Senate Meeting Minutes


ASWNMU Senate Meeting Minutes
March 31, 2004

I. Call to Order
A. Meeting was called to order by VP Frost at 8:35pm.

II. Opening Ceremonies
A. Floor Leader Menicucci led the Senate and Executive Council in the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Roll Call
A. Executive Council Present- President Franzoy, Vice President Frost, Secretary Zankich, Treasurer Carbajal, PID Bruchhauser, AG Moreno-Campos, GAD Fallstich.
B Senators Present- Senator Sadighi, Senator Doll, Senator Bass, Senator Menicucci, Senator Whalen, Senator Burdette, Senator Upton, Senator Ainsworth, Senator Schjetnan, Senator Rodriguez, Senator Frost, Senator Rice.
C. Senators Absent- Senator Boyd, Senator Guin.

IV. Sergeant of Arms Appointment
A. Senator Schjetnan was appointed to the Sergeant of Arms position.

V. Approval of Agenda
A. Senator Frost motions to approve the agenda for 3/31/04. Senator Rodriguez seconds the motion, motion passes unanimously.

VI. Approval of Minutes
A. Senator Menicucci motions to approve the minutes from 3/11/04. Senator Rice seconds the motion, motion passes unanimously.

VII. Executive Council Reports
A. President Franzoy- There is a search committee for the Director of the Academic Support Center. Senators please let her know if you are interested in helping. Dwayne Elms wrote a thank you not to the Senate for their lobbying effort and fee increase approval. President Counts agreed that an ASWNMU banquet would be a good idea, but we need to set a date and time so plans can get moving. ASWNMU elections will be held April 20th and 21st in the Student Memorial building from 8am to 5:30pm. If you plan on running again you need to have your paperwork in by April 12th. The Book/Yard Sale will be held May 1st from 9am to 1pm at Old James Stadium.

B. Vice President Frost- He has been busy working on the Election Committee and making sure that the upcoming elections run smoothly.

C. Secretary Zankich- She needs to know exactly how many people will be graduating in May so that she can make sure she has enough cords for everyone. Please see her after the meeting if this applies to you.

D. Treasure Carbajal- Please See Attached

E. PID Bruchhauser- She has been busy working on signs for the upcoming election. They have been posted throughout the campus. Great Race is coming up soon and signs have also been put up about this event. It is also on the WNMU Calendar and Mustang Express. She is also planning radio advertisements to be aired throughout the week.

F. AG Moreno-Campos- He is still working on the Constitution and trying to get things ready for the change that will be voted on during the upcoming elections.

G. GAD Fallstich- The ASNM Spring Conference will be held April 24th-25th. Please let her know if you plan to attend by April 14th. Bob Cornillis who is the director of ASNM has put out a press release about the upcoming conference. If you would like to read it or get more details please see her after the meeting. There is also an AQUIP Calendar meeting April 1st at 11:30am in the GRC.

H. Committee Reports
Great Race-
Senator Doll reports that there will be a Great Race Committee meeting tomorrow from 10am to 12pm. There is also a community relations meeting on April 6th if anyone is interested in helping. She would also like to thank everyone for there hard work. The DJ for the dance has been donated by Maria. Everyone needs to make small flyers to hang up. We also need to thank the Mustang editor for donating his time to take pictures to put on the web and in the paper.

BID Bruchhauser would also like to report on the Great Race activities. The BBQ has been set and the menu is finalized. All students will be able to eat for free. There will also be a special ceremony between the softball games to honor local athletes. She is also in the process of working with members of the University and the community on proclaiming April as Great Race month.

Senator Menicucci reports that Karaoke night is going well. Arlene Shadel has donated her time to do the music and announcing, but everyone needs to help move tables to set up.

VIII. Old Business
None Available.

IX. New Business
A. Matching Funds
Psychology Club (256.50) raised from 50/50 raffles.
Paint Ball Club (373.66) raised from enchilada dinner.
Senator Menicucci moves to blanket approve all matching funds. Senator Upton seconds and the motion passes unanimously.

X. Announcements
A. Senator Menicucci- The next Senate Caucus will be April 8th and the next meetings will be April 22nd and April 29th.

B. Senator Doll- Would like to Congratulate President Franzoy on a new niece.

C. President Franzoy- We need to decide how graduation will be run and whether it will in fact be shortened.

D. VP Frost- All keys need to be turned in by the end of May.

XI. Adjournment
A. Senator Rice motions to adjourn the meeting. Senator Upton seconds and motion passes unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm.

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