Senate Meeting Minutes


Senate Meeting Agenda

April 23, 2008

I.               Call to order @ 8:30

II.              Opening ceremonies

III.            Roll call


IV.           Approval of Agenda for April 23, 2008


A.   Motioned by Molano

B.   Seconded by Scott

C.   Motion passes 13-0-0


V.             Approval of Minutes for March 19, 2008

A.   Motioned by Molano

B.   Seconded by Scott

C.   Motion passes 12-0-1


VI.           Approval of Minutes for April 9, 2008

A.   Motioned by Stevenson

B.   Seconded by Molano

C.   Motion passes 13-0-0


VII.          ASWNMU Executive Council Reports

A.   President Abraham Martinez

a.    Would like to report on Great Race. Felt that it was a success. Thanks everyone who showed up to events. There was some lack of communication with the M.A.S.A Office at the talent show and dodge ball. Elections were very successful. Turnout rate has not been this great since first year. Congratulations to those who campaigned. There was problem with elections but will take care of it accordingly. Leaving to Albuquerque tomorrow for New Mexico Higher Education Meeting. Will be the only student there so hopes to be able to understand everything.

B.   Vice President Louis Ortega

a.    Congratulates all Senators for pulling through during Great Race. A number of students have commented on how impressed they were with ASWNMU. There is still two weeks left so please make sure you do your hours that is ten.

b.    Sandoval-believes that Great Race is a crock of shit and did not help in any events.

C.   Secretary Patricia Helgert

a.    Thanks senators for help during Great Race except for Sandoval. Thinks it was a success. Will meet with Maria for post Great Race meeting.

D.   Treasurer Ben Domke

E.   Attorney General Arturo Monje

F.    Committee Reports


VIII.         Old Business


IX.           New Business


A.   Senate Bill for matching funds for SAAC. Appropriation of $427.67 (Taylor & Molina)


X.           Announcements


XI.          Adjournment



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