Senate Meeting Minutes


Senate Meeting Agenda

April 9, 2008


I.                   Call to order @ 8:32 pm

II.                Opening Ceremonies

III.             Roll Call

                                                              i.      Molano and Cordova Excused

                                                            ii.      Edwards and Scott absent.


IV.              Approval of Agenda for April 9, 2008

a.       Motioned by Pool, seconded by Spradlin

b.      Motion passes 10-0-0


V.                 Approval of Minutes for March 19, 2008

a.       Motioned by Stevenson to Recess, seconded by Bystry

b.      Motion passes 9-0-1

c.       Motioned by Stevenson to table minutes, seconded by Estrada

d.      Motion passes 10-0-0


VI.              ASWNMU Executive Council Reports

a.       President Abraham Martinez

                                                              i.      Working on Great Race, attending meetings with teams, and has purchase orders ready for use.† Is working on elections with Vice President Ortega and the election committee.† Applications are due by next Wednesday; make sure to let students know about the election.† The flyers that were posted are being taken down by students; letís make sure not to let students to take them.


b.      Vice President Louis Ortega

                                                              i.      Anne Marie Elder needs help with the talent show.† Talked with Maria and Great Race is running the smoothest in the past 8 years.† Any problems with judges let him know.† Met with the Bookstore manager and the problem lays with the publisher.† Will continue to work with the manager to solve these problems.† He also has the hours recorded, so if you would like to see them please get with him.† Anne Marie needs help with preparation of the stage and assistance with the talent show.† Senator Bass notes please do not used glitter and please clean up afterwards.


c.       Secretary Patricia Helgert

                                                              i.      Working on Great Race, meetings, and with Maria.† Everything is going well and please get posters done for the week.† Made flyers and applications for elections, if you need more let her know.


d.      Treasurer Ben Domke

                                                              i.      Nothing new.† Financially the same.† Have accumulated more money for lobbying.† Matching funds still has roughly $750.00 and we can also still access more money.† Stevenson: is the matching funds capped at $10,000? Domke: yes for one year and there is $4,000 coverage that hasnít been used.† Just an idea: instead of capping money at $10,000 go to $15,000 and remainder goes to athletics.† The vending machines are revenue for athletics.† We shouldnít cap the funds just yet. Monje:† donít take money from the students.


e.       Attorney General Arturo Monje:

                                                              i.      Marketing committee website demonstration will be help to bring people working on website and see how it can approve.† April 17, 2008 at 8:30am in the Small Business Development room in the GRC.† Studentís advice is strongly wanted.† The money to fund the website comes from the university, and he doesnít know if the tech fee will go up.† Has also been working on Great Race with Maria, the map of the course is complete.† And it will be ready for captains next week.† The Great Race schedule has been revised, and kickball with now be at Old James Stadium.


f.       Governmental Affairs Director Chris Schofield

                                                              i.      Not in attendance


g.       Committee Reports

                                                              i.      Stevenson and Martinez have been looking into the conflict with the constitution Article 2 section 3 B1, that states that the student regent should submit and oral report.† Danika Tarkinton has failed to do so.† Would like to schedule her for next meeting and let he know she is not complying with constitution.† Martinez: she is in the Breach of her Duties, need to try and get her more involved.


VII.           Old Business

a.       Senate Bill for matching funds for Gamma Alpha Gamma Psi.† Appropriation of $200.00.

                                                              i.      Motioned by Sandoval, seconded by Pool

                                                            ii.      Discussion- Gamma Alpha had a BBQ and charged per plate at this event.

                                                          iii.      Motion passes 10-0-0


VIII.        New Business

a.       Senate Bill for matching funds for Psychology Club.† Appropriation of $316.00.

                                                              i.      Motioned by Spradlin, seconded by Taylor

                                                            ii.      Discussion-letter written from Dr. Coleman, the club sold raffle tickets for quilts and had a bake sale for the students and for professors.†

                                                          iii.      Motion passes 10-0-0


b.      Senate Bill for matching funds for Native American Club.† Appropriation of $241.15.

                                                              i.      Motioned by Pool, seconded by Spradlin

                                                            ii.      Discussion- the club had been invited the Big O, and sold fried bread/tacos and other Native American food.

                                                          iii.      Motion passes 10-0-0


c.       Senate Bill for matching funds for Club NURDS.† Appropriation of $208.00.

                                                              i.      Motioned by Pool, seconded by Stevenson

                                                            ii.      Discussion- Had a car wash at Big O tires and charged $5.00 per car and $10.00 per truck.† $25.00 was a sponsored check for Great Race.

                                                          iii.      Motion passes 10-0-0


IX.              Announcements

a.       Ortega:† note to all club presidents you will need to write a report for next year for recognition, Ortega will contact all of the presidents.† Bass:† Be safe for Great Race, ride Corre Caminos or Corre Cantinas. Open forum?


X.                 Adjournment

a.       Motioned by Stevenson, seconded by Bass.

b.      Motion passes 10-0-0

c.       Adjournment @ 9:10 pm


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