Senate Meeting Minutes


January 22, 2002

I. Call to Order
A. The meeting was called to order by Vice President Denton at 8:33pm.

II. Pledge of Allegiance
A. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Pro Tempore Preston.

III. Roll Call
A. Senators Bruchhauser, Franzoy, Gomez, Goodliffe, Jensen, Ortiz, Preston, Romano, Talimatasi, Zankich were all present. Senator's Rice and Burdette were absent.

B. Senator Jensen was named as the Sargent at Arms.

IV. Approval of Agenda
A. Pro Tempore Preston said that the November 14 minutes needed to be added under "C" under the approval of minutes.

B. Senator Romano moved to approve the agenda and Senator Franzoy seconded. The motion carried 9-1.

V. Approval of the Minutes
A. Pro Tempore Preston moved to approve the minutes from the Special meetings of December 5 and January 16 and the Senate meeting of November 14. Senator Franzoy seconded. The motion carried 10-0.

VI. Executive Council Reports
A. President Zuniga handed out the resignation letters from Zeke Hazlett and Joey Bocanegra. She announced that there would be a one day bus trip to Santa Fe to join ASNM in a press conference. She is hoping that most of the Senate can attend. The bus would be leaving at 5:00am and returning at 8:00pm. She also stated the urgency in going to Santa Fe this semester. There has been talk regarding a $2 million cut in the New Mexico lottery scholarship, cuts in Day Care and Athletics. She will be addressing these issues in Santa Fe. President Zuniga said that she would be out of town from Wednesday until Friday.

B. Vice President Denton said that the Senators need to start logging in their hours. Vice President Denton and Treasurer Carrillo are going over hours every Friday. She also said that the Senate needs to take over the Senate meetings, including the agenda and the minutes. She told the Senate to get their meetings set and send a memo to Barb Flores in the Athletic offices so she could reserve a room for them.

C. Secretary Ambriz had nothing to report.

D. Treasurer Carrillo announced that she would meet up with Pro Tempore Preston regarding committees.

E. Governmental Affairs Director Rutherford asked the Senate to please attend the trip to Santa Fe tomorrow. He also said that he has been working hard and will be making many more trips to Santa Fe for more lobbying.

VII. Old Business
A. The meeting time was discussed and the next meeting was decided to be on January 28 and 7:30pm.

VIII. New Business
A. President Zuniga stated that there would need to be appointments soon for three positions; 2 Senators and an Attorney General. She has Katie Doll and Joelle Hagerman in mind for the two Senator positions and Miguel Garcia for the Attorney General position.

IX. Announcements
A. President Zuniga announced that The Record will be out soon and that the Executive Council needs to get their article in by Monday. Vice President Denton said that there is a new Advertisement Director position open with The Mustang and whoever is interested they can apply at The Mustang offices. She also said that the Activities Committee would be meeting soon to start the ball rolling on Great Race. Vice President Denton announced that the next Senate meeting would be January 28, 2002 at 7:30pm.

X. Adjournment
A. Senator Talimatasi moved to adjourn the meeting and Pro Tempore Preston seconded. The motion passed 10-0. The meeting was adjourned at 9:10.

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