Senate Meeting Minutes


ASWNMU Senate Meeting Minutes
March 31, 2004

I. Call to Order
A. Meeting was called to order by VP Frost at 8:45pm.

II. Opening Ceremonies
A. Floor leader Menicucci led the Senate and Executive Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Roll Call
A. Executive Council Present- President Franzoy, Vice President Frost, Secretary Zankich, Treasurer Carbajal, PID Bruchhauser, AG Moreno-Campos, GAD Fallstich.
B. Senators Present- Senator Sadighi, Senator Doll, Senator Boyd, Senator Bass, Senator Menicucci, Senator Whalen, Senator Guin, Senator Burdette, Senator Upton, Senator Ainsworth, Senator Schjetnan, Senator Rodriguez, Senator Frost, Senator Rice.

IV. Sergeant of Arms Appointment
A. Senator Guin was appointed to the Sergeant of Arms position.

V. Approval of Agenda
A. Senator Menicucci motions to approve the agenda for 3/11/04. Senator Frost seconds the motion, motion passes unanimously.

VI. Approval of Minutes
A. Senator Rodriguez motions to approve the minutes from 1/26/04. Senator Guin seconds the motion, motion passes unanimously.

VIII. Executive Council Reports
A. President Franzoy
Marie Leck has invited all members of ASWNMU to a meeting to help with the University Calander on April 1, 2004 at 11:30 at the GRC. She has the application for the book/yardsale, but senate needs to decide on a time on May 1, 2004. We are trying to get clubs to participate in Great Race so she sent a schedule of events to each club president. She is also needs members to help with the election authority and those who want to run for office again.

B. Vice President Frost
He has been working on the student fee process with Victor and helping with the Phelps Dodge Job Fair that over 650 people attended.

C. Secretary Zankich
She has been working on club info and trying to get their budgets and paperwork all organized into the filing cabinets.
D. Treasure Carbajal
See Attached

E. PID Bruchhauser
She has been busy helping with great race stuff and is also trying to get the clubs more involved in the activities.

F. AG Moreno-Campos
He has been working on the Constitutional Bylaws Committee and trying to get things put together for our constitution. He is also trying to implement so kind of scholarship for the justices to help get people interested in these positions.

G. GAD Fallstich
She has recently written a letter to Don Kidd to thank him and would like everyone to sign it before they leave the meeting. There is also a ASNM Spring Conference April 24 and 25 at NMSU. Everyone is encouraged to go and if they need more information to contact her and they can discuss the details of the trip. She also wanted to let us know that Tom Nupp was elected to the City Council position and the 1/8th of 1cent tax increase was approved. Manny Herrera also fell and broke his hip last week and she would like to send a get-well gift.

H. Committee Reports
Constitution and Bylaws- Senator Boyd would just like to thank all senators who helped with this committee.

Short Recess- Meeting reconvened at 9:20pm

VIII. Old Business
A. Approval of Minutes 2/11/04
Senator Sadighi moves to approve the minutes from 2/11/04. Senator Rice seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

IX. New Business
A. Senator Appointment
Senator Guin moved not to appoint Ray Silvia to the Senate due to a lack of vacancy on the Senate. Senator Frost seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

B. Matching Funds
SAAB- $235 from raffle sales, all will benefit make a wish foundation.
Paint Ball- $80 from 50/50 tickets
Senator Menicucci moved to blanket approve all matching funds. Senator Guin seconds and motion passes unanimously.

C. Aerobic Equipment
Coach Woodard is proposing adding new aerobic equipment to the newly expanded weight room with the help of ASWNMU. It will cost $5,000 per piece of equipment and 4 or 5 pieces will fit in the new space. He is asking for any money that the senate can spend on this project. Senators propose adding a one time fee to cover the cost of this proposal. Senator Guin moves to table this proposal so that the senate can spend some time looking into it. Sadighi seconds. A roll call vote is taken and 7 vote for tabling it and 7 vote against tabling. VP Frost breaks the tie and decides to table the motion and have a special meeting at a later date.

D. Approval of Fees

E. Book Sale
President Franzoy would like the senate to decide on a time and cost for this event. Senator Doll motions that it be from 10am to 2pm and no fee will be enforced. Senator Meniccui seconds and the motion passes unanimously.

X. Announcements
A. Student Regent Miller- Great Race packets can be picked up on March 12th. There will also be St. Patrick’s Day activities and refreshments in the multicultural/ Activities office on March 17th.

B. PID Bruchhauser- There will be an activities meeting on Monday the 8th.

XI. Adjournment
A. Senator Bass motions to adjourn the meeting. Senator Frost seconds, motion passes unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 10:40pm.

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