Senate Meeting Minutes


(Recording of Meeting Tape 6A)
December 7, 2000

I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Vice President Denton at 7:23 a.m.

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Roll Call
Senators Amavizca, Castillo, Gomez, Guevara, Kenny, Preston, Romano, Rutherford, Talimatasi, and Urquijo were present for the Senate. Senator Perez was late. Senator Levitt was absent.

IV. Approval of Agenda
Senator Urquijo asked that Special Needs Allocation be added as C. under New Business. Senator Preston moved to approve the agenda. Senator Romano seconded. Motion carried 10-0.

V. Approval of the Minutes
Senator Urquijo moved to approve the minutes of November 14th. Senator Castillo seconded. Motion carried 10-0. Senator Castillo moved to approve the minutes of November 16th. Senator Guevara seconded. Motion carried 10-0. Senator Urquijo moved to approve the minutes of November 28th. Senator Talimatasi seconded. Motion carried 10-0.

VI. Executive Council Reports
A. President Murguia
President Murguia reported to the Senate on the Media conference he and other members of the Executive Council attended. President Murguia informed the Senate that because this was the first time the conference has been organized, they were able to mold the conference with their ideas. Because the conference was about communication, they attended a number of presentations. They were also exposed to a number of communication techniques, which included commercial production and on how to use the video equipment. President Murguia explained to the Senate how some of the students in Mexico Universities go about producing their own school newspapers. He expressed how the conference was able to put things into perspective on how the media impacts Mexican students and the options they have. President Murguia informed the Senate that out of the $1,500 allocated to them, they used $1,368. President Murguia presented a certificate to those who went to the conference. President Murguia spoke to the Senate about allocations. He said that clubs have the right to ask the Senate for allocations as long as they have the proper documentation and follow the policies set by the Senate. President Murguia advised the Senate to think about who they vote to allocate money to. Those who really need the money have higher priority than those who already have the funds do. He also informed the Senate that next semester, an Executive Council recommendation on spending would be submitted before the Senate. This document will set guidelines on spending. President Murguia informed the Senate that the survey results would help decide where the money is needed. He informed the Senators that they too could set up spending regulations. This concluded his report.
B. Vice President Denton
Vice President Denton asked the Senators to fill out a spring schedule of their classes so that she may set up a meeting time for the Senate meetings next semester. This concluded her report.
C. Chief of Staff Loving
Chief of Staff Loving informed the Senate that she has turned in a letter of resignation so that she may pursue other opportunities. This concluded her report.
D. Secretary Zuniga
Secretary Zuniga passed out a sheet and asked the Senators to provide their e-mail address, phone number and home address from Silver City and home, if different. Secretary Zuniga asked the Senators to provide her with a schedule of their committee meetings and the name of the chair of their committees. She asked the Senators provide this information to her by the first Senate meeting next semester. This information is necessary so that someone can cover for them if they are not able to attend their committee meeting. This concluded her report.
E. Treasurer Bocanegra
Treasurer Bocanegra handed to the Senate copy of the ASWNMU budget. He informed the Senate that the reason the budget began with negative amounts is because he was unable to find the amount that was already in the account. Because of this, the rollover amount from last semester does not apply to the figures we have now. Also, he pointed out that there were a few senate allocations that had not been specified but would be. Finally, $800.00 had to be subtracted from the total of $6,598.89 for Secretary Zuniga's stipend. The final total in the ASWNMU budget was $5,798.89. This concluded his report.
F. Attorney General Hazlett
Attorney General Hazlett asked the Senate to form a committee to set standing rules for next year's Senate. He pointed out that these rules would facilitate the procedures conducted by the Senate in the upcoming years, including Senate stipends. This concluded his report.
G. Governmental Affairs Director Luna Governmental Affairs Director Luna informed the Senate that he received 350 surveys. He thanked everyone who took part in conducting the surveys and expressed that it was a success. He informed those in the Survey Committee that a meeting would take place today at 1:00 p.m. This concluded his report.

VII. Old Business
A. President Murguia - University Committees President Murguia informed the Senate that while conducting the surveys he ran into some students that wanted to take part in some of the University Committees. John Gosek asked him to be part of the C&I (Curriculum and Instruction) committee. President Murguia recommended John Gosek for the C&I committee and asked the Senate to approve his committee appointment. Senator Urquijo asked what part John Gosek would play in the committee. President Murguia replied that he would be representing the student body. Senator Preston moved to approve John Gosek for the C&I committee. Senator Romano seconded. Motion carried 10-0.
B. Secretary Zuniga - Christmas Party Secretary Zuniga informed the Senate that the Christmas Party that had been planned for the end of the semester had been cancelled due to lack of preparation time. She asked the Senators to think about ideas on maybe a welcome back party or dinner. The committee members will stay the same. Secretary Zuniga informed the Senate that the committee would need at least three weeks in advance in order to make all the proper arrangements. Further details will be discussed at the next Senate meeting in the spring.

