Senate Meeting Minutes


Senate Meeting Agenda

October 24, 2007

(As inscribed and interpreted by Senate Secretary Molano)

  • Call to order @ 8:30
  • Opening ceremonies
  • Roll call


  • Approval of Agenda for October 24, 2007


      • Motioned by Stevenson, seconded by Scott
      • Motion passes 14-0-0


  • Approval of Minutes for October 10, 2007
      • Motioned by Molano, seconded by Cordova
      • Motion passes 13-0-1


  • ASWNMU Executive Council Reports
    • President Abraham Martinez
      • Not present
    • Vice President Louis Ortega
      • Homecoming went smooth and would like to thank everyone for their effort.
    • Secretary Luis Martinez
      • Would like to thank senators for being at events. Apologizes for not being at events from Thursday through Saturday. Was in contact with others during that time period.
    • Treasurer Ben Domke
      • (Explains budget in detail) Peggy from housing is going to pay for Bowling Night.
    • Attorney Arturo Monje
      • ASNM Constitution is complete. Would like to meet with committee on advertising for a logo and would like it to be consistent. Homecoming was exhausting and only complaint was a lack of communication.
    • Governmental Affairs Director Chris Schofield
      • Sent invitations to presidents of ASNM. Going to have a meeting on November 9, 2007 around 6:15 P.M. Has been doing office hours and is still working on employment center.
    • Committee Reports
      • Senator Estrada- Appeals committee will have a meeting in Senate Chambers.


  • Old Business
    • Senate Bill 30 re-recognition of the Science Club. Appropriation of $100.00 of start up money. (Molina & Pool)
      • Motioned by Molina, seconded by Pool
      • Discussion-This Homecoming was not as involved as last year due to the fact that they do not have as many members. Last year they did work on poster night. Apologizes for not being able to make it to prior meetings.
      • Motion passes 14-0-0


  • New Business


    • Senate Bill 44 Matching Funds for Social Work Club. Appropriation of funds for $260.00. (Molano & Helgert)
      • Motioned by Molano, seconded by Helgert
      • Discussion-held a yard sale/bake sale.
      • Motion passes 14-0-0


  • Announcements
      • Nichole Robins-Would like to help WNMU in anyway to help get a better communication back with the community. Would like to know if any people are interested in service learning.
      • Dr. Farren- Would like to encourage those interested in service learning because it is a good asset for your future career.
      • Senator Stevenson- Representative Manuel Herrera has passed away. Please keep family in thoughts and prayers.
      • Dr. Farren- Encourages students to attend Representative Manuel Herrera’s Funeral services. Pre-registration is on the 29 th and would like for ASWNMU to register early.
      • Senator Bass- Would like to thank senators for all their work during Homecoming.
      • Vice President Louis Ortega- Would like to thank Attorney General and Secretary Luis Martinez for all their help during Homecoming.


  • Adjournment
      • Motioned by Stevenson, seconded by Taylor
      • Motion passes 14-0-0
      • @ 8:55



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