Senate Meeting Minutes

ASWNMU Senate Meeting


September 8th, 2009

      I.        Call to Order at 8:29 p.m.

    II.        Opening Ceremonies

   III.        Roll Call

a.    Excused: Senator James

  IV.        Approval of Agenda for September 8th, 2009

a.    Motion to approve agenda by Senator Wheatley, seconded by Senator Keeler.

b.    Motion passes unanimously.

    V.        Approval of Minutes for: August 25th, 2009.

a.    Motion to approve Meeting Minutes for August 25th, 2009 by Senator Morrison, seconded by Senator Trujillo.

b.    Motion passes unanimously.

  VI.        ASWNMU Executive Council Report

a.    Marcia Molano, President: Announced that she has been completing her office hours. She has also been active in working with Corre Caminos and the business office to get the cards passed out to students. She requested that senators help her in the distribution of the cards this week. She announced that committee reports are posted in the chamber hallways; however the list is tentative and subject to change. All senators should keep checking the list until a final draft is posted and set in stone. She also met with the homecoming committee this last week and briefly updated the senate on any updates. She attended the faculty/senate meeting as well. It was merely a “break-in” meeting to get the semester started. President Molano also attended the H1N1 virus awareness meeting. They drafted a plan about how to protect our university from this virus. She requested senator volunteers to make posters and work tables to increase awareness on just how to limit students chances of getting the virus. She also mentioned that she has been in contact with people from IT and P.I. office to update our ASWNMU website. The final meeting she attended was the academic integrity meeting. She also announced that the student handbook meeting will be coming soon at a later date but wants all ASWNMU members to be aware of it because she wants the senate and executive members to be involved. Finally, President Molano thanked everyone that showed up at the meeting. She stated that ASWNMU needs to appoint an Associate Justice. No additional information to report.

b.    Lacey Swihart, Vice President: Announced that she met with community interaction committee in efforts to interlace the university and community. Several ideas are being put together for future activities. She thanked President Molano and Senator Wheatley for their efforts in assisting her with the vending machine contracts.  Vice President Swihart is working with Senate Pro Tempore to get a hold of all senators and work with each of them to get all their hours completed and turned in. Finally, she has been completing her scheduled office hours. No additional information to report.

c.    Anner Perryman, Secretary: Announced she has been extremely busy working on homecoming. The theme has been set: “Tropical Stampede.” Some of the events planned are: Bowling, Bonfire, Roasting of the Pig, Dance, and others. She requested that the senators pass senate bill IX so she can have access to the money so she can start reserving activities. She also requested that senators sign up to work the different nights during homecoming. Senators’ help would be most appreciated. In light of all the pressure that homecoming puts on ASWNMU, she stated she wants everyone to just have fun! No additional information to report.

d.    Louie Ortega, Treasurer: Provided participants with the budget and stated that there were few changes to the budget. Two changes that were made were that of the copy machine charges, as well as changes to the scholarships. Treasurer Ortega requests that all clubs must submit budget reports for all matching funds. No additional information to report.

e.    AJ Sandoval, Attorney General: Announced he has been handling all club recognition and re-recognition forms for the past couple weeks. He reminded all clubs that they need to be aware of all their duties which are listed in their constitutions. He is asking all clubs to submit a written report for next meeting-those clubs that want recognition or re-recognition. Other than that he mentioned that he has been doing his office hours. No additional information to report.

f.     Alma Webber, Governmental Affairs Director: Announced the completion of her weekly office hours and her administrative duties. She has been in contact with alumni affairs and encourages all senators to get involved with the alumni activities. No additional information to report.

g.    James Hill, Student Regent: Reported that he has received to emails from the New Mexico Higher Education concerning the H1N1 virus. They are looking to implement a plan to spread awareness and protect Grant County. No additional information to report.

h.    Committee-Chairman Reports:

Homecoming Committee: stated that the meetings will now be open to all senators. Thursdays 1-2 PM.

Community Involvement Committee: They have begun “getting the ball rolling”. They are very excited to connect the campus and community. They have been discussing ideas and opportunities. Next Meeting: This Friday.

Child Care Committee: Reported on disaster/evacuation plan associated with the CDC. They obtained the CDC’s draft on their procedures. They also request WNMU to implement such a plan for a University wide evacuation plan. In addition, they requests student involvement. Need volunteers. Dr. Farren stated that Peggy Lankford is in charge of such an evacuation plan.

 VII.        Old Business

-Approval of minutes for May 13th, 2009.

-Motioned by Senate Pro Tempore Berry, seconded by Senator Wheatley. Motion passes unanimously.

VIII.        New Business

a.    Senate Bill I

-Motioned by Senator Trujillo, Seconded by Senate Secretary K. Taylor.

-Motion passes unanimously.

b.    Senate Bill II

-Motioned by Senator Keeler, Seconded by Senator Duncan.

-Motion passes unanimously.

c.    Senate Bill III

-Motioned by Senator Tsosie, Seconded by Senator Veltri.

-Motion passes unanimously.

d.    Senate Bill IV

-Motioned by Senator Morrison, Seconded by Senate Secretary K. Taylor.

-Motion passes unanimously.

e.    Senate Bill V

-Motioned by Senator Sanchez, Seconded by Senator Veltri.

-Motion passes unanimously.

f.     Senate Bill VI

-Motioned by Senator Morrison, Seconded by Senate Secretary K. Taylor.

-Motion passes unanimously.

g.    Senate Bill VII

-Motioned by Senator Wheatley, Seconded by Senator Morrison.

-Motion passes unanimously.

h.    Senate Bill VIII

-Motioned by Senate Pro Tempore Berry, Seconded by Senator Wheatley.

-Motion passes unanimously.

i.      Senate Bill IX

-Motioned by Senator K. Taylor, Seconded by Senator Morrison.

-Motion passes unanimously.

j.      Senate Bill X

-Motioned by Senator Trujillo, Seconded by Senator Morrison.


-Move to Vote by Senate Secretary K. Taylor

-Vote: 10 in favor     3 against

-Motion passes.

  IX.        Announcement

a.    President Molano- Vice president Swihart has information on what activities clubs can and cannot do for their required activities.

b.    Secretary Perrymen- there will be a short homecoming meeting after ASWNMU meeting.

c.    Senator Wheatley- announces raffle using baskets.

d.    Senator Trujillo- announces he wishes to discuss tailgate after meeting.

e.    Abe Villarreal- announces that everything that can be done about the H1N1 virus is being done by the university. Events that he mentioned:

“Hot Dogs & More” Thursday 6PM

Campus Ministry Dinner-Friday 6PM

Football Game- Saturday 12PM

McGray Gallery Opening Exhibit- Saturday 5-7 PM

He offered his services by announcing that any publicizing for any student activities that any student has, he will be more than happy be help. He spoke with Main St. Office about “Adopt a Median” initiative.

f.     Patricia Cano- voices concerns about issues that occurred last semester.

g.    Secretary Perrymen- encourages audience and senate that ASWNMU has made huge strides to be more effective and make more progress in representing WNMU student body. “New Group, New Year”.

    X.        Adjournment

a.    Motion to adjourn meeting by Senate Pro Tempore Berry, seconded by Senator J. Taylor.

b.    Motion passes unanimously

c.    Adjournment at 9:31 p.m.


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