Senate Meeting Minutes


(Recording of Meeting Tape 12A)
August 28, 2001

I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Vice President Denton at 7:05pm.

II. Opening Ceremonies

A. Pledge of Allegiance led by Pro Tempore Preston.

III. Roll Call
Senator Franzoy, Gomez, Powers, Preston, Spur, Talimatasi, and Zankich were present for the Senate and Senators Ortiz, Romano, and Rutherford were absent with proxy.

IV. Approval of Agenda
Senator Talimatasi moved to approve the agenda. Senator Franzoy seconded. Motion carried 8-0.

V. Approval of the Minutes
Pro Tempore Preston moved to approve the minutes for May 1, 2001 [Regular Meeting], May 1, 2001 [Special Meeting], May 2, 2001 [Special Meeting], and August 21, 2001 [Special Meeting]. Senator Talimatasi seconded. Motion carried 8-0.

VI. Executive Council Reports

A. President Zuniga said the directory would be finished in two weeks. She brought up the idea of purchasing a binding machine. The cost should be around $300.00, she plans to go 50/50 with another department. President Zuniga said there are two policies now, the key check out policy and the copy machine policy. She is considering making the copy machine able to accept copy cards from the students. President Zuniga also reminded the student government to attend the activities Marie Rolfe sets up.

B. Vice President Denton said that the Senate office hours need to be updated. She also brought up caucus hours and their importance. It was also stated that appointments are recommended.

C. Secretary Ambriz handed out a copy of the committee assignments. He thanked the work study, Shanna Whalen for helping him in his office. Secretary Ambriz talked about spirit week and how fun it was. He stated that the people who are being appointed to office, he has there applications and interviews if anyone would like to see them.

D. Attorney General Hazlett stated his office hours. He then introduced the Director of Multi-Cultural Affairs and Student Activities, Maria Rolfe. Mrs. Rolfe talked about how she works for the students and she is always open to new ideas.

VII. Old Business

A. Appointments and Swearing in. There was a motion by Pro Tempore Preston to accept appointments as submitted. Seconded by Senator Talimatasi. The motion passed 9-0. President Zuniga swore in the new offices with the following oath:

I, [state your name], having been appointed to the office of [GAD, Supreme Court Chief/Associate Justice, or Senator] at Western New Mexico University for the academic year of 2001-2002, do solemnly swear that I will support the constitution of the Associated Students of Western New Mexico University, and faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of said office to the best of my ability, so help me God.

  1. Jeremy Rutherford was appointed to Governmental Affairs Director.
  2. Wendall Hutchinson and James Knight were appointed to Supreme Court positions.
  3. Suzanne Bruchhauser, Rebecca Burdette, Tamara Goodliffe, Joseph Jensen, and Lisa Rice were appointed to the Senate.
  4. Secretary Ambriz scheduled committees. Pro Tempore Preston moved to approve all committees excluding Publications Board Communications. Senator Franzoy seconded the motion. The motion passed 13-0. The committees are as follows:
    -Admissions and Academic Committee: Pro Tempore Preston, Senator Romano, and GAD Rutherford.
    -Athletic Committee: Senator Powers, Senator Spur, and Senator Romano.
    -Child Care Committee: Senator Ortiz, Senator Powers, and Senator Talimatasi.
    -Curriculum and Instruction Committee: Senator Spur
    -Discipline Committee: Senator Gomez, Senator Spur, and Senator Talimatasi.
    -Evaluation Committee: Senator Franzoy, Senator Gomez, and Senator Powers.
    -Graduate Council: Senator Franzoy, Senator Ortiz, and Senator Romano.
    -Health Advisory Committee: Senator Franzoy, Senator Ortiz, and Senator Zankich.
    -Instructional Resource Committee: Senator Gomez and Senator Zankich.
    -Student Activities Committee: Pro Tempore Preston, Senator Talimatasi, and Senator Zankich.
    -Student Aid Committee: Senator Romano and GAD Rutherford.
    -Freshman Seminar: Pro Tempore Preston.
    -Appeals: GAD Rutherford and President Zuniga

VIII. New Business

A. Club Recognition

  1. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Knight talked about his club, SNAG. Senator Talimatasi moved to approve SNAG. Senator Jenson seconded. The motion was passed 13-0.B.

B. Bike Raffle President Zuniga passed around a picture of the bicycle that is going to be raffled during Homecoming week. She asked for approval to purchase the bike for $344.01. Pro Tempor Preston moved to approve the purchase of the bike and Senator Zankich seconded. The motion passed 13-0.

C. Vice President Denton suggested purchasing rally towels for athletic events and stated that Student Athletic Advisory Board will go in 50/50.

IX. Announcements

A. Maria Rolfe Mrs. Rolfe stated that she knew of many departments who have a binding machine and she could tell the student government who has one. Vice President Denton announced that the next Senate meeting would be Wednesday, September 12, 2001 at 8:30. She also reminded everyone that there is a football game here on the following Saturday and to please attend.

Public Relations Officer Bocanegra gave his report.

X. Adjournment
Senator Talimatasi moved for adjournment and Senator Goodliffe seconded. The motion passed 13-0.

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