Senate Meeting Minutes

 Senate Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Student Memorial Building, 3rd Floor

8:30 P.M.


I.                   Call to Order


II.                Opening Ceremonies


III.             Roll Call


G Anderson- tardy

Sanchez- tardy



IV.             Approval of  Amending Agenda for October 19th, 2010

H Anderson seconded by Onda  motion passes unanimously


V.                 Approval of  Amended Agenda for October 19th, 2010

H Anderson seconded by Hernedez  motion passes unanimously


VI.             Approval of Minutes from September 28th, 2010

Olivier Seconded by Sanduskyn motion passes unanimously


VII.          ASWNMU Executive Reports


a.       Marcia Shields-President


Thanked everyone for the week of Homecoming

Attended an Alumi and Board of Regents meeting

Currently working on pre Great Race with Lacey

Requested the reports from all the Chairs of Comitees


b.      Lacey Swihart-Vice President

Thanked everyone for coming

Discussed pre Great Race and its events

Talked to Maria of MASA about the pre Great Race

Been trying to meet with the Captains of the Great Race teams

Thanked specific senators for the help they gave with Homecoming


c.       Summer Berry-Secretary

Thanked everyone for Homecoming week.

Complimented on the success of Homecoming week

Helped Cindy Keeler with 3rd party voter registrataion


d.      Jason Lucas – Treasurer

Discussed the accounts update with everyone

Discussed Homecoming

Announced that there would be a fees committee meeting

Thanked individuals for the help of the Fees Comitee Fair


e.       Brian Thometz – Attorney General

Was out of Office last week

Been completing office hours


f.       Cindy Keeler – Governmental Affairs Director

Discussed voter registration

Working towards better campus security and safety



g.      James Hill- Student Regent    (ABSENT)

h.      Committee Reports

Lacey Swihard (Chair of clubs)

-Club organization was good for Homecoming week, everyone was available to help where needed.


Mavis Johnson (Chair of Student Publications)

Positive feedback from members

Met with Dianne about the Mustang


Chris Onda (Chair of Activities)

Thanked everyone for Homecoming week


Cindy Keeler (Chair of Safety and Security)

Putting together a survey for campus safety





VIII.       Old Business


IX.             New Business


a.       Senate Bill 45: Related to re-recognition of International Club; start-up funds not to exceed $100.00. (Sandusky, G Anderson)


G Anderson seconded by Sandusky motion passes unanimously


b.      Senate Bill 46: Related to completion of hours outside of executive offices. (Sanchez, Veltri)


H  Anderson seconded by Sandusky motion passes failed 7-5-1






c.       Senate Bill 47: Related to the approval of policy in regards to the number of contracts executive officers may be allotted prior to proration of scholarships. (H. Anderson, Johnson)

Olivier seconded by Gonzalez motion passes unanimously


X.                Announcements


XI.             Adjournment

Bowman seconded by Onda adjournment at 9.27PM




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Phone: 575-538-6149     Fax: 575-538-6243