Senate Meeting Minutes


Associated Students of Western New Mexico University

Student Senate Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2005

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:36 P.M. by V.P. Bruchhauser.

II. Opening Ceremonies

Floor Leader Rodriguez led the pledge of allegiance.

III. Roll Call

A. Senate Present: Pro Tempore K. Wilson, Floor Leader Rodriguez, Senate Secretary Z. Wilson, Senator Greer, Senator Hill, Senator Madara, Senator Maloney, Senator Medeguari Senator Monje, Senator Morrison, Senator Ryen, Senator Saucedo, Senator Scott, Senator Wright


IV. Sergeant at Arms Appointment


V.P. Bruchhauser appointed Floor Leader Rodriguez as Sergeant at Arms.

V. Approval of Agenda

A. October 12, 2005

V.P. Bruchhauser entertained a motion to approve the agenda for October 12, 2005. Senate Secretary Z. Wilson so moved, Senator Wright seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

VI. Approval of Minutes


A. September 28, 2005

V.P. Bruchhauser entertained a motion to approve the minutes of September 28, 2005. Senator Greer so moved, Senator Medeguari seconded. Motion passed unanimously

VII. ASWNMU Executive Council Reports

A. President Carbajal

Homecoming was a success and he thanked everyone involved. He is working on a survey to see what the successful elements were so they could be incorporated in Great Race. He proposed a post homecoming committee. He said that two new picture frames needed to be bought for the hall of fame. DWI planning council met and he gave an update about SPOT. He said that an ad-hoc committee was needed for SPOT. He stated that students need to be cautious because there will be many traffic check points for Halloween weekend. He announced the ASNM conference in November and that he has been working with the president of NM Highlands. He also announced that the participation award for homecoming went to the purchasing office.


B. Vice-President Bruchhauser

She handed out the Senate business cards. She thanked the company that made them. She announced that the ASWNMU Senate shirts were available for pickup and that the Senators needed to pay $11.00 a piece for the shirts.


C. Secretary Ubinger

Apologized for not being at the Senate meeting.


D. Treasurer Blanchard

He handed out the budget report.

E. Attorney General Boyles

He thanked the senators on the Standing Rules and Bi-laws committee. He thanked copper country cruise. He also stated that the club recognitions were good to go.


F. Attorney General Martinez

He said that he had helped with homecoming events. He also met with Peggy Lankford to research lobbying for the dorms.

G. Public Information Director Davis

She said that she prepared for homecoming. She also wrote a letter to the radio station.


H. Committee Reports

a. Faculty Senate

President Carbajal announced that the committees will contact senators as to when they will meet.

b. Homecoming committee

V.P. Bruchhauser announced that the left over prizes will be raffled away. She also stated that bowling was the most successful event.

c. Honors committee

Senator Maloney announced that the honor students’ trip to Mexico was tomorrow.

d. Homecoming committee

Senator Medeguari thanked everyone for participating in homecoming events.

e. President Carbajal announced that Jerry Loper is here.



VIII. Old Business


A. Approval of minutes September 14, 2005

Senator Greer moved to approve the minutes of September 14, 2005. Senator Wright seconded. Motion passed 13-0-1.


IX. New Business

A. Matching Funds

a. WNMU Cheerleaders ($114.17)

A representative was present and said that the money was raised from a raffle. Senator Maloney moved to approve the matching funds for $114.17. Senator Scott seconded. Motion passed 13-1-0


B. Club Recognition

a. Society for Education in Politics (SEP) ($100)

Senator Medeguari moved to amend the agenda to remove line item c, because the club had already been approved. Senator Wright seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Senator Hill moved to blanket approve line items a-d. Senator Saucedo seconded. During discussion the club representatives stated what their clubs planned. Senator Medeguari announced that SEP planned to go to a conference. They will help at Great Race and are planning a meet SEP day. Joe Stevenson announced that the Ski Club wants to teach people how to ski and they want to set up ski trips. Leah Gomez said that Impact wants to community services including helping habitat for humanity and planning to make book scholarships. Tania Vargas announced the Scientific Society would have a brown bag lunch with a guest speaker. They also announced that there would be free lunch and games at Gomez Peak on October 22. There was no more discussion. The motion to blanket approve line items a-d passed unanimously.


b. Ski Club ($150)

Blanket approved

c. IMPACT ($150)

Blanket approved


d. The Scientific Society of WNMU ($100)

Blanket approved


C. Travel Funding for President Carbajal (HACU Conference) ($98.56)

President Carbajal said that the travel request is to get mileage paid for to attend the HACU conference. The mileage was from Silver City to El Paso and back. The money would come from the ASWNMU account. The mileage totaled $98.56. Senator Greer moved to approve the travel funds for $98.56. Senator Maloney seconded. Motion passed unanimously.




X. Announcements

A. Julie Miller announced that her last day was Friday. Dr. Junius’ last day was Friday as well. She said that the Library has plans for her replacement and that the student fees for the library were going toward a popular literature section. She thanked ASWNMU for supporting the library.


B. V.P. Bruchhauser announced that formation of a search committee


C. Pro Tempore K. Wilson announced the selected SSS Students of the week


D. V.P. Bruchhauser announced that the Lobbying and Grants committee would meet on Friday at 7:00


E. Senator Greer announced that the homecoming issue of the Mustang would be out soon and thanked MASA for paying for it.


F. Senator Monje announced conservative movie night on Sunday


G. Senator Greer announced that the Union took out a defamatory article in the newspaper against ASWNMU


H. President Carbajal announced that his birthday is on Sunday.


XI. Adjournment

Floor Leader Rodriguez moved to adjourn the meeting. Senator Medeguari seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 9:29


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