Senate Meeting Minutes


Minutes (draft)
ASWNMU Special Senate Meeting
May 4, 2000

I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Vice President Cano at 8:36 p.m.

II. Roll Call
President Murguia, Vice President Cano, Secretary Loving, and Treasurer Bocanegra present for the Executive Council.
Senators Denton, Dunham, Dunlap, Gomez, Hazlett, Kenny, Levitt, Preston, Rutherford, Talimatasi, Urquijo, and Ziniga present for the Senate. Senator Romano arrived late.

III. Approval of Agenda
Senator Dunham made a motion to approve the agenda, seconded my Senator Hazlett. 12-0 motion carried.

IV. President's Report
President Murguia presented his Summer Agenda and Proposed Spending of $12030 to the Senate. Computers and computer accessories comprise the largest portion of the spending. Office furniture, office supplies, Senate chambers materials, a work study, the President's salary, 14 Senator stipends and Spirit Weekend activities are the other components of the summer budget. The President's salary is based on $7/hr for a 20-hour workweek, up from the 10 hours/week mandated by the Constitution before it was amended. The Senator stipends are pending approval of the Senate and the institution of Senate office hours. Treasurer Bocanegra pointed out that the figure presented, $3150, was an overestimate. $200 stipends for 14 Senators comes to $2800, plus $150 to be divided among the Pro Tempore, Floor Leader and Senate Secretary, equal $2950.

V. Vice President's Report
Vice President Cano reported that she will be out of town for the first two weeks of summer but will return at the end of May. She requested that all Senators fill out the Information sheet and return them to her tonight. The Vice President then presented the absentee policy. Two absences without a proxy will disqualify any individual as a Senator. The policy is for the entire academic year.
Senator Dunham made a motion to accept the absentee policy. Seconded by Senator Hazlett. Senator Hazlett recommended that when a Senator has violated the policy, the Senate move to vacate. 12-0 motion carried.
The Vice President then presented the standing proxy rule stating that a Senator can leave a proxy at any time with any Senator. President Murguia recommended that the last sentence of the rule be amended to allow Senators to vote on items of New Business that are placed on the agenda before the meeting, as per Robert's Rules of Order.

Senator Hazlett made a motion that the proxy rule be changed so a member may submit a proxy for Old or New Business but not for personal matters. No second, motion dies.

Mr. Gates recommended that the Vice President explain the purpose of a proxy for the Senators.

Senator Urquijo made a motion to accept the President's recommendation to change the last sentence to read: "A proxy vote can be rendered on items of New Business only if previously printed on the agenda." Seconded by Senator Hazlett, 11 for, 1 against, motion carries.

Next the Vice President discussed the Senate posistion of Pro Tempore, Floor Leader and Senate Secretary. Senators Dunham and Urquijo were both interested on serving as Pro Tempore. Vice President Cano recommended Senator Urquijo for the position. Senator Hazlett nominated Senator Urquijo for the Pro Tempore position. Seconded by Senator Dunlap. Senator Talimatsi nominated Senator Dunham to the Pro Tempore position. Seconded by Senator Levitt.

Senator Dunham made the motion to vote for the Pro Tempore posistion by secret ballot. Seconded by Senator Preston. 12-0 motion carried.

Senator Urquijo received 8 votes, Senator Dunham received 4 votes, Senator Urquijo became the Pro Tempore.

Vice President Cano tecommended Senator Dunham for Floor Leader. Senator Hazlett nominated Senator Dunham to the position. Senate Pro Tempore Urquijo seconded the motion. There were no further nominations, therefore Senator Hazlett moved to accept Senator Dunham as Floor Leader by acclamation. Seconded the Senator Rutherford, 11 for, 1 abstention, motion carried.

At this time the floor was yielded to President Murguia to lead Mike Romano in his oath of office (Senator).

Vice President Cano opened the floor for Senate Secretary nominations. Senator Denton nominated Senator Zuniga to the position. Seconded by Senator Talimatsi. There were no further nominations, therefore Senator Hazlett moved to accept Senator Zuniga as Secretary by acclamation. Seconded the Senate Pro Tempore Urquijo, 12 for, 1 abstention, motion carried.

Finally Vice President Cano mentioned the dress code but did not feel approval of a dress code was necessary at this time.

VI. Secretary's Report
Secretary Loving congratulated the Senate on winning the election and wished them a sucessful year.

VII. Treasurer's Report
Treasurer Bocanegra stressed his open policy and encouraged Senator input regarding spending.

VIII. Attorney General's Report
There was no Attorney General's report at this time.

IX. Governmental Affairs Director's Report
There was no Governmental Affairs Director's report report at this time.

X. Old Business
There was no Old Business

XI. New Business
Summer agenda-Senator Hazlett pointed out that the summer spending will be considerable less than the estimated $12,030 because Senator stipends won't be allocated until the fall. The account will also increase from the $4000 approximated rollover and the revenue from summer student fees.
Vice President Cano addressed the President Murguia's plan to relocating the Mustang office for the purpose of giving ASWNMU more office space. The Vice President yielded the floor to Brittany Price. Ms. Price stated that the Mustang employees do not wish to change offices since the Merry-Go-Round is small, poorly lit, and removed from student activity. President Murguia responded that the Mustang would have more space in the new location. If the relocation does take place, refurbishment of the Merry-Go-Round will begin immediately so the Mustang can move before the fall semester.

The issue of the Senator stipends was then discussed. Senate Secretary Zuniga pointed out that office hours will be mandated if the Senate approves the stipends and office space will then be necessary. Senate Floor Leader Dunham stated that the meetings should be the Senator's office hours because when the candidates tan, they did so under the assumption that office hours would not be mandatory.
At this point Senator Hazlett made a motion to approve the proposed summer spending with the exception of Senator stipends, which will be voted on in the fall. Seconded by Senate Pro Tempore Urquijo. 4 for, 7 against, motion denied.
The issue of the work study was then discussed. Brittany Price will be volunteering in the ASWNMU office for 20 hours/week. Senate Floor Leader Dunham asked if there was a need for a work study over the summer if Ms. PRice would be in the office. Vice President Cano agreed that there is not enough work in the office for a part time work study and a part time volunteer. Senator Dunlap made the motion to approve the proposed summer spending with the exception of the work study position and the Senator stipends. Seconded by Senator Hazlett. 11 for, 1 against, 1 abstention, motion carried.

Senate Pro Tempore Urquijo brought forth a concern regarding club recognition and allocation. The Pro Tempore made a motion that when clubs are recognized they are required to have volunteers help with elections in the spring. Seconded by Senator Dunlap. The point was brought up that the policy, if passed, would not be implemented for another year because next year's clubs did not help with this year's elections. Senator Hazlett stated that the club, when recognized, will acknowledge their responsibility to help with the elections, and will be placed on probabtion for the following year if they do not fullfill their responsibility. Motion on the floor was retracted.

Senate Pro Tempore Urquijo made another motion that when clubs are recognized, they are required to volunteer two people for the elections, as well as participate in Great Race and Homecoming. If clubs do not fullfill these requirements they will be placed on probation for the following year. Seconded by Senator Hazlett. 13-0 motion carried.

XII. Adjournment
Senator Hazlett moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:05 p.m. Seconded by Senate Floor Leader Dunham.

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