Senate Meeting Minutes


Senate Meeting Agenda

January 23, 2008

(As inscribed and interpreted by Senate Secretary Molano)

I.               Call to order @ 8:28

II.              Opening ceremonies

III.            Roll call- absent Scott and Spradlin


IV.            Approval of Agenda for January 23, 2008


A.    Motioned by Stevenson with exception of President Victor Abraham Martinez to be changed to President Abraham Martinez

B.    Seconded by Taylor

C.    Motion passes 12-0-0


V.             Approval of Minutes for November 28, 2008

A.    Motioned by Stevenson

B.    Seconded by Taylor

C.    Motion passes 12-0-0


VI.            ASWNMU Executive Council Reports

A.    President Abraham Martinez-

a.     Attended New Mexico Higher Education Meeting, working on student fees, Taking trips to Santa Fe to help with lobbying and grants, attended Appeals Committee and Discipline Committee will meet soon   

B.    Vice President Louis Ortega-

a.     Twenty-six clubs are now active but one club will be on probation, Peggy has changed some housing polices to 24 hour lobby hours

C.    Secretary

D.    Treasurer Ben Domke-

a.     Explained budget in detail

E.    Attorney General Arturo Monje-

a.     Welcome back, club recognition deadline is February 27, 2008, Constitution and Bylaws Committee will meet after meeting tonight.

F.    Governmental Affairs Director Chris Schofield-

a.     Went to Santa Fe with Senators Molina, Stevenson, President Martinez and Treasure Ben Domke. Working with Howie Morales, Rudy Martinez, and James Taylor. ASNM still needs to set a date to meet.

G.    Committee Reports

a.     Finance Committee first meeting next Monday at 8:30


VII.           Old Business


VIII.         New Business


A.    Senate Bill for matching funds for SOTA Club. Appropriation of $463.17. (Spradlin & Molano)

a.     Motioned by Cordova

b.    Seconded by Molano

c.     Discussion Did a rummage sale, sold 50/50 tickets and had a burrito sale at homecoming

d.    Motion passes 12-0-0


IX.           Announcements

A.    Jim Helgert- Concerned with many issues about the book store not getting books in time for students.

a.     Abraham Martinez- Suggest to make a proposal to book store

b.    Senator Molina- Comments WNMU is separate from book store so probably need to do investigating

c.     Dr. Farren- Suggest to form a committee and find out who is at fault

B.    President of N.E.R.D.S Club- Suggests the pirate theme for Great Race


X.            Adjournment @ 8:50

A.    Motioned by Stevenson

B.    Seconded by Edwards

C.    Motion passes 12-0-0



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