Senate Meeting Minutes


August 29,2000

I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Vice President Cano at 7:08a.m.

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Roll Call
President Murguia arrived late, Vice President Cano, Secretary Loving arrived late and Treasurer Bocanegra for the Executive Council. Senators Denton, Dunham, Gomez, Hazlett, Kenny, Levitt, Preston, Rutherford, Talimatasi, Urquijo, and Zuniga Present for the Senate. Senators Dunlap and Perez absent without proxy.

IV. Approval of Agenda
Senator Hazlett asked that the times of the meeting be discussed under new business. President Murguia suggests adding the ASNM conference under new business. And in addition Stacy Heam will be added to new business. Senator Urquijo made a motion to accept the agenda seconded by Senator Levitt. Motion carried 12-0.

V. Approval of Minutes
Senator Urquijo motions to approe the minutes of the May 4, 2000 meeting. Senator Hazlett seconds the motion and the motion carried 12-0. Senator Hazlett motion to approve the minutes of the special meeting of May 4, 2000. Senator Preston seconded the motion the motion carried 12-0. Senator Hazlett suggested adding to the special minutes that there was not a quorum to conduct any voting business. Senator Hazlett motioned to accept the minutes of the special meeting on August 24, 2000. Senator Urquijo seconded the motion and the motion carries 12-0.

VI. Executive Council Reports
A.) President Murguia:
President Murguia welcomes everyone back. Also welcomes senators to participate and talk about what is happening on campus. A note made that the Student Affairs, Governmental Affairs Director and Attorney General positions were still open, and that if any concerns need to be brought to his attention that before the position was filled would be good. September 21-23, 2000 is the ASNM Meeting and the Director of the meeting has been planning on this three day event. Summer spending went good and that there was a $999.00 left over of the summer money. This concluded his report.

B.) Vice President Cano:
There is a mobile clinic on campus and she requested that we let people know. Committee placement has been started and would like to know what the senators interest are to make placement easier. Also the availability forms needed to be completed and returned in order to select appropriate time for senate meetings. Vice President Cano welcomes everyone back. This concluded her report.

C.) Secretary Loving:
Homecoming is in preparation and the theme for this year is Mustang Mardigras. There will be a float making class and new standards will be incorporated. These standards consist of good taste, theme and school spirit. Entry forms will be available on the
30th of August and clubs need to participate. This concluded her report.

D.) Treasurer Bocanegra:
Treasurer Bocanegra is trying to bring the Banner into the computer system in ASWNMU offices to have an access to the Club accounts for information purposes. Dr. Farren's secretary said that she would print one out every two weeks. Student Government Account is currently $20,495.53. The Student Lobby Account is $3,315.00 and the Student Hall of Fame is at $2,041.00. Open door spending policy is still in affect. Treasurer Bocanegra welcomes the senators back and to come and speak with him at any time. This concluded his report.

V. Old Business
There was no old business to conduct at this meeting.

VI. New Business
A.) Meeting Times:
Vice President Cano starts discussion with her expressing that she is open to any meeting time. Treasurer Bocanegra suggests on Monday afternoon. Volleyball has practice and can not meet at this time. Senator Hazlett suggests days of the week to see what may be open. After running through the week to see if times were open, Senator Urquijo motions to table this topic till next meeting after schedules are in. Senator Hazeltt seconds the motion. Senator Hazlett suggests meeting again next Tuesday morning. Senator Hazlett makes a friendly amendment to Senator Urquijo and the motion is tabled 12-0.

B.) Club Recognition:
Celita Castillo represented the yearbook group to see if they could be recognized as a club. The yearbook has not been active since 1993 and would like to have a chance to start it again. Becoming a club would help with the process of publication. All paper work is in to be recognized. Senator Hazlett motions to accept the year book club. Senator Urquijo seconds the motion and the motion carries 12-0.

C.) Senate Manual

  1. Agenda Placement Policy: Vice President Cano adds to the policy a fifth item be prepared by the senate secretary. Senator that is-stated, that the agenda will Dunham motions to accept the policy and Senator Denton seconds and the motion carries 12-0.
  2. Senate Secretary Duties: Senator Urquijo motions to accept the duties and Senator Dunham seconds, The motion carries 12-0.

D.) Club Packet

  1. Allocation Policy: In order for Clubs to request money from Student Government they must do a fundraiser first. From there they can request up to 100% of total monies earned from the most previous fundraiser. This will be decided upon by the senate on what percentage of the fundraiser money will be matched. Senator Urquijo suggested a cap be put on the Allocation Policy. Senator Hazlett motioned to accept the policy as written and Senator Dunham seconds the motion. The motion carries 12-0.
  2. Requirements for Participation Policy: President Murguia explains that the miscellaneous requirement is serving ASWNMU at the request of the Executive Branch. This is to allow the clubs to have an alternate way to meet the requirernents in order to be involved and participate in school activities. These activities must be pre-approved by Secretary Loving. Seiator Hazlett suggests that the club should be given a copy of the signed agreement. Senator Hazlett motioned to accept the requirements and Senator Preston seconded the motion. The motion carries 12-0.

E.) ASNIM Meeting
President Murguia is requesting 2300.00 from the student govemment to help fund this event. Reason for the amount is because that
what was used last year, but President Marguia does not feel that he will need this amount in full. He has found contributions from people like Dr. Counts who is willing to sponsor a meal. Items that need to be funded are as follows 4 meals, lodging of director and executives, gifts, and office material such as nametags, binder's etc. This meeting is important for our recognition in Santa Fe for lobbying purposes and this meeting will have important people talking about important issues. Senator Hazlett clarified out of which account the money would come from the student government account or the Lobbying account and President Murguia did not know yet. Senator Hazlett motioned to allocate $2000.00 to the help fund the meeting. Senator Levitt seconds and the motion carries 12-0.

F.) Stacy Hearn
Stacy Heam an applicant for the Mustang Editor position wanted to make known that it was possible that the position was filled wrongfully based on these accusations. Stacy Heam said that she had never received an interview for the job. That she had also thought that there was not an announcement of the position in the paper. Her other concern was that there could be a bias standpoint with the current editor who is Vice President Cano. Stacy Hearn suggested that reforming the policy might be a way to solve the problem. She does not feel that the hiring of the editor was ethically conducted. Senator Hazlett suggested that she need to go to the board who hired the editor to discuss her concerns. The senate as a whole suggested that she go to the board with her complaints and that we would help her with any other ways of investigating this problem if she needed the help.

VII. Announcements
Vice President Cano would like to emphasize how important it is to turn in the availability schedules as soon as possible. Also to not forget about the meeting on September 5, 2000 at 7:00 a.m.

VIII. Adjournment
Senator Hazllet moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:13 a.m. Seconded by Senator Levitt. 12-0 motion carried.

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