Senate Meeting Minutes

Associated Students of Western New Mexico University

Student Senate Minutes

October 27, 2004

I.          Call to order

            Meeting was called to order at 8:30 p.m. by Vice President Boyles.

II.         Opening ceremonies

            Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice President Boyles.

III.       Roll call

A.        Senate Present:  Senator Vargas, Senator Murillo, Senator Rojas, Pro Tempore  

Rutherford, Floor Leader Frost, Senator Bass, Senator Ainsworth, Senator Burdette, Senate Secretary Murray, Senator Kaaiakamanu, Senator Wog, Senator Wilson, Senator Medeguari. 

Senator Rodriguez was absent.

IV.       V.P. Boyles appointed Senator Burdette as Sergeant at Arms.

*Pro Tempore Rutherford made a motioned for a recess for five minutes due to the fact that we needed to appoint a Senate Secretary.  Senator Frost seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

*Vice President Boyles announced that the Senate had elected Senator Medeguari as the new Senate Secretary.

V.        Approval of Agenda

Pro Tempore Rutherford moved to approve the agenda for October 27, 2004.  Senator Vargas seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

VI.       Approval of Minutes of October 13, 2004

Pro Tempore Rutherford moved to table the approval of the minutes of October 13, 2004.   Senator Rojas seconded.  Motion passed unanimously

VII.      Committee Reports

A.                 Senator Rojas, who sits on the Evaluations Committee, stated that the committee met on October 20, 2004 and made some changes.  She stated that the questions on the evaluations that students fill out at the end of the semester have been switched to make sense.  She also mentioned that students won’t receive them until next spring.  The committee will meet again next Spring Semester.

B.                 Senator Vargas, who sits on the Honors Committee, reported that her committee would take on the responsibility of changing the honors program pamphlet since the pictures on the current pamphlet we out dated.  She also talked about the possibility of changing the types of Honors classes offered.

C.                 Senator Murray attended the Early Childhood Program Committee on October 14, 2004.  She stated that the committee focused on whether or not it was going to change their complex budget.  The committee is also looking at any other grants in order to build a new facility behind the present Child Development Center.  They are also trying to get another house to expand and more parking.

D.                 Senator Kaaiakamanu.  

E.                  Pro Tempore Rutherford attended a Graduate Council meeting Thursday October14, 2004.  As mentioned before, the committee is looking for a new graduate degree in computer science.  This has been delayed due to the fact that some of persons involved failed to take necessary steps.  Pro Tempore Rutherford added that there was an approval of new art graduate courses.  The Committee working on a clearer written process to help students enroll and familiarize themselves with any graduate degree program. 

F.                  Senator Burdette reported on the elections committee and how she had helped out in the homecoming elections.

G.                 Floor Leader Frost reported that the Constitution Committee met on Friday 22, 2004 and is working hard. Soon the Senate will be able to see the changes made to the constitution soon.  There were some things that were accomplished by the committee but could not be shared with the Student Senate due to lack of information.

H.                 Senate Secretary Medeguari stated that the activities committee has not been able to meet due to the Homecoming events.  She stated that Homecoming week began with a dance on Monday October 25, 2004; Tuesday October 26, 2004 was Karaoke Night; Wednesday was the Barbeque; Thursday will be the Talent Show; and Friday is the Bonfire.

I.                    Pro Tempore Rutherford added to the activities report by stating that the committee put on Fear Factor events. He stated that the committee has helped with the Haunted House which will open Friday October 29th to Sunday October 31st.

VIII.     New Business

A.                 Recognition

i.                     Pro Tempore Rutherford moved to approve recognition of SAM Club.  Senator Rojas seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

ii.                   Pro Tempore Rutherford moved to approve recognition of Tau Upsion Pi.  Floor Leader Frost seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

B.                 Legislation

i.                     Pro Tempore Rutherford moved to pass Senate Bill 22.  Senator Wog seconded.  Motion passed 7 to 6 as Vice President Boyles broke a 6 to 6 tie.

IX.       Old Business

The budget report was given by Treasurer Carbajal.  Treasurer Carbajal asked the Senator to check their e-mail accounts due to the fact that he had sent out the budget report earlier today.  Included were the main account budget, vending machine budget, and fundraising budget.  The fundraising budget was $225. 

X.        Announcements

ASWMNU Governmental Affairs Director Chris Schjetnan spoke on behalf of the Lobbing and Grants committee.  He stated that the legislative agenda is not set yet but it is almost there.  Mr. Schjetnan added that he would report on the platform next senate meeting.  He thinks that the 300,000 capital outlay. 

The budget for this legislative session will see a $4,000 deduction for traveling/lobbying.  The remainder $16,000 will go towards taking members to the special upcoming ASNM and Spring ASNM meetings.  This will conclude in less rollover money for next school year’s budget.  He concluded by stating that $1,000 has already been used to host the ASNM conference at Western on October1, 2004 and October 2, 2004.

Senator Murillo stated that the American Democracy Project, Grant County, and ASWNMU would have early voting van picking up students on campus at 12:30 noon in front of Student Memorial Building Thursday October 28, 2004.  She also mentioned that tomorrow at 11:45 am there will be a Get out the Vote Rally at the Student Memorial patio rally.  Lieutenant Governor along with Days of Our Lives stars will be present.

Treasurer Carbajal congratulated the Homecoming committee for a great job done so far with Homecoming events.

Attorney General Montoya announced that the American Political thought class will host an information forum on November 1, 2004 at the GRC.  Anyone interested in hearing and discussing foreign affairs is urged to attend.

Senator Rojas urged everyone to get out and vote.  She also stated that the Democratic Party needed volunteers and anyone interested in volunteering should do so.

A member in the audience stated that 200 register voter ballots were lost and encouraged provisional voting to those who thought would affect them.

XI.       Adjournment

Senator Bass moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:51 p.m.  Senator Vargas seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

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