Senate Meeting Minutes


Minutes (draft)
ASWNMU Senate Meeting
May 4, 2000

I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Vice President Cano at 8:15 p.m.
II. Roll Call
President Morneau, Vice President Cano, Treasurer Bocanegra and Attorney General Murguia, present for the Executive Council, Secretary Aragon and Governmental Affairs Director Crouch absent.
Senators Carey, Castillo, Dunham, Heck, Jimenez, Loving, Robertson, Schwartz, and Urquijo present for the Senate. Senator Boyce arrived late, Senators Bertecher and Ogas absent without proxy.
III. Approval of Agenda

Vice President Cano asked that the Approval of the Minutes be removed from the agenda. Senated Pro Tempore Jimenez made a motion to accept the agenda with changes, seconded by Senate Floor Leader Robertson. 9-0 motion carried.
IV. President's Report
President Morneau reported that the Board of Regents will be meeting on May 11, 2000. She thanked the Executive Council for a great year.
V. Vice President's Report
Vice President Cano thanked the Senators for all their input and wished them good luck in future endeavors.
VI. Secretary's Report
Secretary Aragon was not present.
VII. Treasurer's Report
Treasurer Bocanegra reported on the spending for the Great Race Dinner/Dance, which was in excess of $2000. The open Purchase Order that had been approved by the Senate was expected to only reach $1000. The Treasurer advised the Senated to use this as a learning experience and use open PO's with caution in the future. In the discussion that followed, it was determined that no one was sure where exactly the money had been spent and there were no legal action that could be taken.
Vice President Cano called a one-minute recess at 8:24 p.m.
Meeting called back to order at 8:25 p.m.
VIII. Attorney General's Report
Attorney Genral Murguia had nothing to report.
IX. Governmental Affairs Director's Report
Governmental Affairs Director Crouch was not present.
X. Old Business
There was no Old Business
XI. New Business
There was no New Business.
XII. Changing of the Guard
President Morneau called forth the following individuals to take their oaths of office:
Jason Murguia President
Lupe Cano Vice President
Sara Loving Secretary
Joseph Bocanegra Treasurer
Erin Denton
Ryan Dunham
Jason Dunlap
Rosie Gomez
Zeke Hazlett
Erin Kenny
Jeremy Rutherford
Aiga Talimatsi
Ruben Urquijo
Sharon Zuniga
At this time Celita Castillo presented a thank-you note to Dr. and Mrs. Counts from ASWNMU
XIII. Adjournment
Senator Dunham moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:34 p.m. Seconded by Senator Boyce. 10-0 motion carried.

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