Senate Meeting Minutes


ASWNMU Senate Meeting Minutes
February 11, 2004

I. Call to order
Meeting was called to order by VP frost at 8:30pm.

II. Opening Ceremonies
A. Pledge of Allegiance
Floor leader Menicucci led the Senate and Executive Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Roll Call
A. Executive Council Present- President Franzoy, Vice President Frost, Secretary Zankich, Treasurer Carbajal, PID Bruchhauser, AG Moreno-Campos, GAD Fallstich.
B. Senator Present: Senator Sadighi, Senator/ Secretary Doll, Senator Rice, Senator Bass, Senator/ Floor Leader Menicucci , Senator K. Boyd, Senator Whalen, Senator Burdette, Senator Upton, Senator Ainsworth, Senator Rodriguez, Senator Schjetnan, Senator/ Pro Tempore Frost.

IV. Sergeant of Arms Appointment
A. Senator Bass was appointed to the Sergeant of Arms position

V. Approval of Agenda 2-11-04
A. Senator Menicucci motions to approve the agenda for 2-11-04. Senator Frost seconds the motion, motion carries and passes unanimously.

VI. Approval of the Minutes 1-29-04
A. Senator Upton motions to approve the minutes from 1-29-04. Senator Whalen seconds the motion. Motion carries and passes unanimously.

VII. Executive Council Reports
A. President Franzoy
Hello everyone. I wanted to let you all know that I have a copy of my hour log if any one would like to look over it. Also I wanted to tell everyone that the athletics department wanted to thank you all for moving the meeting. If anyone needs anything please feel free to contact me.

B. Vice President Frost
Insert report.

C. Secretary Zankich
I wanted to thank you all for moving the meeting, I am available for you all in my office so please contact me. Other than that I have nothing to report on at this time.

D. Treasure Carbajal
I have nothing to report on at this time but please contact me if you need anything.
E. PID Bruchhauser
I have been in contact with the newspaper and working with them to make sure that all the information is up in time in the hard copy and on the web. I have also been working with great race and that is coming along great. If anyone needs to meet with me please feel free to contact me.

F. AG Moreno-Campos
He has been reviewing the recognitions and the re-recognitions and he is unsure if that is one of his duties. I am willing to continue to do so, but perhaps if there was a section under his duties in the constitution that it is stated, it would not be in question. He has reviewed the clubs that are up for recognition and all but one of them have everything in, the one that doesn’t have everything in is the Literacy Council. Therefore I fully support the other three clubs.

G. GAD Fallstich
She reported on the happenings up at the rally. She and three other students went and were able to be on the floor as M. Herrera guests. GAD was also able to speak on behalf of Western New Mexico University and the bills in which were trying to have passed. If there are any questions or comments please feel free to contact her. We should be finding out about the bills in the upcoming weeks. She will keep us updated.

H. Student Regent Miller
I am here to update you all on the recent meeting that the BR had. It was mostly on the fiscal reports and things in that manner. However we did talk about the fact that the tuition waivers that we offer to Texas Students, Colorado students and Arizona Students could possibly be no more. UNM is trying to pass a new mandate that will not allow us to offer that. If there are any questions that you might have contact me or your GAD.

VIII. Old Business
A. Approval of Minutes 12-1-03
Senator Bass motions to approve the minutes of 12-1-03. Senator Rice seconds the motion. Motion carries and passes unanimously.

IX. New Business
A. Senator Appointment
President Franzoy is appointing Jeremy Guin. He has been a senator before and she feels that this is a great appointment. He is known for the work that he did last year on the fees committee.
Senator Schjetnan motions to have a short recess. Senator Ainsworth seconds, motion passes 7-4-1
Short Recess
Meeting reconvened at 9:21pm
Senator Ainsworth motions to table the appointment. Senator Schjetnan seconds. Discussion-
Motion does not pass 2- 11. Senator Menicucci motions to approve the appointment of Jeremy Guin. Senator Frost seconds the motion. Silent vote. Vote passes 8-5.
Insert Oath-

B. Maria's Report

C. Club Recognitions
Senator Rodriguez motions to approve the following Paintball Club, NEA, and LDSSA and table the Literacy Council until the appropriate paper work is in. Senator Rice seconds, motion carries and passes unanimously.

X. Announcements
A. Pictures of the new senators are needed ASAP.
B. We also need to get Jeremy a Senator shirt ASAP.
C. Signing of hours on Friday.
D. Sign the thank you note to maintaince.

XI. Adjournment
A. Senator Bass motions to adjourned the meeting. Senator Rice seconds, motion carries and passes unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 10:06pm.

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