Senate Meeting Minutes

Associated Students of Western New Mexico University

September 29, 2004

Minutes – Senate Meeting

I.          Call to order

            Meeting was called to order at 8:32 p.m. by Vice President Boyles.

II.         Opening ceremonies

            Pledge of Allegiance was led by Pro Tempore Rutherford.

III.       Roll call

A.        Executive Council Present: Vice President Boyles,

Secretary Doll, Treasurer Carbajal, Public Information Director Wog, Attorney General Montoya.  President Fallstich was tardy.  Governmental Affairs Director Schetjnan was absent.

B.         Senate Present:  Senator Vargas, Senator Murillo, Senator Rojas, Senator

Rutherford, Senator Frost, Senator Bass, Senator Burdette, Senator Murray, Senator Kaaiakamanu, Senator Wog, Senator Wilson, Senator Medeguari, Senator Rodriguez.  Senator Ainsworth was tardy.

IV.       Sergeant at Arms appointment

            V.P. Boyles appointed Senator Rodriguez as Sergeant at Arms.

V.        Approval of Agenda of September 29, 2004

Pro Tempore Rutherford made a motion to approve the Agenda of September 29, 2004 as amended in line item VIIIAiii.  There is no recognition of the S.O.T.A. club because of the paperwork was incorrect. Senator Medeguari seconded.  The floor was opened for debate.  Motion passed unanimously.

VI.       Approval of Minutes of September 15, 2004

Senator Bass made a motion to approve the minutes of September 29, 2004. 

Senator Rojas seconded. The floor was opened for debate.  Motion passed unanimously.The floor was opened for debate. Motion passed unanimously.

VII.      Executive Council Reports

A.                 President Fallstich

She had a supplies report for all to see what she was planning to purchase.  She planned on purchasing frames for the pictures of the ASWNMU and some frames also for the Associate Justice.

She would like to thank everyone in getting involved in the Rock the Vote the day all of the many clubs participated.  She would also like to thank the Activities committee for all of their work being done for Homecoming.

She made a suggestion about the bandwidth.  She suggested that we have an open forum to discuss why things are going wrong with computers on campus.  We (the senate) should set a date for an open forum on this matter.

The intramural gym was being questioned upon by the students.  The coach of the football team asked President Fallstich what hours fit into everyone’s schedule, to make it to the gym.  If anyone has any questions, ask her and she’ll get back to you. 

She made a quick trip to Albuquerque, NM to attend a Senate Rules meeting.  She didn’t get to say much but said a small sentence and besides that she was very happy to attend.

Thanks to all of those who helped at Meet the Athlete.  It was a great success and thanks to many of you who helped prepare.

B.                 Vice-President Boyles

Thanks for all who attended the mock meeting with Dr. Farren.  He also made a thank-you letter to Dr. Farren for coming and sharing his thoughts on the way everything should work. 

He also met with MaryAnne Steel about the electronic voting machines being used for Homecoming.  She said that there would be no possible way that it would happen. 

He finally finished setting up the Elections committee.  Himself, Marcia Bourdette, Senator Burdette, Senator Wilson, Treasurer Carbajal, and two students at large.

He thought the Rock the Vote was extremely positive and a great success.

Meet the Athlete night was good and probably better than all of the other M.T.A. days.

Election Committee will hold it’s first meeting next week on the 8th of October. 

He would like to meet with the Housing director to discuss some of the rules regarding the students.  He thinks that maybe they could change some of the rules that are there in the dorms.

C.                 Secretary Doll

She would like to thank the committee members and other support of the ASWNMU members and the students at large for their help. 

Tailgate – they are working on that, PID Wog  is aiding in this effort, as is President Fallstich.  Thanks to them.

Haunted House – the Psychology club has joined the efforts with us and SEP.  They plan for this to be the best ever.  It’s going to be the best

Fear Factor – they hit a problem but now that A.G. Montoya is here and helped her straighten things out, things are smooth sailing.  They have 13 people signed up and if there are anymore that anyone knows of participating, please let her know.

Parade – The clubs and athletic teams have made commitments; we’re still waiting for some.

Thanks to V.P. Boyles, Treasurer Carbajal, and Senator Frost for helping out on the grill for Meet the Athlete.  Thanks to everyone else that participated in helping out.

D.                 Treasurer Carbajal

He has been working on the Work-study of the Month committee.  He has sent out memos to all departments and the criteria behind the program.  He would like to thank Senator Wilson, Senator Murray, and Senator Bass for helping out.  We meet every first Friday of the month.

We are running low on Wal-Mart supplies and he will arrange a bill for $300 for the Wal-Mart p.o.

He has helped out with Secretary Doll for homecoming.  He found a coffin from one of the funeral homes here for homecoming for the haunted house.

The director for the Health Advisory will be coming in, in two weeks.  He will then talk to the director about expanding the hours of the health clinic.

