Senate Meeting Minutes


November 5, 2003

I. Call to Order:
A. Vice President Frost called the Meeting to order at 8:36 pm.

II. Opening Ceremonies:
A. Senator Menicucci led the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Roll Call:
A. Senators Present: Senator Ainsworth, Senator Bass, Senator Burdette, Senator Rice, Senator Rodriguez, Senator Singer, Senator Sadighi, Senator Menicucci, Senator Upton, Senator Whalen, Senator Schjetnan was late. Senators Absent were Senator Frost, Senator Boyd, and Senator Doll.
B. Executive Council Present: President Franzoy, Vice President Frost, Secretary Zankich, AG Moreno-Campos, GAD Fallstich, PID Bruchhauser was late. Treasurer Carbajal was absent.

IV. Sargent of Arms Appointment:
A. Senator Rodriguez was appointed Sergeant of Arms for the current meeting.

V. Approval of Agenda:
A. After reviewing the agenda for November 5, 2003, Senator Menicucci made a motion to approve the agenda. Senator Rice seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

VI. Approval of Minutes:
A. Senator Menicucci made a motion to table the minutes of October 22, 2003. Senator Sadighi seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

VII. Executive Council Reports:
A. President Franzoy:
-President Franzoy relayed a message that she has spoken to Tina in Student Affairs office and she is forming a committee to revise the student handbook. The student picked for this committee was April Metcalf. There also was a gentleman interested in getting involved.
-She also received an email from Jocelyn Woodard from NMSU who is trying to put together a conference for ASNM on Saturday November 15, 2003 from 10-3 (tentatively). On the agenda for the conference is the current state of ASNM, amendments to the current constitution. Contact Jasmine if interested in attending the conference.

B. Vice-President Frost:
-V.P. Frost stated that he has returned to working at the mines and apologizes for his absence.

C. Secretary Zankich:
-Secretary Zankich reported that she is still working on printing out the pictures however, her printer has not been working, but they are coming along slowly.

D. Treasurer Carbajal:

E. Attorney General Moreno-Campos
-AG Moreno-Campos updated the Senate on the state of the Honors Psych Club, which had been brought before the Senate previously. He announced that the Honors Psych Club will try to form a new honors club in order to access the money that is there from the previous honors club.

F. Governmental Affairs Director Fallstich
-Governmental Affairs Director Fallstich stated that the state legislators were in special session last week about tax reforms. The only legislature that passed was regarding sex offenders.
-The highway-bonding bill was discussed as well.
-A tax reform package was also discussed. It will raise tax on alcohol and other fuels. If passed, New Mexico will be second to Alaska for the highest taxes.
-The Lobby and Grants committee at its last meeting had four students at large present as well as Senator Rodriguez. The next meeting will be Monday, November 10, 2003 at 3:30 in the Student Government offices.
-The gifts for the representatives that were purchased in the bookstore are ready to be delivered.
-ASNM conference was moved to November 15. Contact G.A.D. if you are interested in attending.
-Finally, Donna Irwin was contacted following the suggestion made by Senator Boyd, however has not returned her call.

G. Public Information Director Bruchhauser
-P.I.D. Bruchhauser again stated that the pictures are coming along slowly due to computer problems.
-She was contacted by April in the GRC with regards to putting a bulletin board up there with the okay to do so.
-She has not heard from Schler-Rhodes Hall.
-Also a student contacted her with regards to getting involved and she referred him to Tina Rippa in Student Affairs.

VIII. Old Business:
A. Gene Dooling was recommended for appointment to an Associate Justice position. He wants to get involved as much as possible and is very excited for this opportunity. Senator Menicucci made a motion to approve the appointment of Mr. Dooling to Associate Justice. Senator Sadighi seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

-Attorney General Moreno-Campos then swore in Mr. Dooling.

B. Senator Schjetnan asked for a 2 minute recess. The meeting was called back to order at 9:02 pm.

IX. New Business:
A. Matching Funds:
1. SAM Club: Asking for $279.50. They did sales for Kiss the Pig at Homecoming.
2. SEP Club: Asking for $382.33. They did a raffle for the Haunted House.
3. Psych Club: Asking for $145.00. They did a Haunted House.
Senator Menicucci made a motion to blanket approve the above stated matching funds. Senator Sadighi seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

B. Officer Debbie Martinez spoke about the Parking Citation Appeals Process.
There was much debate over whether there would be a $10 refundable processing fee or not. Senator Schjetnan and Singer brought up some arguments. Advisor Arastah also stated that this fee is to discourage those who really have no reason to appeal from doing so. Senator Schjetnan asked AG Moreno-Campos if there would need to be a motion made since this had already been approved. AG Moreno-Campos told the Senate that there would need to be a motion made to amend the Appeals Process. However, he suggested that they table it until they had a chance to amend it and sit down with all the Senators present to make sure the verbiage and all other aspects of it are what they want it to be. Senator Singer made a motion to table the Appeals Process. Senator Schjetnan seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

-President Franzoy then made an announcement that perhaps there should be a committee formed so that they could keep in touch with Officer Martinez in order to make sure both sides are happy with the end result.

-Senator Menicucci, Senator Schjetnan, Senator Ainsworth and Senator Bass agreed to be on a committee to meet to complete a final draft and will then meet with Officer Martinez.

C. Polo Shirts:
-President Franzoy said that there has been a size mix-up with the shirts and some are all together missing. Senators Ainsworth, Schjetnan and Boyd do not have shirts at all. It was stated that we might need to order new shirts for these Senators as well as for the Associate Justices.

X. Announcements:
-Senator Burdette made an announcement stating that Dr. Noak talked to her about possibly putting up a bulletin board in the upstairs of the Martinez building. There are a lot of Education students up there with no source of information.
-She also announced that there would be an Evaluation Board Meeting at 3:15 on November 6.

-Senator Singer announced the Harassment Seminars would be starting tomorrow, November 6 and Wednesday, November 12. Would like as many to attend as possible.
-He also mentioned the article in the Desert Exposure on the Women’s Basketball team and Cheer Squad. He commented on what a well done article it was and that we might want to keep that in mind for future use for Student Government.

-Senator Schjetnan announced that the editor position has been re-opened. The deadline is November 18 to apply. Would like as much help in spreading the word as possible.

-President Franzoy announced that the next Caucus would be held on Monday, November 10 at 8:30 pm. The next Senate Meeting would be held on Monday, November 17 at 8:30 pm.

XI. Adjournment:
Senator Menicucci made a motion for adjournment. Senator Sadighi seconded. The motion was passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 pm.

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