Senate Meeting Minutes


ASWNMU Senate Meeting Minutes
February 26, 2004

I. Call to Order:
A. Vice President Frost called the meeting to order at 8:35pm.

II. Opening Ceremonies:
A. Senator Frost led the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Roll Call:
A. Senators Present: Senator Sadighi, Senator Frost, Senator Menicucci, Senator Bourdette, Senator Boyd, Senator Whalen, Senator Upton, Senator Ainsworth, Senator Rodriguez, Senator Schjetnan, Senator Bass, and Senator Guin
Absent: Senator Doll and Senator Rice

IV. Sargent of Arms Appointment:
A. Senator Guin was appointed Sargent of Arms for the current meeting.

V. Approval of Agenda:
A. After reviewing the agenda for February 26, 2004 Senator Menicucci moved to approve the agenda. Senator Rodriguez seconded. The motion passes unanimously.

VI. Approval of Minutes:
A. Senator Menicucci moved to table the approval of the minutes for February 11, 2004 because senators did not receive copies of these minutes due to the absence of Senator Doll.

VII. Executive Council Reports:
A. President Franzoy:
She relayed a message for all senators to please keep the hall doors locked because the editor of the newspaper has reported some break-ins. Franzoy also announced a hike to Gomez peak that Dr. Norris will lead this Sunday. She has also been in contact with the Athletic department and they would like to have ASWNMU help them in putting the Mustang mascot to better use. They asked if a scholarship through student government would be possible and how to go about doing this. Dr. Farren responded in saying that this would be possible as long as the students are directly benefiting from this scholarship. She will look into this issue further and report back.

B. Vice President Frost:
He has been working hard alongside Victor and Missy trying to get things in order with student fees. Frost would also like to set up a student opinion forum about student fees in the near future.

C. Secretary Zankich:
She has also been working on student fees. Zankich is getting the filing cabinets organized with all of the club information so things will be easier to find. She is also working on putting each of their account balances in their folders.

D. Treasurer Carbajal:
He is still working on a $6,000 budget revision but he will have to wait until all the add/drops are finished to have a total. Also working on fees. There will be a Fees Committee meeting on March 3rd at 7pm and he is also looking into having the student forum on March 4th.

E. PID Bruchhauser:
Absent-She did sent a note to thank everyone who has been contributing to the newspaper and tell us that she has been working hard on Great Race activities.

F. Attorney General Moreno-Campos:
There will be a Constitutional Bylaws committee to work on a preamble for the constitution and to clarify wording. He has also been working on the club’s f olders and would like to put an internet link on the website for club applications. He also has a question about whether matching funds start over each semester for clubs. Dr. Farren and President Franzoy clarified that it does.

G. GAD Fallstich:
She recently sent thank you baskets to our representatives with items about WNMU. There has been 236 million dollars awarded to the Silver City area after the recent legislative session. WNMU received $30,000 toward our information technology. City Council elections will be held next Tuesday at the Public Library so please go out and vote.

H. Committee Reports:
Senator Bass reported the Loss Control Committee recently met and is still trying to work out the lighting situation that has been going on around campus. She will bring us information when she receives it.

VIII. Old Business:
None Available

IX. New Business:
A. Club Recognition:
Amnesty International, Literacy Council, SNAG, and We’re Crafty were all seeking club recognition. All clubs had all documents in. Senator Menicucci motions to blanket approve recognition for all clubs present. Senator Frost seconded; motion passes unanimously.

B. Ed Conley- Voting:
He is running for election in District #2, which WNMU is a part of. Everyone needs to go out and pleas vote. He also discussed how he would incorporate WNMU and the city council and how to keep enrollment up here at WNMU. There is also a Home Town Initiative meeting every third Wednesday of the Month for all those who would like to get involved.

C. Book/Yard Sale:
Franzoy asked for the senate’s support in having a sale at the end of this semester. It will cost $100 to reserve the park for this event, but the money will be refunded if everything is cleaned after the sale. May 1st and May 8th are both possible days for this sale. Dr. Farren also said it may be possible to hold the sale on campus, but it will need to be looked into. Senator Menicucci motioned to approve $100 to reserve the park if it is needed. Senator Frost seconded; motion passes, 11 For and 1 Abstain.

D. Matching Funds/ SAM Club
It has been determined that clubs can have matching funds for both semesters. SAM club is asking us to match $409.08 of the $602.25 that they raised through selling roses at Valentine’s Day. Senator Menicucci motioned to approve the $409.08 of matching funds. Senator Frost seconded; motion passes unanimously.

X. Announcements:
A. Dr Farren - There has been a 5% cut in the land and permanent endowment fund. This will cause 1 million dollars to be paid back through Texas Tuition waivers. WNMU will have to pay $66,000. This will cause a 7% increase in tuition next year.

B. Treasurer Carbajal - The fees meeting March 4th at 7pm may be moved due to a time conflict. The meeting will most likely be Tuesday March 3rd and the forum will be moved to Wednesday March 4th.

C. GAD Fallstich - Would like to thank Senator Bourdette for chairing the publications board.

D. Paint Ball Club - Wants to add a paintball game into the Great Race Activities. There will be no charge to ASWNMU. They will meet with the activities committee after this meeting to decide if it will work.

XI. Adjournment:
A. Senator Rodriguez motioned to adjourn the meeting. Senator Sadighi seconded; motion passes unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:55pm.

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