Senate Meeting Minutes


Associated Students of Western New Mexico University

Student Senate Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2005


I. Call to Order


The meeting was called to order at 8:46 P.M. by V.P. Bruchhauser.


II. Opening Ceremonies


Floor Leader Rodriguez led the pledge of allegiance.

III. Roll Call

A. Senate Present: Pro Tempore K. Wilson, Floor Leader Rodriguez, Senate Secretary Z. Wilson, Senator Greer, Senator Hill, Senator Madara, Senator Maloney, Senator Ryen, Senator Saucedo, Senator Scott, Senator Wright


IV. Sergeant at Arms Appointment


V.P. Bruchhauser appointed Senator Saucedo as Sergeant at Arms.

V. Approval of Agenda

A. September 28, 2005

V.P. Bruchhauser amended the agenda to read line item IX B f to read “NSNA”. V.P. Bruchhauser entertained a motion to approve the agenda as amended. Senator Maloney so moved, Senator Greer seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

VI. Approval of Minutes


A. September 14, 2005

Senate Secretary Z. Wilson moved to table the September 14 th minutes. Senator Saucedo seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

VII. ASWNMU Executive Council Reports

A. President Carbajal

President Carbajal reported that he had been working with V.P. Bruchhauser, A.G. Boyles, and PID Davis. He has conducted interviews for the open Senate positions. There were no chief justice appointees. He worked on getting homecoming ready. He announced that Joy Loper will be the new admission recruiter. AQIP had a meeting about work studies. The hall of fame for student government will be Kurt Paterson. Julie Miller and Dr. Junius will be leaving WNMU. The Union Board of Regents met. The motion for a card check was denied due to no second motion.


B. Vice-President Bruchhauser

V.P. Bruchhauser reported that she has been working on homecoming. She said that she gave a proposal to one of her classes for the golf course.


C. Secretary Ubinger

Secretary Ubinger reported that he worked on the 3v3 basketball

tournament with Treasurer Blanchard..


D. Treasurer Blanchard

Treasurer Blanchard reported that he helped Secretary Ubinger with the 3v3 basketball tournament. He also handed out the treasurer’s report.

E. Attorney General Boyles

Attorney General Boyles was not present due to foot surgery. He had President Carbajal read his report.


F. Governmental Affairs Director Martinez

GAD Martinez reported that he has started lobbying preparations. He went to the departments to see what needed money. He decided on lobbying for dorms. He sent letters out to government officials.


G. Public Information Director Davis

PID Davis mew with the editor of The Mustang concerning student publications committee. She created and posted a number of flyers for homecoming week.

H. Committee Reports

a. Activities

V.P. Bruchhauser reported that they went over the homecoming events including the talent show, parade, getting hold of convertibles. She stated that alumni needs help making badges and help during election and blowing up balloons.

b. Constitution and By-Laws

Floor Leader Rodriguez announced that he asked to be on the committee and was granted the ability to be on it.


c. Lobbying and Grants

Pro Tempore K. Wilson was asked for input on how to spend the money that was lobbied for the arts department. She was also asked to help students attend art shows.


d. Gym Hours

Senator Saucedo announced that he has discussed extended gym hours and an emergency phone outside the gym.

e. Honors Committee

Senator Maloney announced that people need to be involved in the honors committees and asked to get the word out about honors committee.

VIII. Old Business


A. Student Government Advisor

Senator Ryen moved to take a 5 minute recess, Floor Leader Rodriguez seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Senate recessed at 9:17

Senate returned at 9:30. Pro Tempore K. Wilson announced that the Senate would like two co-advisors. Floor Leader Rodriguez moved to have Hamilton William and Dr. Farren as co-advisors, Senator Hill seconded. Motion passed unanimously.



