Senate Meeting Minutes

ASWNMU Senate Meeting


October 27th, 2009

  1. Call to Order at 8:31 p.m.

  2. Opening Ceremonies

  3. Roll Call

    1. Excused Absence: Morrison

    2. Unexcused Absence: none

  4. Approval of Agenda for: October 27th, 2009

    1. Motion to approve the agenda by Keeler, seconded by Berry.

    2. Motion passes unanimously.

  5. Approval of Minutes for: October 6th, 2009.

    1. Motion to approve Meeting Minutes for October 6th, 2009 by Veltri, seconded by Berry.

    2. Motion passes unanimously.

  1. ASWNMU Executive Council Report

    1. Marcia Shields, President: Thanked everyone for there hard work during homecoming. She thought the week was an overall success; however, there is always room for improvement. She ensures everyone that ASWNMU is planning and working on student activities other than homecoming. Student Government Awareness is still occurring on a weekly basis. President Shields attended a Student Success Class and talked with them about ASWNMU and how we as an entity can help with their overall experience here at WNMU. Announced that a ASWNMU brochure has been created and she would like all member to take a look at it and offer any criticism. The brochure will be used in next weeks Student Fees Awareness Fair. The fair will be on November 3-4, 10:00AM-2:00P.M. Contact Treasurer Ortega for more information. Next, she discussed Senate Bill 46 in some detail. She is also working with Shelby Cox to arrange the Trick-Or-Treat 4 Hunger on Halloween Night from 6-8 p.m. She announced that Senators Sanchez, Duncan, and G.A.D. Webber would be running the show. She has been also conducting interviews for the vacant Senator and Associate Justice positions. In addition, she attended the Alumni Association meeting, student handbook committee meeting, and Campus Safety committee meeting. She thanked Vice President Swihart for her help. Other than that, she has been in the office doing her hours. She announced she will be gone for the remainder of the week. Finally, she announced there will be a short meeting after the ASWNMU meeting for all senators and executive council members. No additional information to report.


    1. Lacey Swihart, Vice President: She also started of her report by thanking everyone for their efforts during Homecoming week. She had been working on the door decorating contest and she congratulated all contestants. Additionally, she has been in the office doing her hours. Finally, she announced the ASWNMU football raffle basket winners. Congratulations to those winners. No additional information to report.

    2. Anner Perryman, Secretary: She congratulated everyone on the success of homecoming week. She gave out special thanks to M.A.S.A., Alumni, Publications, and everyone else involved. She personally thanked Senate Secretary Kris Taylor and Senator Jaime Trujillo for their efforts during Thursday night’s event-Bonfire. She also personally thanked President Shields and Vice President Swihart for their hard work. Finally, she thanked her right hand helper, Senate Pro Tempore Berry for all of her hard work organizing and aiding during homecoming week. She congratulated ASWNMU for there first place finish in the homecoming float during Saturdays parade. No additional information to report.

    3. Louie Ortega, Treasurer: Provided new adjustments to the budget. Those adjustments are: Homecoming, and Office Supplies. Everything else is basically the same. He announced that ASWNMU was $533.04 under budget for HC. Personally thank Maria Dominguez for buying the ASWNMU HC T-shirts. He also discussed the Fees Fair that will be occurring next week. Finally, he announced that the Fees Committee is looking for a student at large to sit on the committee. No additional information to report.

    4. AJ Sandoval, Attorney General: Started off his report by announcing that he was not very involved in Homecoming due to personal beliefs. Although, he did participate in organizing the week. Announced he sat on the Safety Committee and announced there will be a forum on Wed, October 28th, at 6:30P.M. He also stated that he will be starting the Constitution/By Laws committee and is looking for any new ideas or concerns. He is welcoming all suggestions. No additional information to report.

    5. Alma Webber, Governmental Affairs Director: Announced she participated in some of the HC events. She also attended the Alumni activity on Saturday evening during HC week. She also discussed the forum that is being held on October 28th, 2009, brought to WNMU by the Safety/Security committee. The forum is focusing on domestic violence. MASA and MECHA are co-sponsoring. Finally, she informed the board about a possible trip to work with ASNMSU in regards to possibly increasing work study positions throughout the state. She also mentioned that she will begin lobbying planning for the winter trips to Santa Fe. No additional information to report.

