will be used.

Current Targets and Measurements

The group then turned its attention to a review of the current targets and measurements asking the following questions? Are targets and measures initially proposed still appropriate? Do they have meaning? Do they give us information that we need?

Advising Process measures: The group determined that there were too many surveys. We discussed whether we could put the dissemination of information concerning advising on the faculty and staff survey. We asked whether the survey about question on dissemination of information on the early alert process could be done as part of communication audit. We did away with the referrals to student support services measure.

Communication: We need to change the measure about ease of storing, retrieving and accessing information into another one that talks about establishing a policy to facilitate ease of storing, retrieving, and accessing information. We decided to get rid of "% of electronic postings related to key issues" measure because there is no precise way to measure it. We need to capture guidelines on timeliness of responses to student concerns. We need email addresses for students and employees.

Funding: We are not working with foundation this year so these measures may not be appropriate. There is formal contact only with legislators. We need to develop procedures as we develop measures. The vice presidents need to report quarterly on a number of items, e.g., income generating activities.


Kathie suggested that we go back to faculty and staff to report on progress toward 3 goals and to ask what is important for next year. The values discussion in the recent AQIP workshop received good evaluations and participants suggested that it be repeated. We need to have a discussion with faculty and staff about university values, their congruence with AQIP values, and how these values get manifested.

Budget and strategic planning have not been inclusive of the campus. We need to look at proposing a different budgeting scenario--one more open process that invites more faculty and staff to participate. We need to build on faculty and staff forums which identify things that are important for us to be doing and ask people for input into this. What are critical and important functions of the institution that support mission and AQIP goals? An AQIP communications forum could help people have input; we need to market the notion of what AQIP does. We need forums that include faculty and staff to allow people to be involved. We need to connect institutional values and the budgeting process in a more meaningful way.