Senate Meeting Minutes


(Recording of Meeting Tape I OA- I OB)
April 3, 2001


I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Vice President Denton at 7:05 a.m.

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Roll Call
Senator Amavizca, Castillo, Crosley, Gomez, Guevara, Kenny, Klell, Magnusson, Scott, Preston, Talimatasi, Urquijo were present for the Senate. Senator Rutherford and Romano were absent.

IV. Approval of Agenda
Senator Gomez moved to approve the agenda. Senator Urquijo seconded. Motion carried 12-0.

V. Approval of the Minutes
Senator Preston moved to approve the minutes of March 20, 2001. Senator Gomez seconded. Motion carried 12-0.

VI. Executive Council Reports

A. President Murguia. informed the Senate that the Election Committee has set up a date for the 2001 Elections. They will be held Monday February 16th and 17th from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the first floor of the Student Memorial Building. He also informed the Senate on the events that took place during the summer scheduling protest. He stated that the problem he saw was not with the actual schedule but with the lack of communication between the administration and the students. He felt the protest was an opportunity for the students to be enlightened on the events on campus. He mentioned that he received positive feedback. Many were proud that the student spoke up about their concerns. President Murguia expressed that he will fight for the student body but he needs input on the situation in order to address the issue to administrators in a report. Those with ideas, concerns or suggestions are encouraged to see him. This concluded his report.

B. Vice President Denton
Vice President Denton thanked the senators for their good work this semester and informed the new senators that notebooks were available for them. This concluded her report.

C. Secretary Zuniga
Secretary Zuniga informed everyone that the Student Health Fair would be held Thursday April 5th. She passed out promotion pins to the Senators to distribute to the student body. She also informed the senate that the CDC is holding a week of the young child. Activities will be held for the children. Anyone is welcome. The Advising Committee met to discuss details on the faculty and how many are in central advising. A central advising location is also being planned. Anyone with suggestions is encouraged to speak with her. She informed everyone that 61.99% of student did not return to WNMU and so the Retention Committee is trying to attack all areas of retention in order to retain more students. Anyone with ideas is encouraged to see her. She explained that this is a way to communicate between the administration and students. This concluded her report.

D. Treasurer Bocanegra
Treasurer Bocanegra informed the Senate that the current budget is $5,563.00. Senator Urquijo asked if the clubs had received their money. Treasurer Bocanegra replied that they
had. Senator Urquijo asked if senate scholarships would be received May 1st. Treasurer Bocanegra informed the senators that they would be receiving their scholarships on this date. This concluded his report

E. Attorney General Hazlett
President Murguia informed the Senate that Attorney General Hazlett's report had not been previously approved by him. Attorney General Hazlett responded that he wasn't' aware that he needed approval. He informed the Senate that the Student Handbook needed to be approved by the Senators. He expressed his concern over the election rules. He felt there was a problem with the censoring of election material used by the candidates. He felt that the censorship was a violation of free speech. This concluded his report.

F. Governmental Affairs Director Luna
Nothing to report. Senator Urquijo inquired on the student surveys taken last semester. Governmental Affairs Director Luna replied that they were still being worked on because of the large amount of information that needs to be processed. This concluded his report.

G. Senate Reports
Senator Guevara informed on the Great Race. She stated that people were needed to help out during the Great Race. Sharon Zuniga informed the Senate that the CDC was remodeling and a place was needed to house the children next semester. Those with ideas should contact Chris Casey.

VII. Old Business
Zane Howard was present to inform the Senate that the ASWNMU web page is close to being complete. He said that he needed to work on the format. There is a link for the Student Handbook available as well as for the minutes. Senator Urquijo thanked him for his work.

VIII. New Business
A. Club Recognition

  1. SIFE - Senator Castillo moved to table recognition of the SIFE Club due to revisions to their Constitution. Senator Magnusson seconded. Motion carried 12-0.

B. Election Committee Funds - President Murguia
President Muguia asked for an allocation of $25 for the Election Committee to pay for advertising expenses. Senator Urquijo moved to allocate $25 to the Election Committee. Senator Guevara seconded. Motion carried 12-0.

C. Election Rules - Attorney General Hazlett urged the senators to take a close look at the election rules. He feels that they are flawed. President Murguia invited those with any questions, concerns or suggestions to speak to any of the members of the Election Committee. Senator Scott asked if there were any other rules that Attorney General Hazlett found problematic beside the censorship rule. Attorney General Hazlett replied that he felt that students did not have to have a good standing verification. He stated that there is no need to know whether a student is on probation or suspension to run for office. John Stanton mentioned that it was impossible to hold court if someone wanted to appeal the results since there is only one Supreme Court Member. Senator Urquijo inquired on how a student with D's and F's could still be in good standing. Dr. Farren explained that freshmen are treated with more lenience because of the change in environment. Therefore, a GPA of 1.7 classifies them in good standing. Second year student are in good standing with a GPA of 1. 85. Juniors need a cumulative GPA of 2. 0 to be in good standing. Attorney General Hazlett also felt that 12 hours to appeal official results was not enough time. Senator Scott asked what was the difference between official results and unofficial results. President Murguia explained that unofficial results was the winner with the most votes at the election. Official results are those given after any appeals. If there are no appeals after 24 hours the unofficial results will become official. Again, he urged those with questions or concerns to speak to him or any member of the Election Committee. Senator Scott asked what the intent was on censoring election material used by the candidates. President Murguia replied that it was to protect all the candidates running from indecent material. He explained that in past year's election have gotten ugly. This semester they hope to keep things under integrity. Attorney General Hazlett commented that he felt all the candidates were responsible adults. Senator Dave stated that he felt the students still had their freedom of speech and if something was inappropriate then it should be taken down.

IX. Announcements
Secretary Zuniga informed the Senate that vending machine proposals have been sent out to the different clubs. The members will vote on the proposals and scores will be taken to reflect the majority opinion. th The Health Fair will be Thursday April 5th. There will be a senate caucus Tuesday April 17th at 8:30. Senator Dave invited everyone to ride with the Cycling Club Saturday April 7th at Arenas Valley. President Murguia reminded the clubs that they had to participate in school activities to receive their allocations. Senator Magnusson announced a WNMU Golf tournament April 16th and 17th. Vice President Denton announced the next Senate Meeting for Tuesday April 17th at 7:00 a.m.

X. Adjournment
Senator Talimatasi moved to adjourn at 4:50 a.m. Senator Guevara seconded. Motion carried 12-0.

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