Senate Meeting Minutes


Associated Students of Western New Mexico University

Student Senate Meeting Minutes

January 25, 2006


I. Call to Order


The meeting was called to order at 8:28 P.M. by V.P. Bruchhauser.


II. Opening Ceremonies


Floor Leader Rodriguez led the pledge of allegiance.

III. Roll Call

A. Senate Present: Pro Tempore K. Wilson, Floor Leader Rodriguez, Senate Secretary Z. Wilson, Senator Greer, Senator Hill, Senator Otieno, Senator Maloney, Senator Medeguari, Senator Monje, Senator Ryen, Senator Saucedo, Senator Wright


IV. Sergeant at Arms Appointment


V.P. Bruchhauser appointed Senator Monje as Sergeant at Arms.

V. Approval of Agenda

A. January 25, 2006

V.P. Bruchhauser entertained a motion to approve the agenda for January 25, 2006. Senator Wright so moved. Senator Medeguari seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

VI. Approval of Minutes


A. November 30, 2005

V.P. Bruchhauser entertained a motion to approve the minutes of November 30, 2005. Senator Monje so moved. Senator Ryen seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

VII. ASWNMU Executive Council Reports

A. President Carbajal

Attended DWI planning council. Met with Peggy Lankford to get pictures of Ritch Hall for lobbying purposes. Worked on Great Race. Been involved in ASNM, there were about 15 schools in attendance. Wants the Senate to discuss retention, Lottery Scholarship changes, and communications.


B. Vice-President Bruchhauser

Met with Dr. Clark and heard her proposed changes. Wrote down Executive council responsibilities.


C. Secretary Ubinger

Announced that he would be resigning from the position of ASWNMU Secretary.


D. Treasurer Blanchard

Passed out the Budget Report and stated that this budget is accurate as of the time of meeting.

E. Attorney General Boyles

Announced that he needed to meet with bi-laws committee members after the meeting..


F. Governmental Affairs Director Martinez

Announced that lobbying for Ritch Hall renovations, tennis court lights, and renovations to the MECHA building was going as planned.

G. Public Information Director Davis

Student Publication committee met to discuss the year. Presently working on bulletin board policy. Marquee needed the approved Senate minutes to be bought.


H. Committee Reports

a. Student Appeals Committee

Senator Medeguari reported that the committee saw several students, but for confidentiality reasons could not state the nature of the committees rulings.

b. Evaluation Committee

Senator Greer announced that the committee was changing the teacher evaluation from for online classes.

c. Radio Committee

Senator Maloney wanted to create an ad-hoc Radio committee.

d. Curriculum and Instruction Committee

Senate Secretary Z. Wilson announced that there were multiple changes to the Computer Graphics courses. There is also now a web design degree being offered by the art department.

e. Graduate Council Committee

V.P Bruchhauser announced that dual listings and wording for the graduate program was discussed. They also discussed eligibility requirements for graduate programs.

f. Great Race Committee

V.P. Bruchhauser announced that she has reserved the blow up events equipment. She also reserved the Fine Arts Theatre for the Talent Show. Met with Maria to discuss renting out the Buffalo Bar. She also had a voting booth to let students vote on the Great Race theme.


VIII. Old Business


IX. New Business

A. Great Race Theme “Mardi Gras”

Senate Secretary Z. Wilson moved to approve Mardi Gras as this years Great Race theme. Senator Wright seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

B. Matching Funds

a. SOTA club ($262.50)

A representative from the SOTA club announced that the funds were raised by selling raffle tickets for a massage. Senator Saucedo pointed out that now written legislation was made for the matching funds. Senator Maloney to table said line item. Senator Ryen seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


C. Club Recognition

a. Bee Keepers Film Society

President of the Bee Keepers Film Society said that this club was to help students taking film classes, and to get a film festival in Silver City and other various cities in New Mexico. Senator Saucedo pointed out that no written legislation was made for the recognition of this club either. Senator Greer moves to table the club recognition. Senator Wright seconded. Motion passed unanimously.





X. Announcements

A. Senator Medeguari announced that the Great Race committee would meet Friday.


B. Senator Otieno announced that Project Amigo was a success.


C. Senator Maloney announced that the radio survey is now online.


D. Senator Medeguari announced that MECHA would join the lobbying team in Santa Fe.


XI. Adjournment

Pro Tempore K. Wilson moved to adjourn the meeting. Senator Monje seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting dismissed at 9:05 P.M.


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