Senate Meeting Minutes

 Senate Special Meeting 1 Minutes

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Student Memorial Building, 3rd Floor

8:30 P.M.


I.                   Call to Order


II.                Opening Ceremonies


III.             Roll Call


Zhang –Absent

H. Anderson - excused


IV.             Approval of Agenda for October 26th, 2010

Olivier seconded by Johnson motion passes unanimously


V.                Approval of Minutes for: October 19th, 2010

Veltri seconded by Gonzalez motion passes unanimously




VI.             ASWNMU Executive Reports


a.       Marcia Shields-President

Office hours has been completed. Asked for volenteers for the childrens fair Oct 28th. November 13th there will be a recruiting fair volenteers will be needed as well. Thanked Abraham for the senate pictures he took. Jason will be doing VIP parking again this Saturday at the football game. Been looking at different funds with Jason and they are hoping to buy new computers for the senate chambers. And senate will be helping in sponsoring the dissability awareness day.



b.      Lacey Swihart-Vice President

Been sick this week so office hours has been hard to complete. Been working hard on pre season Great Race. She also provided a budget for the pre season Great race. Gator pong was replaced with boat races. T-shirts will be given to the teams.


c.       Summer Berry-Secretary

Asked for all comitees reports.

Office hours has been completed for this week


d.      Jason Lucas – Treasurer

Need volenteers to work at the VIP parking for the football game

Budget is still the same nothing has changed.

e.       Brian Thometz – Attorney General

Office hours has been completed

Working with the assesment comitee


f.       Cindy Keeler – Governmental Affairs Director

Office hours has been completed

Will discuss the mental heath services progress in caucus


g.      James Hill- Student Regent Absent

h.      Committee Reports


VII.          Old Business


VIII.       New Business


a.       Senate Bill 48: Related to matching of funds for Sociology Club not exceed $432.75  BILL WAS TABLED



b.      Senate Bill 49: Relateld to matching of funds for SOTA club not to exceed $608.00 (H Anderson, Onda) Olivier seconded by Sandusky motion passes unanimously


c.        Senate Bill 50: Related to matching of funds for Gamma Psi club not to exceed $143.00 (H Anderson, Onda)

Sandusky seconded by Hernendez motion passes unanimously


d.      Senate Bill 51: Related to the matching of funds for Criminal Justice club not to exceed $272.50 (H. Anderson, Onda)

Gonzalez  seconded by Johnson motion passes unanimously

e.       Senate Bill 52: Related to the allocation of funds not to exceed $1300.00 for Pre-Season Great Race 2010 (Johnson, Onda)

Olivier seconded by Onda motion passes unanimously


f.       Senate Bill 53: Related to the appointment ASWNMU Senator for the academic year of 2010-2011 within the purview of the ASWNMU (Onda, Olivier)

G Anderson seconded by Veltri motion passes unanimously



IX.             Announcements

Marcia Shields (President) Announced that this is only a special meeting. The public meeting will be held next Tuesday.


X.                Adjournment

Sanchez seconded by Onda adjournment at 9:05 PM



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