Senate Meeting Minutes

Senate Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Student Memorial Building, 3rd Floor

8:30 P.M.

  1. Call to Order

  2. Opening Ceremonies

  3. Roll Call

  4. Approval of Agenda for October 6th, 2009

  5. Approval of Minutes

    1. September 22nd, 2009

  6. ASWNMU Executive Reports

    1. Marcia Molano-President

    2. Lacey Swihart-Vice President

    3. Anner Perryman-Secretary

    4. Louis Ortega-Treasurer

    5. AJ Sandoval-Attorney General

    6. Alma Webber – Governmental Affairs Director

    7. James Hill- Student Regent

    8. Committee Chairman Reports

  7. Old Business

  8. New Business

    1. Senate Bill XXXIV: Related to the recognition of the BESO club as an ASWNMU Club with a $150.00 start up fund. (Veltri/James).

    2. Senate Bill XXXV: Related to the matching funds for the NSNA club in the amount of $497.60.

    3. Senate Bill XXXVI: Related to the matching funds for the Sociology club in the amount of $501.67.

    4. Senate Bill XXXVII: Related to the approval of Committees for the academic year of 2009-2010 within the purview of the ASWNMU. (Tsosie/Wheatley).

  9. Announcements

  10. Adjournment


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