Senate Meeting Minutes


Senate Meeting Agenda

November 28, 2007

I.               Call to order @ 8:30

II.              Opening ceremonies

III.            Roll call-Tardy Molano present during ASWNMU Executive reports Absent-Taylor, Edwards


IV.            Approval of Agenda for November 28, 2007


a.     Motioned by Stevenson, seconded by Cordova

b.    Motion passes 11-0-0



V.             Approval of Minutes for November 7, 2007

a.     Motioned by Stevenson, seconded by Scott

b.    Motion passes 11-0-0


VI.            ASWNMU Executive Council Reports

A.    President Abraham Martinez

a.     Have a great break and thanks for the great semester.

B.    Vice President Louis Ortega

a.     Went to concert and have a great break.

C.    Secretary Luis Martinez

a.     Absent

D.    Treasurer Ben Domke

a.     Explained budget in detail

E.    Attorney General Arturo Monje

a.     Enjoy your break

F.    Governmental Affairs Director Chris Schofield

a.     Have a good break

G.    Committee Reports


VII.           Old Business


VIII.         New Business


A.    Senate Bill for recommendation to Board of Regents for M.E.C.H.A Building to be open to clubs. (Stevenson & Bystry)

a.     Motioned by Stevenson, seconded by Bystry

b.    Motion passes 12-0-0

B.    Senate Bill for appropriation of funds for Lobbying and Grants Committee not to exceed $3000.00. (Molina & Pool)

a.     Motioned by Molina, seconded by Pool

b.    Motion passes 12-0-0


IX.           Announcements

a.     NNSA-Did homecoming float, donated $1000.00 to family in need, donated $100.00 to students’ family that have recently passed away, did food baskets to those in need.

b.    Delta Mu Delta-Ice cream social, window painting

c.     TKB and Hotel Management-Golf Day and Homecoming Parade

d.    Jump Rope Club-Raffles at Homecoming Game and Golf Day

e.     Soul Priority Club-two free pizza meetings and sponsoring art Christian Group

f.      Gamma Alpha-Big Brother Big Sisters and shuttle service off campus

g.    SOTA Club-Made a float, donated to families in need, made care packs, doing community food drive and creating scholarships for two graduate students.

h.    Alpha Pi Sigma and Criminal Justice-Did Identify Kid and painted windows

i.      Arturo Monje-Next weekend a play will be “A Man with Enormous Wings”

j.      Sigma Delta Pi and Amigos Club-Made a float and working on program that will really help community

k.     Tiffany Bass-Would like to thank all senators

l.      Ricardo Medrano-Would like to thank senators for respect they have shown clubs

m.   Kelly Scott-Christmas Tree Fair needs volunteers 


X.            Adjournment

a.      Motioned by Stevenson, seconded by Scott

b.    Motion passes 12-0-0

c.     @ 8:46



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