Senate Meeting Minutes


Senate Meeting Agenda

March 19, 2008

I.                Call to order @ 8:35

II.               Opening ceremonies

III.              Roll call Senator Bystry Excused


IV.             Approval of Agenda for March 19, 2008


A.     Motion by Stevenson to amend agenda to New Business B. Senate Bill regarding amendment of Article V. Section V. A.

B.     Seconded by Molina

C.    Motion passes 13-0-0

D.    Motion by Stevenson to approve agenda as amended

E.     Seconded by Molina

F.     Motion passes 13-0-0


V.              Approval of Minutes for March 5, 2008

A.     Motion by Stevenson to amend minutes to New Business line h. part iii to motion fails 0-11-0

B.     Seconded by Taylor

C.    Motion passes 13-0-0

D.    Motion by Stevenson to approve minutes as amended

E.     Seconded by Cordova

F.     Motion passes 13-0-0


VI.             ASWNMU Executive Council Reports

A.     President Abraham Martinez

a.     Attended Board of Regents meeting and the recommended student fees were approved. March 25, 2008 Senator Stevenson and self are going to attend New Mexico Higher Education meeting. Stevenson will also be attending a campus safety meeting. Has been working with Ben to fix the locks on offices and would like to get magnetic locks.

B.     Vice President Louis Ortega

a.     The Monday after spring break there will be a student appeal. There is also a Campus Police appeal on the Friday of spring break. Going to talk to book store if any Senators want hours for doing research please see me after meeting. John from Sodexho wants to know if we need ice for Great Race. Alumni would like students to invite them to evening activities. Everything for Great Race is going very well please do posters and contact judges.

C.    Secretary Patricia Helgert

a.     Great Race planning is going well. Please do posters and find judges as soon as possible.

D.    Treasurer Ben Domke

a.     Bowling alley rental is $1000.00 and they are going to provide food for each lane. Made a purchase order for Wal-Mart and so far $237.00 is left in account. Matching Funds Account is running a down a little but believes that we will be fine for the rest of the semester. Talked to Peggy about locks and she estimates that it will cost from $1000.00 to $2500.00. She thinks that ASWNMU should pay for the locks.

E.     Attorney General Arturo Monje

a.     Absent

F.     Governmental Affairs Director Chris Schofield

a.     Wrote thank you letters to Senators and Representatives.

G.    Committee Reports

a.     Joey Stevenson (Publications Committee) - Has been meeting with the editor from The Mustang. A little bit of improvement but would like to see some more. If anyone has any comments or questions please talk to me.


VII.            Old Business


VIII.           New Business


A.     Senate Bill for matching funds for Gamma Alpha Gamma Psi. Appropriation of $200.00 (Sandoval & Pool)

a.     Stevenson makes a motion to table bill (no member present)

b.     Seconded by Cordova

c.     Motion passes 13-0-0

B.     Senate Bill for amendment of Article V. Section V. A.

a.     Motioned by Molina

b.     Seconded by Stevenson

c.     Discussion- Stevenson- Bill is pretty much the same as the last bill just added the Attorney General. It is correct as is. (Stevenson reads bill aloud)

d.     Motion passes 13-0-0


IX.            Announcements

A.     Senator Bass congratulates SADD for successful tournament. Have a nice Spring Break.


X.             Adjournment

A.     Motioned by Molano

B.     Seconded by Stevenson

C.    Motion passes 13-0-0

D.    Meeting adjourned @ 8:58



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