Senate Meeting Minutes

Associated Students of Western New Mexico University

October 13, 2004

Minutes Senate Meeting

I. Call to order

Meeting was called to order at 8:31 p.m. by Vice President Boyles.

II. Opening ceremonies

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice President Boyles.

III. Roll call

A. Executive Council Present: Vice President Boyles,

President Fallstich Secretary Doll, Treasurer Carbajal, Governmental Affairs Director Schetjnan, Public Information Director Wog, Attorney General Montoya.

B. Senate Present: Senator Vargas, Senator Murillo, Senator Rojas, Senator

Rutherford, Senator Frost, Senator Bass, Senator Ainsworth, Senator Burdette, Senator Murray, Senator Kaaiakamanu, Senator Wog, Senator Wilson, Senator Medeguari, Senator Rodriguez.

Pro Tempore Rutherford made a motion to have a recess for five minutes due to the fact that we needed to appoint a Floor Leader. Senator Medeguari seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

IV. Sergeant at Arms appointment

V.P. Boyles appointed Senator Wog as Sergeant at Arms.

V. Approval of Agenda of October 13, 2004

Pro Tempore Rutherford made a amendments the Agenda of, October 13, 2004 in line item VIIIBii and line item VIIICi. Senator Rojas made a motion to approve the agenda for October 13, 2004. Senator Vargas seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

VI. Approval of Minutes of September 29, 2004

Senator Bass made a motion to approve the minutes of September 29, 2004.

Senator Rojas seconded. The floor was opened for debate. Motion passed unanimously. The floor was opened for debate. Motion passed unanimously.

VII. Executive Council Reports

A.                 President Fallstich

She would like to start off by saying thank you to Barbara Flores, Coach Woodard, Pro Tempore Rutherford, and Public Information Director Wog. She would like to say that the ASNM conference went well despite a couple of issues. They talked about lobbying ideas. They discussed campus safety issues and Lottery scholarship funding.

She sent out a letter to all departments asking for a Budget report on the student fees. She had received 7 letters back and they are posted in the offices if anyone would like to see them.

She announced that there was an open forum for the Library at 7:00pm.

She would like to thank Peggy Lankford for donating 250 thundersticks for the games.

B.                 Vice-President Boyles

He would like to say that he would like people to man the booths for the Homecoming court on the 26th and 27th. He said that Marcia Bourdette will be counting the votes and that it will be a better process than the years before.

The chairs for the classroom will be getting in tomorrow. The question now is what are we going to do with them and where are we going to put them.

C.                 Secretary Doll

No Report

D.                 Treasurer Carbajal

Hes been working with the Workstudy committee. That is going well, they just need to work out a couple of ideas.

He found an account that contains approximately $6,000. The hard part is just actually getting into it. Hes getting help to find out how to get to it.

Hes also been working with the Furniture and V.P. Boyles had delivered a report about it.

E.                  Governmental Affairs Director Schetjnan

He regrets for not being able to attend the ASNM conference. Adding to that he had found an article in the Round Up at ENMU that had a false representation of WNMU. He called the President of the ASENMU and they are going to correct it.

He has had two lobbying and Grants meetings. In those meetings they discussed the idea of campus safety by seeing how much it would cost to have better security on campus. It would cost much money but they are not going to push for this idea but supports WNMU in whatever they do.

They are going to support the idea of getting Expressive Arts equipment in their building because it is much needed.

There is a Lobbying and Grants committee meeting on October 24, 2004 at 6:00pm.

He just found out that thunder sticks are abandoned for indoor sports. A complaint was made from one our previous volleyball games and now they are abandoned.

F.                  Public Information Director Wog

She talked about the Student Employments Services. This will be a job opportunity for students who do not have jobs. She spoke to IT to have it online for students to see. She talked about doing a press release to the Daily Sun News and the radio station, billboards, etc.

She went to the Democrat/Republican ballot for Grant County.

She would like to thank those who helped out for the ASNM conference.

G.                 Attorney General Montoya

She continued reading over the documents for the club recognition. She would like to thank the Senate for providing all the documents on time. She ran into some conflicts but they were fixed.