E.                  Governmental Affairs Director Schetjnan

(GAD Schetjnan was not available due to some business in Hawaii, so President Fallstich read his report)

The open political forum turned out really well.  About 50 students attended while they asked really great questions and in return received great responses.

Rock the Vote was a great success, also.  They are just waiting to hear the final tally of how many people they had gotten to register the vote.

He had a Lobbying and Grants committee meeting last Thursday afternoon.  He would like to thank those who attended.  The meeting ended up being a brainstorming meeting, coming up with ideas and such.  October 4, 2004 is the next meeting at 4:00 p.m. 

He would like to remind everyone that this weekend is the ASNM conference and would like those to attend for experience and if you are on the Lobbying and Grants committee. 

F.                  Public Information Director Wog

She sent out a total of 2015 flyers out and about in the community, the schools, and the district for Meet the Athlete.  She faxed press releases, made game posters, bought supplies for the event, and also wrote an announcement on the Mustang Express.

She made flyers and wrote another announcement on Mustang Express for the Fear factor events.

She spoke with the treasurer of C.A.P.S. about taping the Senate meetings.  He said it would be fine and all she has to do is film it, edit it, and title it and all we have to do is look for ourselves on TV.

G.                 Attorney General Montoya

Thanks to V.P. Boyles for tracking her down a desk to actually work on. 

She would like to thank those who are helping her in her committee.  It should be an all year project but so far they are making progress.  They are working the Constitution to make it work and not have any conflict of interests.  She is still looking for a faculty member.

She’s trying to secure a spot in the policy making. 

She would like to work on the student by-laws.  She is looking at things such as flyer stamping with the approval on them.

H.                 Senate Team Reports

Activities and fundraising committee – had their first fundraiser at the football game by selling t-shirts.  They are planning on more events in the future.

                        Constitution and By-laws – they meet with AG Montoya and she basically

summed it up in her report.

Furniture – no report.

I.                    Committee Reports

Secretary Doll would like to remind those in the activities committee, there is a meeting at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. 

There is a Naming of the Building meeting tomorrow.  From what she understands, it’s going to be the end of all discussions.  If you would like to voice your opinion, speak with Sec. Doll and she will do it for you.

Pro Tempore Rutherford attended the Grad Council meeting last Tuesday.  Discussed adding new classes, introducing Information Technology Medicine, and other ideas.  He also attended the evaluation committee with Senator Rojas, and looked at the evaluations from students and get ways to get students to fill them out.

Senator Rodriguez and Senator Wilson attended the Curriculum and Instruction meeting.  They just asked them about transfer credit hours.

VIII.     New Business

A.                 Recognition

i.                     Senate Bill 11 – Paintball Club

A representative (the Vice President) gave a short speech on what the club was all about.  He said that they were working to become a well-known club on campus and that they are  members of the National Collegiate Association in Paintball.   They are going to play against other universities such as UCLA, Purdue, and are going to bring in scholarships to those who they would like to join their team.

Senator Bass made a motion to re-recognize the Paintball Club.  Senator Rodriguez seconded.  Floor was opened for debate.  Motion passes unanimously.

ii.                   Senate Bill 12 – Science Club

They are going to have many events and participate in the events on campus also.  They are having a plant sale tomorrow so have fun.

Floor Leader Ainsworth made a motion to re-recognize the Science Club.  Senator Medeguari seconded.  Floor was opened for debate.  Motion passes unanimously.

iii.                  Senate Bill 13 – Criminal Justice Club

Kelly, a representative, made a couple of comments about their club.  One of the major events that they will be putting on is Ident-a-Kid.  They will be participating in the events held on campus and their own events.

Senator Bass made a motion to re-recognize the Criminal Justice Club.  Senator Medeguari seconded.  Floor was opened for debate.  Motion passed unanimously.

iv.                 Senate Bill 14 – Alpha Phi Sigma

They are working with the Criminal Justice club and are doing the same events, just about.

Senator Rojas made a motion to pass Senate Bill 14 – Alpha Phi Sigma.  Senator Medeguari seconded.  Floor was opened for debate.  Motion passed unanimously.

A.                 Appointments

i.                     Travis Holt as Associate Justice

Pro Tempore Rutherford made a motion to appoint Travis Holt as Associate Justice.  Senator Wog seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

IX.       Announcements

            Murillo wanted to thank Avelino Maestas for taking all of the pictures.

            Sec. Doll says that there was an Executive Council meeting yesterday and if

anyone would like to see the minutes she will have them to you by this weekend.

Avelino Maestas and President Fallstich said that there is going to be a debate in the Multicultural Affairs office this Friday.

The Senate needs to make a date for an open forum for Julie Miller and the Library.

Jennifer Day is interning in the Executive office and she will be there learning, not being a gopher.

A.G. Montoya swore in Travis Holt as Associate Justice.

X.                 Adjournment

Senator Rojas made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:22 p.m.  Senator Murillo seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

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