Information for New Students
The WNMU Student Health and Counseling Center exists to affirm the clear role of health and wellness in advancing academics. Our primary mission is to maintain and contribute to a healthy and safe learning environment for the student community. We are committed to providing high quality, inexpensive and confidential primary care services in an accessible and efficient manner which promotes maximum privacy and respect for individual as well as cultural preferences. As health care providers, we promote wellness from a holistic approach encompassing mind, body and spirit. We encourage the student to make informed decisions about health related concerns and we empower them to be self-directed and well informed consumers in an ever changing health care system. The WNMU Student Health and Counseling Center does not process medical insurance. Insured students will assume the responsibility of submitting a claim to their insurance company when indicated.

Health insurance is recommended but not required. The University does not endorse a specific medical insurance carrier. The Health and Counseling Center can provide information on a limited number of carriers and it is up to the student to purchase his/her own coverage. Patient’s health information is protected by federal regulations. Absolutely no one can gain knowledge of your health information unless you give permission to do so. Although the University does not require documentation of vaccination for admission, it is recommended that each student provide a copy of their vaccination record to the Health and Counseling Center.