Senate Meeting Minutes

ASWNMU Senate Meeting


January 19th, 2010



       I.            Call to Order at 8:33 p.m.

    II.            Opening Ceremonies

 III.            Roll Call

a.    Excused Absence: Falkenhayn, Vega, Keeler

b.    Unexcused Absence: James, Duncan

  IV.            Approval of Agenda for: January 19th, 2010

a.    Motion to approve the agenda by Berry, seconded by Tsosie.

b.    Motion passes unanimously.

     V.            Approval of Minutes for: November 17th, 2009 and December 1st, 2009.

a.    Motion to approve Meeting Minutes for November 17th, 2009 by Berry, seconded by Tsosie.

b.     Motion passes unanimously.

c.    Motion to approve Meeting Minutes for December 1st, 2009 by Veltri, seconded by Wheatley.

d.    Motion passes unanimously.

  VI.            ASWNMU Executive Council Report

a.    Marcia Shields, President: First announced that her office hours have changed for the spring semester. Be sure to check her office hours which are located outside her office door. She thanked all Senators that turned in their new spring hours and still needs quite a few from those who did not turn in their hours. She also was proud to announce that all ASWNMU members completed their required fall hours and no scholarships needed to be adjusted. She announced that there are still committees that do not have ASWNMU representation and she needs some volunteers to sit on those committees. She also attended the Great Race meeting. There was a lot of important information given out during the meeting. The committee has asked ASWNMU to come up with day events and a title for Great Race by next Tuesday. The Great Race Week has also changed from its original spot on the calendar. Check with MASA for more information regarding the date change. She also attended the Honors committee. She announced that the Millennium Honors program is struggling and she is looking for ideas to help that program out. Finally, she sadly announced that Senate Floor Leader Roger James has been removed by Student Affairs from his position. Flyers must be made to advertise for his position. No additional information to report.

b.    Lacey Swihart, Vice President: Announced that her office hours have also changed this semester due to other engagements. She asked that the clubs committee stay after the meeting for a quick meeting. She has created flyers that list all the upcoming ASWNMU meeting dates so all senators can plan accordingly. She also handed out a flyer concerning a possible entertainment activity that ASWNMU could put on as a student activity. The flyer promoted Charlie King & Karen Brandow for a performance on February 21st, 2010. She is asking ASWNMU for input on this possible student activity. She announced she had been ill the past week and she is currently making up those hours that she failed to complete the week prior. No additional information to report.

c.    Anner Perryman, Secretary: Nothing to report. Stood for questioning.

d.    Louie Ortega, Treasurer: Discussed new budget. He pointed out that since enrollment at WNMU has increased, so have our scholarships and we had to take money from another account to pay ourselves. He discussed that for next year, this could be a problem and wants the constitution and bylaws committee to take a look at what we can do to change this. Other than that he discussed the budget and everything else looks up to par. No additional information to report.

e.    AJ Sandoval, Attorney General: Started off his report by announcing that ASWNMU will continue to recognize and re-recognize clubs for the first four weeks of this semester. He announced he was approached by Admissions and they asked if ASWNMU could set up a table for a mini-orientation this upcoming weekend. He discussed those details. He will meet with the constitution and by-laws committee to discuss the scholarships overages issue. Other than that, he has been in the office completing his required hours. No additional information to report.

f.     Alma Webber, Governmental Affairs Director: Announced she will be holding two meetings on this upcoming Friday January 22nd. The first committee meeting will be for the Safety and Security. That meeting will be held at 11 AM. The second meeting is for the Lobbying and Grants committee. That meeting will be held at noon. She announced the completion of her office hours and is looking to set up a trip to Santa Fe in regards to the Legislation that is currently taking place. She wants to have student support for WNMU at some of there meetings.

g.    James Hill, Student Regent: Announced the Board of Regents will meet January 28th and 29th in Santa Fe, NM. Encourages students to come. WNMU will be getting evaluated to see how effectively and efficiently WNMU spends their money.

h.    Committee Chairman Reports:


·         Student Fees Committee- Treasurer Ortega reports

-Announced that the committee found two students at large to sit on the committee. Also, a forum will be held March 3rd, from 11-12 located at the SMB 3rd Floor.


VII.            Old Business

VIII.            New Business

  IX.            Announcement

a.    Senator Tsosie- Requests more information on the mini orientation.

     X.            Adjournment

a.    Motion to adjourn meeting by Senator Berry, seconded by Anderson.

b.    Motion passes unanimously

c.    Adjournment at 9:12 p.m.


·         (I apologize for the misspellings of any names listed on the agenda) Senate Secretary K Taylor.







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