She worked on standing rule #11.

Her committee will be meeting on Friday at 8:00 am in the office.

She would like to bridge the gap between in reference to administration with policies.

H.                 Senate Team Reports

The Fundraising team will be doing a fundraiser at the Alumni Mixer. They will be doing a silent auction. They will be auctioning signed items; WNMU memorabilia.

They are also going to be do a Casino night (with fake money).

Floor Leader Frost said that the Constitution committee is working on standing rules 4,5, and 9. Senator Ainsworth said that he is working on 12 and 13.

The last team was trying to work on getting the volleyball sand court behind the softball fields open for those who want to have barbeques and events there on the weekends.

I. Committee Reports

Secretary Doll said that next Tuesday at 8:00am there will be the naming of the Student Memorial Building.

She also began to speak on the vandalism on campus. She said that this year the vandalism on campus is greater than last year. Tires being slashed, sprinklers being messed with, etc. The security for fire alarms came on October 12 and that they are looking to buy silent alarms, security post, but that would cost money. They do have sign making machine and are planning to use it.

The Activity committee is underway for Homecoming. The talent show needs more people but other than that it is good.

Senator Wog attended the Athletics meeting and they talked about the possibility of coaches being denied to teach students. There were 25 activity courses in the previous years but this year is only 7 years. They are working on a plan to do something.

VIII. New Business

A.                 Recognition

i.                     National Student Nurses Association

ii.                   Pro Tempore made a motion to recognize National Student Nurses Association. Floor Leader Frost seconded. Pro Tempore removed his motion. A.G. Montoya said everything looked right. Pro Tempore made a motion to recognize National Student Nurses Association. Floor Leader Frost seconded. Motion passed 13-1.

iii.                  S.A.M. Club

President of the club said that they are going to be doing a 50/50 raffle and Kiss the Pig for Homecoming.

Senator Ainsworth made a motion to re-recognize the S.A.M.

iv.                 SIFE

Mary Buchanan described to us what they wanted to do. They wanted to help young girls by putting on dinners to help them learn what to do. They just wanted to expand their horizons in general.

Senator Medeguari made a motion to recognize S.I.F.E. Senator Vargas seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

v.                   College Republicans

Senator Ainsworth made a motion to re-recognize the College Republicans. Senator Rojas seconded. Motion passed 12-1-1.

vi.                 Tau Upsilon Pi

They are trying to get computers for kids and intend to try and have a N.H.S. program here.

Senator Bass made a motion to approve Tau Upsilon Pi. Senator Rodriguez seconded. It was brought to attention that Senator Rodriguez cannot second because he is affected directly by this. So Senator Murray seconded. Motion passed unanimously 13-0.

vii.                Psychology Club

Shannon Wilson, the President of the club, spoke to us about a float for homecoming. He would also like to put on a Grad panel for students to go and ask professors what is expected in Grad School. Pro Tempore Rutherford made a motion to approve Psychology Club. Senator Rojas seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

B.                 Legislation

i.                     Workstudy Committee of the Month Committee

ii.                   Senator Murray made a motion to approve Workstudy Committee of the Month Committee. Senator Wilson seconded. Motion passed 13-0-1.

IX. Announcements

Chris Schetjnan, representing a student at large, made a comment towards the Boycott at the Voting of the SMB. He said that he is ashamed of those who represent ASWNMU who participated in the event. The attitude given toward students voting was not helping any situation. He is very disappointed in the event.

Treasurer Carbajal introduced Sharon Clark the new Director of Student Health Services. She wanted us to know that if we needed anything that we come to her and let her know.

Senator Rojas introduced our new advisor Dr. Gruber and Dr. Taylor (absent).

President Fallstich announced that there would be a regents meeting at 1:00pm October 19, 2004. She would also like to thank Duane Elms for coming tonight.

Attorney General Montoya would like to thank those who showed up for the meeting for club recognitions.

X.                 Adjournment

Senator Bass made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:01 p.m. Senator Vargas seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

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