IX. New Business

A. Executive Council Appointments

a. Lilia Medeguari

Floor Leader Rodriguez moved to table line items a-b. Senator Montoya seconded. During discussion President Carbajal opposed the tabling stating that the candidates were qualified. Senate Secretary Z. Wilson concurred with President Carbajal. Floor Leader Rodriguez appeals the motion. Floor Leader Rodriguez then moves to vote by roll call vote, it is seconded by Senator Maloney. Motion passes unanimously. Floor Leader Rodriguez then moves to table line items a-b. Pro Tempore K. Wilson seconds. Motion fails 3-7-1. Senator Maloney then moves to appoint Lilia Medeguari as senator, Senate Secretary Z. Wilson seconds. During discussion Mrs. Medeguari answered questions from the Senate. Mrs. Medeguari first gave a list of her qualifications stating that this was her second year at WNMU and that she has had experience of being a senator. Senator Maloney asked, “How would you effect the diversity of ASWNMU?” Mrs. Medeguari answered that she is very versatile and would be able to use this versatility to effect the diversity of ASWNMU. Floor Leader Rodriguez asked, “Do you feel that you adequately represent Student Government?” Mrs. Medeguari replied that Student Government is diverse. Floor Leader Rodriguez asked, “Do you feel that Student Government is representative of the student body, as in non-traditional students?” Mrs. Medeguari replied no. There were no more questions so V.P. Bruchhauser started the roll call vote. Motion to appoint Lilia Medeguari passed 8-2-1.


b. Arturo Monje

Senator Maloney moved to appoint Arturo Monje to the Senate. Senator Greer seconded. Mr. Monje gave a list of his qualifications, he said that he would be fair in voting and would like to see more Student Government involvement. Senator Greer asked, “How aware are you of ASWNMU and the Constitution?” Mr. Monje replied that the Constitution needs to be updated and that he is aware of ASWNMU and what its function is. Senator Maloney asked, “What clubs are you in?” Mr. Monje replied that he is in the Republican club and is an active member at his church Calvary Baptist Church. Senator Maloney asked, “Are you willing to work homecoming?” Mr. Monje replied yes. There were no more questions so V.P. Bruchhauser started the roll call vote. Motion to appoint Arturo Monje passed 10-1-0. President Carbajal then swore in the new senators.


B. Club Recognition

a. S.A.A.C. ($100)

Senate Secretary Z. Wilson moved to blanket approve line items a-f. Senator Ryen seconded. The various members of the clubs stated what there plans for the year were. NSNA said that they were going to paint windows and was providing a flatbed for a homecoming float. Social Work Club said they are helping Katrina victims and that they were helping with a homecoming float. Hot Rod Club said that they were helping with a float and doing a 50/50 raffle. SAAC club said that they were painting windows and doing various community service. Members of the Native American Club and Delta Mu Delta were not present. V.P. Bruchhauser then moved on to voting. Motion to blanket approve the clubs passed 9-4-0.

b. Delta Mu Delta ($100)

blanket approved.

c. Native American Club ($100)

blanket approved

d. Social Work Club ($100)

blanket approved

e. WNMU Autoshop club($100)

blanket approved

f. NSNA ($100)

blanket approved


C. Matching Funds

a. Cheerleaders ($422.60)

The Senate asked what fundraiser was done to raise the money. A representative of the Cheerleaders said that it was from a 50/50 raffle. The Senate requested a bill for the matching funds. Senator Maloney then moved to approve the matching funds. Senator Medeguari seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

b. NSNA ($372.22)

A representative of NSNA said that the fundraiser was a rummage sale. Senator Maloney moved to approve the matching funds. Senator Hill seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

D. Con Confianza vote on student

Pro Tempore stated that Con Confianza would like to have a student of the month. She stated that the nominees would be given to the Senate for review and selection. Senator Greer moved to approve the Senate decision on the students, Senator Medeguari seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


X. Announcements

  • Senator Positions

Line item A was not discussed as the Senate positions are now taken.

  • V.P. Bruchhauser announced that the Senators need to help Senate Secretary Z. Wilson with the minutes due to the loss of the tape recorder.
  • Senator Ryen announced that Rootskankadelic could play at the bonfire for about $150.
  • President Carbajal announced that the senators need to dress up.
  • Senator Scott announced the people who would dance at the talent show
  • Senator Montoya wanted to encourage the clubs at homecoming
  • V.P. Bruchhauser announces


XI. Adjournment

Floor Leader Rodriguez moved to adjourn the meeting. Senator Monje seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 10:10


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