Senate Meeting Minutes


Associated Students of Western New Mexico University

Student Senate Meeting Minutes

August 31, 2005


I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:23 P.M. by V.P. Bruchhauser.

II. Opening Ceremonies

Floor Leader Rodriguez led the pledge of allegiance.
III. Roll Call

A. Senate Present: Pro Tempore K. Wilson, Floor Leader Rodriguez, Senate Secretary Z. Wilson, Senator Davis, Senator Greer, Senator Hill, Senator Madara, Senator Maloney, Senator Martinez, Senator Morrison, Senator Ryen, Senator Saucedo, Senator Scott, Senator Wright

IV. Sergeant at Arms Appointment

V.P. Bruchhauser appointed Senator Saucedo as Sergeant at Arms.
V. Approval of Agenda

A. August 31, 2005
V.P. Bruchhauser entertained a motion to approve the agenda for August 31, 2005. Senator Martinez so moved, Senator Wright seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
VI. Approval of Minutes

A. May 09, 2005
V.P. Bruchhauser entertained a motion to approve the minutes of May 09, 2005. Senator Greer so moved, Senator Saucedo seconded. Motion passed 12-2-0.
VII. ASWNMU Executive Council Reports

A. President Carbajal
President Carbajal reported that over the summer he tried to get ASWNMU into good shape as far as public relations was concerned. I worked in the AQIP committee to improve work studies lives. He helped make a survey to do this. President Carbajal also worked on homecoming. Worked on golf course proposal. Worked with Secretary Ubinger and Treasurer Blanchard to set up a second Spirit Week. Sat on AQIP and Academic Suspension committees. Worked on CDC safety and researched ways to make vehicles slow down. reported that over the summer the Executive Council only spent $171.29 so the remaining $329.71 was returned to the ASWNMU accounts. He spoke at orientation. Discussed the various repairs being made to Regents Row and Muir Heights. Discussed with President Counts the possibility of being able to tailgate at football games. He was also at a speech planning meeting, and came up with three goals for the year: recruiting students, increasing activities, and trying to get the community involved with the campus. Then President Carbajal asked if there were any questions. Senator Saucedo asked what some of the image problems was with ASWNMU. President Carbajal stated that some said that we were not organized enough and not concentrating on the students. Then Senator Saucedo asked if we knew the reasons why student retention was down. President Carbajal stated that it was due to lack of activities. He also stated that there was a lack of support in the community for WNMU.

B. Vice-President Bruchhauser
V.P. Bruchhauser stated that she had typed up hours, but gave a report of recent events. She stated that she was working with homecoming and alumni. She said that high school bands would be at the game and a drum line competition, which will help boost retention. She gave credit to the new band director. She said that there would be an activities committee meeting this Friday. She has been working on the golf course proposal. She then asked if there were any questions. There were none.

C. Secretary Ubinger
Secretary Ubinger was not present and he sent his apologies. A letter he wrote was read. He said in the letter that he had been working on a 24- hour computer lab, S.P.O.T, looked into a 3v3 basketball tournament.

D. Treasurer Blanchard
Treasurer Blanchard reported that he helped Secretary Ubinger with the 24-hour labs, S.P.O.T., and the basketball tournament. He also stated that he helped President Carbajal with homecoming. He stated that he had a meeting with the D.W.I. task force. Senator Maloney asked if it was an open meeting. Treasurer Blanchard replied that it was a personal meeting, but that there would be future public meetings.