VIII. New Business
A. Special Allocation - Mustang: Kendra Milligan Mustang Editor Kendra Milligan asked the Senate to allocate $3,611.00 to purchase new equipment for The Mustang. She informed the Senate that if the equipment is not purchased it could affect the date in which the first issue of The Mustang is done for next semester. Floor Leader Gomez asked Kendra Milligan what the current budget was for The Mustang. Kendra replied that the budget is $25,000 for the whole semester but, due to the high demand for more newspaper publications, The Mustang would be producing 10 issues in one semester instead of the usual 13 issues in one year, in order to make up for the shortage of issues this semester. Senator Urquijo expressed his hesitation in granting this allocation due to the fact that only one issue of The Mustang was published this semester. Attorney Zeke Hazlett explained to the Senate that The Mustang is part of a 5-year renovation plan and that they were now entering the 3rd phase of this plan. Unfortunately, some valuable equipment was stolen over the summer, which has set them back. He urged the Senate to help The Mustang somehow. Treasurer Bocanegra asked Kendra Milligan to specify what the money would be used for. Kendra Milligan informed the Senate that it would cost $9,000 to publish 10 issues of The Mustang, $9,000 to pay for more work-studies, and $4,000 in petty cash to pay for office supplies. Senator Talimatasi asked Kendra about the rate at which the papers would be published. Kendra replied that she hoped to have an issue out every 2 weeks. She also informed the Senate that in the paper she hoped to include information on the different clubs and activities on campus. President Murguia asked Kendra if the advertisement rates had been factored into their account. She replied that The Mustang only received about $200 in advertisement fees and so the difference would not be much. Pro-Tempore Preston reminded everyone that a percentage of the $25,000 could be allocated. Senator Urquijo expressed that he was still unconvinced due to the fact that President Murguia brought back a paper from a university in Mexico which he informed us cost about $.25 to make; and that the Mustang received $9.75 from student fees each semester and still were not able to produce the set amount of issues per semester. Kendra Milligan expressed that she was not previously in charge of The Mustang but as of now she not only wanted to upgrade The Mustang offices but also give back to the students all the issues which they paid for. Senator Talimatasi pointed out that the ASWNMU budget was at about $5,000 and that The Mustang budget was at $24,000 which would leave Student Government with about $1,500 while The Mustang would have $27,000. Kendra reminded the Senate that the money would go for publication of The Mustang. Treasurer Bocanegra asked Kendra if she could put something in writing so the student body can be sure that all 10 issues would be published next semester since only one issue had been published this semester. Kendra replied that she could and also reminded the Senate that there were 3 members from ASWNMU who were also in the Student Publication Board who could also watch over the progress from The Mustang. President Murguia informed the Senate that at this point, because of the activities planned for this semester and next semester, he felt that Student Government is in no position to allocate $3,611.00 to The Mustang. However, when next semester's ASWNMU Spending Recommendation was completed, any money left over could be considered for The Mustang. Attorney General Hazlett addressed three issues. First, he explained that he did speak to someone concerning the broken door but was told that it was not a Student Government issue. Second, the computer that was stolen was not purchased correctly and therefore was not covered under university insurance. Third, he asked the Senate not to punish the current Mustang staff for past errors. Senator Castillo inquired about the number of issues that was produced for each issue of The Mustang. Kendra Milligan replied that they produce 700 copies of each Mustang issue. President Murguia pointed out that the students had already paid $9.75 in student fees to The Mustang and that ASWNMU was not under any obligation or position to allocate an additional $3.611.00 to them. Pro-Tempore Preston moved to table this issue until next semester. Senator Romano seconded. Motion carried 10-0.
B. Club Allocations
1. Mecha - Jay Murguia Club representative, Jay Murguia asked the Senate to match the amount of $240.00 earned during a tamale sale. Senator Urquijo moved to allocate $240.00 to Mecha. Senator Castillo seconded. Motion carried 10-0.
2. Varsity Club Floor Leader Gomez informed the Senate that the Varsity club was advised to prepare the proper documentation for their allocation. Senator Talimatasi moved to table the Varsity club. Senator Kenny seconded. Motion carried 10-0.
C. Special Needs Senator Urquijo asked the senate to allocate $279.00 to the Special Needs program so that they could purchase software that would teach students how to obtain grants. Senator Talimatasi moved to allocate $275.00 to the Special Needs program. Senator Castillo seconded. Motion carried 10-0.

IX. Announcements
Vice President Denton informed the Senate that no meeting time or date had been set for next semester's first Student Council meeting. She also informed everyone that there would be a concert tonight at 9:30p.m in the Graham gym.

X. Adjournment
Senator Talimatasi moved to adjourn at 8:15 a.m. Seconded by Senator Guevara. Motion carried 10-0.

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