Senate Meeting Minutes

Associated Students of Western New Mexico University

December 8, 2004

Student Senate Meeting Minutes

I. Call to order

Meeting was called to order at 8:33 p.m. by Vice President Boyles.

II. Opening ceremonies

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Pro Tempore Rutherford.

III. Roll call

A. Senate Present: Pro Tempore Rutherford, Floor Leader Frost, Senate Secretary Medeguari, Senator Ainsworth, Senator Bass, Senator Burdette, Senator Kaaiakamanu, Senator Murillo, Senator Murray, Senator Rodriguez, Senator Rojas, Senator Vargas, Senator Wilson, and Senator Wog.

IV. Sergeant at Arms Appointment

V.P. Boyles appointed Senator Ainsworth as Sergeant at Arms.

V. Approval of Agenda of December 8, 2004

Senator Murray moved to approve the agenda. Senator Vargas seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

VI. Approval of Minutes of November 17, 2004

Senator Rojas made a motion to approve the minutes of November 17, 2004.

Senator Ainsworth seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

VII. Committee Reports

A. Pro Tempore Rutherford reported that Casino Night was a success. He thanked everyone who helped and hoped everyone who attended had a good time. He also added that some of the senators helped deliver eight Thanksgiving Dinners to families who were in need. He also noted the Christmas Gift Tree in the Student Memorial Building and urged senators to become involved by picking a name from the tree and donating a gift to a needy child this Christmas. Finally, Pro Tempore Rutherford announced that a clothing drive would take place during finals week at WMNU dorms.

B. Senator Murray spoke on behalf of the work-study of the month committee and reported that the committee had chosen a work-study of the month for December. The committee is in the process of choosing the recipients reward.

C. Senator Wog, who sits on the Student Affairs Publications Board, announced that a new editor for the Mustang Express has been selected. He was not able to disclose any further information.

D. Pro Tempore Rutherford extended his gratitude towards Floor Leader Frost for filling in a vacant position in a committee that she was not assigned to.

VII. Old Business

A. Treasurer Carbajal reported that he received student senate hours and signed off on them today. He also mentioned that the money would be available to Senators as soon as further inspections are passed by the financial aid office.

He was unable to give a budget report because he does not know where the disk was. He continued by stating that it was taken from his desk. Furthermore, he expressed his feelings about ASWNMU not needing a Treasurer since President Fallstich makes transactions on her own. He also apologized for not having a full report. He concluded by stating that after tonight’s meeting he would no longer remain as ASWMNU Treasurer for his resignation would go into full effect.

Senator Ainsworth thanked Treasurer Carbajal for carrying out his duties and his help.

B. Legislation

i. Senator Ainsworth moved to table Senate Bill 25, matching funds for SEP Club because there was not bill present at the time of approval. Senator Bass seconded. Motion passed 12 to 1 to 1 to table matching funds.

ii. Senator Ainsworth moved to approve Senate Bill 26, matching funds for SAM Club. Senator Rojas seconded.

Pro Tempore Rutherford encouraged the Senate to vote against this bill because volleyball club was not able to receive its funds on the basis that it was not a recognized club.

Floor Leader Frost expressed that the Student Senate voted against volleyball club because it was not recognized as a club whereas SAM club was.

Pro Tempore Rutherford added the fundraiser that was about to receive matching funds was held before SAM club was re-recognized.

Treasurer Carbajal stated that the club had been recognized as a club by the Student Senate for the entire academic school year.

Pro Tempore Rutherford stated that, although stated in the constitution, the Student Senate agreed that the club would be recognized through the summer. The new academic school year restarts on the first day of Fall classes.

Senator Ainsworth stated that the Student Senate had never said that the first day of classes would mark the beginning of the new academic school year. He added that a club cannot have any fundraisers during the summer until re-recognition.

Motion passed 12 to 1 to 1.

iii. Senator Burdette moved to approve Senate Bill 27, matching funds for Psychology Club. Senate Secretary Medeguari seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

IX. Announcements

A. Executive Secretary Doll announced that this was her last meeting because she was leaving. She wanted to thank the Senators and the Executive Treasurer for a job well done. She wished everyone good luck for next semester.

B. Senator Ainsworth announced his resignation. This would also was his last meeting. He felt that his priorities with school and golf enabled him to not put the time forth he felt was needed. He also felt that if he stayed any longer it would be an injustice for the students of WNMU. He thanked everyone for a great semester. He also encouraged the Senate to pass the bylaws that he worked on this past semester because it will help the Senate run smoother. He also wished the Senate good luck and reminded everyone that the Senate serves the students despite the differences within the Student Senate. He ended by stating he did not have fun this past semester. He also expressed that in order to keep this body healthy; senators need to enjoy the work that they put forth. He also added that this is “Student Government”, not the U.S. Congress and we are all here to learn and make the lives of the students better.

C. Senator Rojas announced her resignation because her upcoming busy spring 2005 schedule. She wanted to thank Dr. Farren for his contribution to student government. She also urged the Senate to remember the Student Senate advisor Dr. Gail Gruber.

D. Associate Justice Holt announced that there will be a special hearing immediately after this student senate meeting concerning the case brought against the Student Senate by Avelino Maestas, Attorney General Montoya, and Pro Tempore Rutherford.

E. Senate Secretary Medeguari pointed out that according to the minutes from November 17, 2004, minutes from November 10, 2004 were tabled. Seeing that no one moved to amend the agenda to do so, these minutes remained tabled.

F. Vice President Boyles-Please see attached letter.

X. Adjournment

Senator Burdette moved for adjournment at 9:10 pm. Senator Bass seconded. Motion passed 12 to 2.