VIII. Old Business

A. Union Business
A union representative was present and gave a summary of what has been done so far. She stated that they wanted a union to get yearly contracts, she stated job insecurity. Pay was also a concern. She stated that some employees got a pay raise, but that they were making that much when they worked for Sodexho. She said that they wanted to be treated with respect. She said that last semester she had gotten burned by a chemical, and told her supervisor about it. Her supervisor said that she intentionally burned herself, so she took the matter to staff senate. staff senate reprimanded the supervisor, but she said that the supervisor told her to never go to staff senate again. She stated insurance concerns as well. She closed by asking for the ASWNMU senate report. Senator Madara asked what the universities response to her grievance was? She stated that a single person decided if it was a valid grievance or not. She then stated that President Counts would refuse to speak with her. Senator Maloney asked what other solution methods have they looked into? She stated that they talked to staff senate, and then after they talked to staff senate, that their supervisors told them not to go to staff senate. Senator Greer then asked if they went back to staff senate after their supervisors told them that? She replied that they did not. Senator Maloney then asked if they had any documented proof? She then stated that in her notes she wrote this down. She stated that she had a letter from Carmen apologizing for her supervisor. Senate Secretary Z. Wilson then asked if staff senate had taken any position on the matter? She replied that they did not. Senator Saucedo then asked if there were any other staff members other than maintenance that wanted to unionize? She stated that there was. Senator Maloney then asked that if they removed the yearly contracts wouldn’t there jobs be less secure? She stated that getting rid of the contracts would make there jobs more secure. Senator Wright then asked that if people were let go due to budget? She stated that once the people were let go, new people were hired to fill the position. Senator Martinez then asked what benefits they got? She stated that they get tuition waivers. She then stated that an employee got a bachelors degree and applied to work at the school but was not hired. She stated that the University did not give employees the chance to move up in the University. Senator Madara asked how the ASWNMU support would help? She stated that student government has a lot of say with the administration and that they needed the students help. Floor Leader Rodriguez moved to end discussion on the topic. Senator Martinez seconded. Floor Leader Rodriguez moved to not take a stance on the matter. Senator Martinez seconded. Motion passed 11-1-2

B. Summer Salary for Vice President Bruchhauser
Senate Secretary Z. Wilson if it would be ok if the Senate tabled the salaries pending review by the Senate. Senator Maloney moved to table line items B, C, and D under old business. Floor Leader Rodriguez seconded. Motion passed 11-2-1.
C. Summer Salary for Secretary Ubinger
D. Summer Salary for Treasurer Blanchard

IX. New Business

A. Homecoming Budget ($288.00)
V.P. Bruchhauser stated that an exact amount was not put on the agenda because executive council was unsure of how much money Senate would want to allocate. It was explained that the homecoming budget was split because $212.00 dollars would be used to rent the bowling alley, and that there would be two separate purchase orders. Senator Martinez moved to approve the homecoming budget not to exceed $288. Seconded by Senator Wright. Motion passes 11-0-3

B. Homecoming Budget for Renting the Bowling Alley ($212.00)
Senator Maloney moved to approve $212.00 for renting the bowling alley. Seconded by Senator Davis. Motion passed unanimously.

C. Club Recognition/Re-recognition

a. Tau Upsilon Pi- Mathematics and Computer Science Club ($100.00)
V.P. Bruchhauser looked over the club constitutions and approved them. Senate Secretary Z. Wilson moved to approve the recognition of Tau Upsilon Pi. Secnoded by Senator Martinez. Motion passed 13-0-1

b. Upsilon Pi Epsilon-Alpha Chapter of New Mexico($150.00)
Floor Leader Rodriguez moved to blanket approve line items b, c, and d. Senator Ryen seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

c. Kappa Mu Epsilon-Beta Chapter of New Mexico($150.00)

d. WNMU Cheerleaders($100.00)

D. Polo’s (Not to exceed $650.00)
It was discussed that more than one company should be looked into. The suggestion that each senator pay for half the shirt was suggested. Floor Leader Rodriguez moved to table. Senator Saucedo seconded. Motion passed 8-6-0

E. Business Cards (Not to exceed $60.00)
It was discussed that a cheaper price would not be found. Senator Martinez moved to approve the funds not to exceed $60.00. Senator Davis seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

X. Announcements

A. Executive Position Appointment Deadline
The deadline was sent out through Mustang Express and it was September 2.

B. V.P. Bruchhauser announced that the Senate needs to dress appropriately and that the Senate notebooks were delayed due to discrepancies in the bi-laws and constitution

C. Senator Ryen announced that he felt that by the Senate not choosing to take a stance made the student body look weak

D. Senator Greer announced that there would be an extra edition of the Mustang for homecoming coverage.

E. Duane Elms announced that over the summer IT has worked on 24-hour computer labs and that the GRC computer lab hours would be extended. He also noted that wireless access points would be available around campus

F. President Carbajal announced that a contact sheet for the committees would be available next week.

G. Peggy Lankford announced that there would be a special dedication for Nick Arnold and that his family would be present on Saturdays game

XI. Adjournment
Pro Tempore K. Wilson moved to adjourn the meeting. Senator Hill seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:51

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