Senate Meeting Minutes

Senate Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 2, 2010

Student Memorial Building, 3rd Floor

8:30 P.M.


I.                   Call to Order

8:30 pm


II.                Opening Ceremonies


III.             Roll Call


Senator Oliver-Absent


IV.             Approval of Agenda for December 7, 2010

H Anderson seconded by Gonzales motion passes unanimously


V.                Approval of Minutes from November 16, 2010

B. Johnson Seconded by Onda motion passes 12-0-1


VI.             ASWNMU Executive Reports


a.       Marcia Shields-President

Persistant Planning with VP

Presidential search committee


b.      Lacey Swihart-Vice President

DJ Millagram contacted her about having a concert featuring Too Short at the fine arts building where senate would sell tickets and receive some profit of sales.

Wasn’t in office for hours because she was making up hours with her workstudy.


c.       Summer Berry-Secretary

Not present


d.      Jason Lucas – Treasurer

Allocating funds for Criminal Justice Club and Art Club.

Copies come from our account.

Suggested scavenger hunt for student fees fair. Suggested students go to the offices of the departments to get signatures and find out about their fees.

Closing Homecoming and Pre-season Great Race accounts.


e.       Brian Thometz – Attorney General

Has been doing his hours

Went to Cocise Community College to recruit students.


f.       Cindy Keeler – Governmental Affairs Director

Has attended Committee meetings

Saftey and Security Committee has gotten the lights fixed between the tennis courts.

Looking forward to Santa Fe and looking for people to attend with her.



g.      James Hill- Student Regent    (ABSENT)


h.      Committee Reports

Cooper Bowman- Student Publications/Web

Professor Evaluations will be online and they will make a survey.


VII.          Old Business


VIII.       New Business


a.       Senate Bill 58: Related to matching of funds for Criminal Justice Club not to exceed $177.16. (H.Anderson, Veltri)

Sandusky seconded by H. Anderson motion passes unanimously


The club earned their funds by candy sales.


b.      Senate Bill 59: Related to the matching of funds for the Art Club not to exceed $59.00.  (H. Anderson ,Sanchez)


Gonzales seconded by Sandusky motion passes unanimously


The club earned their funds by selling cookies and handmade soap.


IX.             Announcements

Club Reports:

Criminal Justice Club:

Candy Sales

Worked on float for Homecoming

Did the Ident-a-kid program

Used funds to take trips to Arizona Prisons

Art Club:

Cookie Sale

Handmade soap sale

Helped out for homecoming by doing facepainting at the carnival

Did critiques for Art students

Brought in guest lectures for the Art students

Soda Club:

4th of July had bake sale

Had 2 rummage sales

They are fundraising for special needs students at Silver High School

Chess Club:

Helped set up for the dance

Played chess

Delta Mu Delta:

Helped with Carnival

Has guest speakers monthly

Had 12 new inductees this semester

ECA Club:

Made floats for Homecoming

Did the Spooktacular at the Armory

Attempting to get Silco Theatre to play movies for children

Gamma Psi:

Helped out for Homecoming

Groupie Lovas participated in pre-season great race

Had food sale

Did a massage raffle

Held a dance


Got signatures for National Coming Out Day

Had a diversity week display

Had a float in Homecoming

International Club:

Joined midsemester

Helped with homecoming

Has plans for fundraising next semester

Plans to help with Great Race

Native American Club:

Fry Bread Sales

Worked with GSA and Social Work Club on homecoming activities

Didn’t request matching funds.


Helped with homecoming carnival

Helped with the Preseason Great Race Naked Mile

Cleaned the Big Ditch


Jason Lucas participated in homecoming and preseason great race

Has 2 guest speakers planned for spring semester

Social Work Association:

Held a teen dance in Bayard where they collected 4 boxes of food to donate

Having car washes in Decemeber and January

Attended NASWC in Albuquerque

Going to conference in Las Vegas

Had Indian Taco sales in Deming and Truth or Consequences

Sociology Club:

Yard sale where they earned $340

Burrito Sale where they earned $335

Received a donation of $383.31 from the foundation

Used funds earned to attend the American Humanist Sociology Conference in Santa Fe

Helped with floats for Homecoming


Voulenteered at the Humane Society

Participated in Dig for a Cure



Marcia Shields thanked all senators for the semester and told us to have a safe Christmas and New Year and good luck on our finals.


X.                Adjournment

Sandusky seconded by Onda adjournment at 8:58PM


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Phone: 575-538-6149     Fax: 575-538-6243