    6. James Hill, Student Regent: Not available for comment

    1. Committee Chairman Reports:

  • Athletic Committee- Senator Trujillo reports

- planning a diversity workshop sometime in February. Athletics conducted Drug Testing last week.


  • Safety/Security Committee- Senator James reports

- Domestic Violence Forum- Wednesday, October 28th, 2009. 6:30 P.M. Located in Miller Library. They will be meeting biweekly for the remainder for the semester.


  • Instructional Research Committee- Senator Veltri reports

- discussed “Passport Program” which involves obtaining research materials even when being out of town. Discussed Miller Library- virtual tours. The computers in Miller Library can now operate on student accounts. Additionally, there are now time limits for non-students computer users. Dec. 1st will be there next meeting, 3:00PM.

  • Community Involvement Committee- Senate Pro Tempore Berry reports

-“hunger awareness month” canned food drive sometime in November. She is in the process of creating a calendar containing activities that anyone can participate in. There will be a construction of a community garden in Silver City; for more information, contact Summer Berry. Finally, a Dinner on November 4th, 5:30-7:00 PM. $15.00 for Single, $25.00 for a couple. Dinner is promoting Hunger Awareness.

  • Clubs Committee- Vice President Swihart reports

- She thanked clubs for their efforts during HC week. She will be in touch with clubs concerning the canned food drive. Announced Great Race starts April 12th, 2010.

  1. Old Business

    1. Senate Bill XXXVII: Related to the approval of Committees for the academic year of 2009-2010 within the purview of the ASWNMU.

-Motion for approval by Senator Keeler, seconded by Senator Wheatley.

-Motion passes unanimously.

  1. New Business

    1. Senate Bill XXXVIII

-Motion for approval by Senator Anderson, seconded by Senator Keeler.

-Motion passes unanimously.

    1. Senate Bill XLIII

-Motion for approval by Senator Tsosie, seconded by Senator Veltri.

-Motion passes unanimously.

    1. Senate Bill XLIV

-Motion to table by Senator Keeler, seconded by Senator Wheatley.

-Motion passes 11-0-1.

    1. Senate Bill XLV

-Motion for approval by Senator Keeler, seconded by Senator James.

-Motion passes unanimously.

    1. Senate Bill XLVI

-Motion for approval by Senator Berry, seconded by Senator James.

-Motion passes unanimously.

    1. Senate Bill XXXIX

-Motion for approval by Senator Wheatley, seconded by Senator Berry.

-Motion passes unanimously.

    1. Senate Bill XL

-Motion for approval by Senator Sanchez, seconded by Senator Duncan.

-Motion passes 11-1-0.

    1. Senate Bill XLI

-Motion for approval by Senator Veltri, seconded by Senator Trujillo.

-Motion passes unanimously.

    1. Senate Bill XLII

-Motion for approval by Senator Berry, seconded by Senator Anderson.

-Motion passes unanimously.

  1. Announcement

    1. Swearing in of new officers

    2. Louis Ortega- anyone who paid for T-shirts can see him after the meeting for a refund.

    3. Senator Roger James- Next month is Native American Heritage Month. Be alert for all activities that will be going on during the entire month of November.

    4. Anner Perryman- Activities meeting after ASWNMU meeting.

    5. Senator Falkenhayn- Tuesday, November 10th, there will be a Health Care Forum-6:30, Miller Library.

    6. Maria Dominguez- Haunted House October 30th-31st 7-10 P.M. - No Cost! MASA will be celebrating and participating in Native American heritage Month. Also, Hot Dogs & More- November 5th. November 16th, Thanksgiving Day- 11:00Am-1:30 PM in Café.

    7. Senator Tsosie- Thanked MASA for their $50.00 plate.

    8. Kyle- apologized for comments made during HC week. Assures board that they will not happen again. States he has heard great things about ASNMU this year.

  2. Adjournment

    1. Motion to adjourn meeting by Senator Veltri, seconded by James.

    2. Motion passes unanimously

    3. Adjournment at 9:50 p.m.

  • (I apologize for the misspellings of any names listed on the agenda) Senate Secretary K Taylor.

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