Senate Meeting Minutes

Senate Meeting Minutes

Wednesday January 19, 2011

Student Memorial Building, 3rd Floor

8:30 P.M.


I.                   Call to Order

8:29 pm


II.                Opening Ceremonies


III.             Roll Call

Senator Zhang-Absent


IV.             Approval of Agenda for December 7, 2010

H. Anderson seconded by Oliver motion passes unanimously


V.                Approval of Minutes from November 16, 2010

Veltri seconded by Sandusky motion passes unanimously


VI.             ASWNMU Executive Reports


a.       Marcia Shields-President

Has been doing her office hours

Talked about Great Race ideas and mentioned a Senate vote for the theme following the public meeting

Looking over and revising Committees, only found one mistake in the Student Fees committee.

Has been interviewing for the 2 open senate positions and will have the senate interview candidates during caucus.


b.      Lacey Swihart-Vice President

Working with the disablitity program at university

Attended academic committee meetings

Waiting on 5 clubs to give report

Still totaling the senate hours for fall semester

Hours will be posted every even week from now on.


c.       Summer Berry-Secretary

Has been completing office hours

Attended Finacial Aid Appeals meeting on Friday

MRAC proposed senate helping with Choclate Fantasia

She has ideas for student activities

Francis Gonzalez wants senate to help with Project Enhance on February 1&2.


d.      Jason Lucas – Treasurer


Doing office hours

Will have Account Summary on Thursday

Needs to overlook the scholarship fund

Attended Business Department meeting

Working on renovating Ekles Dorm


e.       Brian Thometz – Attorney General

Has been doing his hours

Went to Financial Aid Appeals meeting

Went to Integrity Appeals meeting

Holding meeting in Executive Offices on Feb. 7


f.       Cindy Keeler – Governmental Affairs Director

Next week Lobby and Grants Committee will be going to Santa Fe

Assisting Jason in the renovations of Ekles Hall.

Gave totals for cost of Santa Fe trip. The lobby and grants fund is $2000, the travel fund is $6837, the hotel cost $705.



g.      James Hill- Student Regent    (ABSENT)


h.      Committee Reports


VII.          Old Business


VIII.       New Business


a.       Senate Bill 60: Related to matching of funds for SOTA not to exceed $166.53. (B.Johnson, H. Anderson)

Oliver seconded by M. Johnson motion passes unanimously


The club earned their funds by doing yards sales and selling candy, soda, and snacks.


b.      Senate Bill 59: Related to the matching of funds for the Criminal Justice Club not to exceed $60.62.  (B. Johnson, H. Anderson)


G. Anderson seconded by H. Anderson motion passes unanimously


The club earned their funds by selling candy and having a raffle. They used the funds to buy T-shirts and visit prisons in Safford, AZ.


IX.             Announcements

Senator H. Anderson mentioned that Senate will be cleaning the WNMU median downtown at 9:30 on Saturday.


Student Jordan Ortega had concern about the golf fee. Would like to have it reinstated.


X.                Adjournment

B. Johnson seconded by Oliver adjournment at 8:42PM


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Phone: 575-538-6149     Fax: 575-538-6243