Senate Meeting Minutes

Associated Students of Western New Mexico University

August 28, 2004

Minutes – Senate Meeting

I.                    Call to order

Meeting was called to order at 8:30 pm by Vice President Boyles.

II.                 Opening ceremonies

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Floor Leader Ainsworth.

III.               Roll Call

A.    Executive Council Present:  President Fallstich, Vice President Boyles, Secretary Doll, Treasurer Carbajal

B.     Senators Present:  Senator Vargas, Senator Murillo, Senator Rojas, Senator Rutherford, Senator K. Wog, Senator Frost, Senator Bass, Senator Burdette, Senator Murray, Senator Kaaiakamanu, Senator M. Wog, Senator Wilson, Senator Ainsworth

IV.              Sergeant of Arms Appointment

Vice President Boyles appointed Senator Bass.

V.                 Approval of Agenda August 28, 2004

Pro Tempore Rutherford motioned to approve the agenda for August 28, 2004.  Floor Leader Ainsworth seconded.  Motion passes unanimously.

VI.              Approval of Minutes May 10, 2004

Senator Frost pointed out that the minutes of May 10, 2004 needed to be corrected in line item 9B.  Line item 9B is to be said that the motion passed 10-4, not unanimously.  Amendments were made.  Pro Tempore Rutherford motioned that the minutes of May 10, 2004 to be approved as amended.  Senator Rojas seconded.  Motion passes unanimously.

VII.            ASWNMU Executive Council Reports

A.    President Fallstich

Pro Tempore Rutherford and the president, herself, went to Surreally Institute this past summer.  This institute grants gratuity to those that need money.  The two of them sat in on this six hour training in order to be on the board.  They were only two college students to sit there on the board so it is a huge accomplishment.  There will be another meeting on September 8, 2004 if anyone would like to go and be apart of it.

Meeting the athlete is coming along.  They have received another sponsor, so they are still looking into others also.  If there are others who would like to know about this event then let President Fallstich know and she’ll get with you to discuss.

B.     Vice President Boyles

This summer he worked on getting electronic voting machines at which he succeeded.  He also looked into seating for students.  He wanted to get more seating for the classrooms.  This week he was working on elections.  He was getting ready for the spring to see how the elections to get better.

C.    Secretary Doll

She want to review everything that was handed out on the internal committees handout.  She also want to talk about Homecoming week.  There was a glitch in the schedule.  The night of the talent show, which is on a Thursday, the faculty will be unavailable.  Whoever is on the committee for Homecoming, will need to meet in the next week to discuss a change in date for this event.  She also handed out the request for the approval of the naming of the Student Memorial Building for everyone to look over.  Secretary Doll also stated that she is working on Homecoming, so she would like to get together with the Activities committee as soon as possible.  She is getting together with S.E.P. and the Psychology club to get the Haunted house.  If anyone has any questions and concerns please let her know.

D.    Treasurer Carbajal

He was to have a revised Budget report but his computer has many viruses.  Once that is taken care of he should have everything taken care of.  He also worked with President Fallstich on the Meet the Athlete day.  He spoke with Admissions about packets being made.  They agreed to give us pens, paper, cups, etc, as long as we have baggies for them to put it in.  Today, we all should have gotten a budget listing spreadsheet about vending machine account.   The budget total for vending machine is $9,719.00.  If anyone has any questions about it then ask him and he will show you receipts when they get that money in. 

E.     Committee Reports

Secretary sat on the Building committee this summer.  She has a packet of information on the naming of the building.  She and Regent Miller are going to be there for the meeting in the next week of the naming of the building.

VIII.         New Business

A.    Senate Bill 1 – Fiscal Year 2004-2005 Budget

Pro Tempore Rutherford makes a motion to approve Senate Bill 1 – Fiscal Year 2004-2005 Budget as presented to us.  Senator Burdette seconded.  A roll call vote was done.  Motion passes unanimously.

B.     Senate Bill 2 – Recognition of Gamma Alpha and Gamma Psi

A representative for Gamma Alpha and Gamma Psi spoke to us about the reason for the fraternity/sorority.  This was brought up from the Great Race team Groupie Lovas in the previous year 2003-2004.  This is based on the love that was developed during the Great Race week.  They are saying that this should be a positive influence on everyone.  This will be the glue for people to stay together.

Senator K. Wog amended Act in Section 3.

Floor Leader Ainsworth made a motion to approve Senate Bill 2 – Recognition of Gamma Alpha and Gamma Psi.  Senator Rojas seconded.  A roll call vote was called.  Motion passes unanimously.

C.    Senate Bill 3 – Recognition of Latter Day Saints Student Association

Jennifer Day, a representative and leadership Vice President, spoke with us.  They are located on the corner of College and BLANK.  They have been there for about seven years.  They are there to help students out in their secular and spiritual times.  For other students that just need a place to study, they are there for all to come in and do that.  They are open to helping the University in any events that are coming up.  They have activities periodically, about twice a month.  They are there to have fun on weekends.

Pro Tempore Rutherford made a motion to approve Senate Bill 3 – Recognition of Latter Day Saints Student Association as amended.  Senator Murillo seconded.  A roll call vote was called.  Motion passes unanimously.

D.    Senate Bill 4 – Recognition of the Volleyball Club.

IX.              Announcements

Secretary Doll announced that minutes will always be taken at executive meetings and if anyone would like a copy then talk to her and she’ll have them for you.

X.                 Adjournment

Senator Bass made a motion to adjourn meeting, and Senator Frost seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:59 pm.

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