Senate Meeting Minutes


ASWNMU Special Senate Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:20 p.m. by President Murguia.

Members present: Senators Gomez, Hazlett, Levitt, Rutherfbrd, Urquijo, and Zuniga present for the Senate. President Murguia, Vice President Cano, Treasurer Bocanegra and Secretary Loving present for the Executive Council. Justice Costilla-Gonzales present for the Supreme Court.

I. Swearing in of Senator
Justice Costilla-Gonzales led Sal Perez in the Senator's Oath of Office.

II. Club Packets
President Murguia presented the new club packet designed for club recognition and allocation
and opened the floor for discussion. Senator Hazlett recommended that "Part II" should be titled "Requirements of Participation."

It was also suggested that the first sentence of Part I be reworded to read, "... 100% of total monies earned from their most recent fundraiser." Senate Pro Tempore Urquijo asked if a clause should be added to Unlit the allocation to $500. President Murguia responded that the policy reads, "...clubs may request..." meaning that the Senate ultimately has discretion regarding allocation.

Senator Hazlett also suggested that the first sentence of Part II should be reworded to read,
"... must complete three out of the four required activities/events..." and that the "Other" category should be included on the bottom of the second page. President Murguia elaborated on the purpose of the Miscellaneous category.

III. Budget Report: Summer Spending
President Murguia reported that $8080 was approved for summer spending for specific items and projects. To date, $999 remains of this money. This is not the final figure, since Senate Chamber materials have been ordered since this figure was calculated. $537 was spent for Spirit Weekend; a big thanks to Senator DJ Luv for giving us a great rate and making the weekend a success.

President Murguia then gave a brief report of the Student Activities Director's position. The position was not filled, the plan is to hire a Graduate Assistant and workstudies to work with ASWNMU and Student Affairs to plan and execute student activities. Intramurals will be headed by the Athletic Department and the assistant coaches. The Executive Council has also formed a Activities Committee. A portion of the Student Activities fee will go to the athletic department for intramurals. Discussion ensued regarding the difference between the Great Race fee, the Fitness Center fee, the Memorial Center Activity fee, and the Debt Service fee. There was some question about the difference between the Intramurals fee and the Memorial Center Activity fee. President Murguia promised to look into the Memorial Center Activities fee.

There were no more questions or discussion, therefore President Murguia adjourned the meeting at 9:55 p.m.

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