Crisis Intervention

Threat Assessment Plan Incident Form

While most of our counseling services are scheduled on an appointment basis, there may be crisis situations that require immediate or same-day intervention. Examples of an emergency situation may be when a student:

  •          is having suicidal feelings

  •          is experiencing severe feelings of panic or being overwhelmed

  •          is dealing with the news of death or illness of a loved one

  •          has experienced sexual or physical assault

    If this is during office hours (2-6), the caller should tell the receptionist that there is need for crisis counseling. Students will be seen as soon as possible by an available counselor or the counselor-on-call. After hours and on weekends, students are encouraged to call the Campus Police: 538-6231.


    1-866-HELP-1-NM (435-7166)

    Border Area Mental Health 24-Hour Crisis Hotline

    1-800-426-0997 or 538-3488


    RAINN National 24-Hour Hotline

    If a student has been sexually assaulted, the 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

    Silver Regional Sexual Assault Support Services

    What to Do in an Emergency

    Depending upon the nature, location, and timing of an emergency, your options are:

  •          Call the Campus Police, who will assess the situation, contact the counselor-on-call, and, if necessary, have the person transported to a hospital for care and treatment: 538-6231.

  •          Dial 911 to summon the Silver City Police who will assess the situation and, if necessary, arrange for transportation of the person to a hospital for care and treatment.

  •          Call the University Counseling Center (Monday - Friday, 2 pm - 5:00 pm)  After hours, the phone message will tell you to call Campus Police at 412 624-2121 to reach the counselor-on-call.

  •          After hours, Boarder Area Mental Health a licensed telephone crisis service, provides referrals, crisis counseling, mobile teams, and information: 1-800-426-0997