Senate Meeting Minutes

ASWNMU Senate Meeting


December 1st, 2009



       I.            Call to Order at 8:34 p.m.

    II.            Opening Ceremonies

 III.            Roll Call

a.    Excused Absence: James, Keeler, Taylor, Wheatley

b.    Unexcused Absence: none

  IV.            Approval of Agenda for: December 1st, 2009

a.    Motion to approve the agenda by Morrison, seconded by Vega.

b.    Motion passes unanimously.

     V.            Approval of Minutes for: November 17th, 2009.

a.    Motion to table Meeting Minutes for November 17th, 2009 by Berry, seconded by Anderson.

b.     Motion passes unanimously.

c.    Motion to reconsider agenda and to add Bill # 57 by Trujillo, seconded by Berry

d.    Motion passes unanimously.

  VI.            ASWNMU Executive Council Report

a.    Marcia Shields, President: First announced that she was actively involved with the security issues around campus. She went to a meeting about it as well. If anyone has any questions about the security committee or what they might have discussed, come see her. She also attended the honors committee. She informed the board that a Facebook page has been created. She also informed the executive council that their hours must be completed and turned in by 12 o clock on Friday. She reminded all seniors that there will be a career fair coming up soon and encouraged all seniors and all students to attend. Finally, she stated that she had been in and out of the office all week. No additional information to report.

b.    Lacey Swihart, Vice President: She reminded Senate about the completion of their hours. If anyone is not caught up or needs further confirmation about anything to do with hours, come see her during her office hours. Other than that, she explained that she went home for thanksgiving and was not in the office much this week. No additional information to report.

c.    Anner Perryman, Secretary: She announced that she attended the Student Appeals Committee. Encourages Senate to start thinking about Great Race Ideas. No additional information to report.

d.    Louie Ortega, Treasurer: He reminded all clubs to please turn in their matching funds that are to be met for next semester. Also to turn in budgets on Thursday of finals week. He also gave a quick run down of the current ASWNMU budget. No additional information to report.

e.    AJ Sandoval, Attorney General: Started off his report by announcing that if clubs want to give an oral report on behalf of their clubs semester activities, to please keep it short. No additional information to report.

f.     Alma Webber, Governmental Affairs Director: Announced she participated in the Student Appeals as well. She was in and out of the office all week and is looking into lobbying efforts for the upcoming State Legislature. No additional information to report.

g.    James Hill, Student Regent: Announced the Board of Regents meeting will be held on December 11th, 2009. The official meeting will start at 2 P.M. on the third floor of the student memorial building. He welcomes everyone and encourages all Senate to come. No additional information to report.

h.    Committee Chairman Reports:


·         Student Handbook Committee- President Shields reports

- Announced they had a meeting and would like to add some changes to the handbook. They are planning another meeting next semester.

·         Instructional Research Committee- Senator Veltri reports

- Announced they have found a new search engine that they would like to be implemented.

·         Student Fees Committee- Treasurer Ortega reports

-Announced that the committee is still looking for a student at large to participate on the committee. One spot had been filled, one spot is still open.

·         Clubs Committee- Vice President Swihart reports

- Announced BESO Club won the canned food drive by a narrow margin of one can to edge of the NA Club.

VII.            Old Business

VIII.            New Business

a.    Senate Bill LV

-Motion for approval by Senator Sanchez, seconded by Senator Veltri.

-Motion passes unanimously.


b.    Senate Bill LVI

-Motion for approval by Senator Sanchez, seconded by Senator Veltri.

-Motion passes unanimously.


c.    Senate Bill LVII

-Motion to table by Senator Sanchez, seconded by Senator Falkenhayn.

-Motion passes 1unanimously.

  IX.            Announcement

a.    Aaron from NSNA Club- reported that his club did a float for HC and a fundraiser- food baskets for families

b.    Anner from PEEPS 4 PEEPS Club- reported that her clubs activities included a float for HC, helped at HC events, and participated in the door to door food drive.

c.    Natalia from Mecha Club- reported that her clubs activities included selling tacos at the Mecha building, and held community forums about Health Care.

d.    David from Sigma Tau Delta Club- reported that his club participated in the HC skits during the talent show as well as held bake sales. They also raised money for a literacy journal publication fees.

e.    Brian from the Criminal Justice Club- reported that his clubs activities consisted of a HC float, helped with the HC bonfire, sold candy, helped paint allota jellato windows, Red Hott Children’s Fiesta- raised money, and other fundraising activities.

f.     Greg from the N.E.R.D.S. Club-reported that his club participated in a canned food drive and held a pott luck dinner. They also were active during HC. (Talent Show).

g.    James Hill from Delta Mu Delta Club- reports they participated in the canned food drive as well has in HC events.

h.    Kaylie from the SAA Club- reports her club was active in the Meet the Mustangs as well as the HC bonfire.

i.      Paulo from the NA Club- reports his club held a taco fry- bread give-a-way. They also had a float in the parade and participated in the canned food drive.

j.      AJ from the Sociology Club- reports they were active in the community gardens project as well as having multiple 50/50 raffles throughout the semester.

k.    Candice from the SODA club-reports her clubs activities were HC parade, HC events, and held a playstation raffle.

l.      Other announcements include:

President Shields- ran into Abe Martinez- they need a student government representative to attend the New Mexico Higher Education meeting set on December 11th, 2009 in Santa Fe. Please let her know if you are interested. She also thanked everyone for a great semester and looks forward to next semester. Good luck with finals!

     X.            Adjournment

a.    Motion to adjourn meeting by Senator Veltri, seconded by Morrison.

b.    Motion passes unanimously

c.    Adjournment at 9:08 p.m.


·         (I apologize for the misspellings of any names listed on the agenda) Senate Secretary K Taylor.

·         Special thanks to Senate Pro Tempore Berry for taking down the minutes for this meeting.







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