Senate Meeting Minutes

Senate Meeting Minutes

Wednesday Febraury 2, 2011

Student Memorial Building, 3rd Floor

8:30 P.M.


I.                   Call to Order

8:30 Pm


II.                Opening Ceremonies


III.             Roll Call

Senator Zhang-Absent


IV.             Approval of Agenda for February 2, 2011

B. Johnson seconded by H. Anderson motion passes unanimously


V.                Approval of Minutes from January 19, 2011

Oliver seconded by M. Johnson motion passes unanimously

The adgenda had a typo in the date, was fixed during meeting.


VI.             ASWNMU Executive Reports


a.       Marcia Shields-President

Has been doing her office hours

Has been working on Student Fees with Summer Berry. Created a packet for departments to fill out to describe the fees they are asking for. The packets are due to the senate on 2/18/11, the committee meetings for the fees are on 2/21- 2/23. Lacey Swihart will be on this committee because Marcia is part of the internal committee. All fees information must be turned in to Dr. Counts by 3/7/11. The fees will be approved at the public meeting on 3/2/11.

Updated the committee lists and will post them next week with the new senators on them.

Has been working on the new process for teacher of the year.

Has been working on the Constitution and Bi-laws. Wants to have 3 Bi-laws and one consitution. There will be a Constitution and Bi-laws meeting on Monday at 8 am.

Mentioned the WNMU Founder’s day celebration. We will buy cake to supply to students for the celebration. The event will be on 2/11/11 from 11am-1pm. We need senators to work this event.

b.      Lacey Swihart-Vice President

Has been doing her office hours.

Went to the Regents meeting in Santa Fe last week.

Working with clubs on purchasing proceedures.

Has been trying to go to Project Enhance.

c.       Summer Berry-Secretary

Was sick so she was unable to complete office hours but will do a contract to make up those missed hours.

Thanked Senator B. Johnson for attending Grad Council meeting for her.

Has been working with Marcia Shields on Student Fees.

Attended Project Enhance and suggested everyone goes to it.

Will attend a (finacial aid) appeals meeting Friday at 1pm.

Brought up Chocolate Fantasia, wants us to participate by having ballons at a booth during the event. We need to discuss this and have a special meeting to allocate funds.

d.      Jason Lucas – Treasurer

Has been doing office hours.

Working on fixing accounts- Has given all scholarships out, fixed clubs that have not received their start up funds or their matching funds.

He can help with anything senate needs help with, just ask.

Elkes is putting on a video game competition and asked if senate would like to participate to open it up for students living outside of the dorms. He asked if senate could allocate funds ($200) for prizes. The event will be on 2/27/11.

The computers will cost $7500-8000.

e.       Brian Thometz – Attorney General

Has been doing his hours

Went to Assesment Committee Meeting and they will do Convocation on 3/4/11, if any senators want to help please do.

Has Constitution and Bi-laws meetings and working on fixing the Constitution and Bi-laws. Those meetings will be the first Monday of every month.

Thanked Jason Lucas for fixing the funds.

f.       Cindy Keeler – Governmental Affairs Director

Not Present. Will give report at Caucus next week.

g.      Committee Reports

Community Involvement-

Cleaned median downtown.

Senate is allocating funds to fix it up.

Wants to put colored rocks and flowers.

Activities Committee-

On schedule with Great Race plans.

Figured out prices.

Instructional Resource Committee-

Attempted to meet twice and have not succeeded.

Clubs Committee-

Working on changes to the constitution for clubs that don’t make report or communicate with senate.

5 clubs still havent reported to Lacey.

Access/Abilities Committee-

Working with Madden in diasbilitie services on how to get the information to students about disablility services.

Wants to put an easel up to show students information.

Project Enhance-

Wants to impement new policies.

In process of writing a grant for suicidal help for disabled, Native American, Veteran, and LGBT students.

Honors Committee-

Has openings for 1 credit hour trip to learn about NM history. Please let students know. The professor is in his office 9-10 on weekdays.

Crisis Response Committee-

Have draft crisis intervention plan.

Wants to have mock crisis test after Great Race.

Looking for grants, has thought about using the grant writing class to help.

VII.          Old Business


VIII.       New Business


a.       Senate Bill 62: Related to the allocation of funds for the WNMU Median not to exceed $200.00. (Onda, H. Anderson)

B. Johnson seconded by H. Anderson motion passes unanimously.

Probably won’t use all $200.

b.      Senate Bill 63: Related to the allocation of funds for purchasing prizes for the Student Fees Fair not to exceed $250.00. (Onda, H. Anderson)

Hernandez seconded by Sandusky motion passes unanimously

Prises may be Ipod shuffle, video games, and lots of little prises for anyone who completes Fees Scavenger Hunt. Open to suggestions for prizes.

c.       Senate Bill 64: Related to the allocation of funds for WNMU Anniversary not to exceed $100.00. (Onda, H. Anderson)

G. Anderson seconded by Onda motion passes unanimously.

d.      Senate Bill 65: Related to the appointment of ASWNMU Senator Jennifer Rodriguez for the academic year of 2010-2011 within the purview of the ASWNMU (B. Johnson, Sanchez)

Oliver seconded by Onda motion passes unanimously.

e.       Senate Bill 66: Related to the appointment of ASWNMU Senator Cameron Mower for the academic year 2010-2011 within the purview of the ASWNMU. (B. Johnson, Sanchez)

Veltri seconded by M. Johnson motion passes unanimously.

Senate interview Cameron Mower and are optimistic about the public relations he could do for us.

f.       Senate Bill 67: Relating to the proration of Juan Esparza’s scholarship not to exceed $30.98. (Oliver, G. Anderson)

G. Anderson seconded by B. Johnson motion passes 10-0-1

Senator Bowman obstained his vote.

IX.             Announcements

Downtown they will be shooting a promotional video for Main St. (Bullard). Students are encouraged to attend.

Native American Club will be having a Fry Bread sale on 2/4/11 in the MeCha building. 5$ taco, $1 bread.

Swore in Senator Rodriguez and Senator Mower.

X.                Adjournment

B. Johnson seconded by Rodriguez adjournment at 9:17PM


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