Senate Meeting Minutes

ASWNMU Senate Meeting


August 25th, 2009

      I.        Call to Order at 8:34 p.m.

    II.        Opening Ceremonies

   III.        Roll Call

a.    Absent: Senator Tsosie

  IV.        Approval of Agenda for August 25th, 2009

a.    Motion to approve agenda by Senate Pro Tempore Berry, seconded by Senator Trujillo.

b.    Motion passes unanimously.

c.    Motion to reconsider by Senate Floor Leader James, seconded by Senator Trujillo.

d.    Motion passes unanimously

    V.        Approval of Minutes for: May 18th, 2009 & May 13th, 2009.

a.    Motion to approve Meeting Minutes for May 18th, 2009 by Senate Secretary Kris Taylor, seconded by Senator Justin Taylor

b.    Motion to approve Meeting Minutes for and May 13th, 2009 by Senator Justin Taylor, seconded by Senator Morrison.

c.    There were no votes for either approvals.

  VI.        ASWNMU Executive Council Report

a.    Marcia Molano, President: Announced that she has been very active in spreading student government awareness around campus and during summer orientations. She stated that she participated in ¾ summer orientations and thanked all those senators and students that helped out to make them successful. She also has been working with publications on a brochure about student government. This brochure can then be used for recruiting. She thanked Abe Villarreal publically for his efforts and aid on this project. She attended the Cabinets meeting and strategic planning meeting as well in the past few months. She voiced that she has some concerns about how ASWNMU needs to plan and offer more diverse activities for the students. In addition, she attended the appeals committee and thanked Senate Floor Leader James for his efforts as well. President Molano also met with student affairs secretary Emma Clark, to review and plan the student handbook. She told the board that the handbook would now be updated every semester instead of every five years like it had been in the past. She also met with purchasing about procedures. One example of something they discussed was that clubs are not allowed to accept cash donations. She also wanted to thanks Senate Floor Leader James and GAD Webber for their help with the parliamentary procedure efforts. As of this last week she has been arranging senators into different committees. She thanked Dr. Virginia Huegel for all her help. She requests that all senators that have not posted office hours need to due so by this Friday (8/28/09). President Molano has been in contact with Kalyn Garcia, NMSU GAD, about restarting ASNM. Finally, she thanked all the senators that have been in the office. She is happy with all the faces she is seeing throughout the chambers. No additional information to report.

b.    Lacey Swihart, Vice President: Announced that she was involved with summer student orientations. She thanked all ASWNMU representatives that helped out. Currently she has been in contact with all the clubs on campus and is trying to get them all up to speed. She also is in the process of setting up the Corre Caminos cards. She noted that they would only be offered to full time students. She is also currently busy with the renewal of the vending machine contracts. In addition to all of those activities, Vice President Swihart is completing her office hours as well as collecting all the senators’ hours. Finally, she points out that most of her time is spent getting the clubs at WNMU on track. No additional information to report.

c.    Anner Perryman, Secretary: Announced she attended two orientations this summer. She also was active in the appeals committee along with Senator Berry and Attorney General Sandoval. She announced that she is still working on a survey concerning student activities. Pro Tempore Berry and Executive Secretary Perryman started working on the survey last semester. They plan on getting that survey out before homecoming. No additional information to report.

d.    Louie Ortega, Treasurer: Provided participants with the budget and stated that it was “self-explanatory.” He went over the budget and explained the different areas on the sheet. The only major expenditure that ASWNMU listed on the budget was that of the T-shirts in the amount of $321.02. He reported that he has also been working on the student appeals. Finally, Treasurer Ortega requests that senators meet with him to discuss some activities he has come up with such as “life quest”.” No additional information to report.

e.    AJ Sandoval, Attorney General: Announced he had attended planning and appeal committees. He feels strongly that academic advising at WNMU is not up to par and is looking for ways to improve it. He was involved with the planning of student orientation despite not being able to attend. He has also been working with Kalyn Garcia @ NMSU about ASNM. Encourages senators, and executive council to attend a meeting with Garcia. This meeting will be set at a later date. No additional information to report.

f.     Alma Webber, Governmental Affairs Director: Announced the completion of her weekly office hours. Wants to thank all senators and executive council for their participation at the team building event put on last Saturday. She also attended ¾ summer student orientations. She was active in the production of the ASWNMU T-shirts. She is currently working with the campus safety committee in an effort to make our campus more safe proof. Especially focusing on the handicap parking areas. She is also currently working on a questionnaire (tentative). Finally, GAD Webber looks forward to her lobbying efforts coming up in the future. No additional information to report.

g.    James Hill, Student Regent: Reported that he has attended two Board of Regents meetings since we last talked with him. He informed the board about the problems WNMU has been dealing with, mainly involving budget cuts. However, he expressed that the Board of Regents looks forward to growth in the future. He also had some other good news; student enrollment is up. He encourages all senators and students to voice their concerns, problems, and questions to him and he will do whatever he can to find a solution. The next Board of Regents meeting is scheduled sometime in December. He offered his services to anyone that needs them and we can find him in the Department of business and criminal Justice, where he is currently employed as a graduate assistant. No additional information to report.

 VII.        Old Business

VIII.        New Business

  IX.        Announcement

a.    Swearing in of Paulo Veltri to the office of Senator.

b.    Dr. Virginia Huegel wanted to introduce herself to the senate and offer her services to not only ASWNMU but to all students. Her office is located in the GRC room 215.

c.    Guadalupe Cano- POI to amend the minutes because Senator Veltri was not absent. Vice President Swihart voiced that she would correct the mistake.

d.    Patricia Cano- voices concern about proper grammar usage when presenting a motion to the board.

e.    Abe Villarreal- advocated to the senate about adding a vending machine in the GRC. He feels this would be a good spot for one. Also informed the board about the arrival of Sandy Jones, elected official who will be on campus from 3-6 PM doing office hours if anyone was interested in meeting with her. Abe also offered his services through the publications department. He recently posted our agenda for this meeting on the website and will further put up any critical information that we as a senate deem important for the students. He will gladly publicize any of our activities.

f.     Senator Berry announced that the campus ministry has weekly BBQ’s every Thursday and encourages all students to go.

g.    President Molano informed the board about the “puppy dog ranch” and how all the proceeds from that project go to helping animals. Any information regarding this project can be found by talking to her.

    X.        Adjournment

a.    Motion to adjourn meeting by Senator Keeler, seconded by Senator Wheatley.

b.    Motion passes unanimously

c.    Adjournment at 9:12 p.m.

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