Senate Meeting Minutes


(Recording of Meeting Tape 4A-4B)
November 14, 2000

I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Vice President Denton at 7:20 a.m.

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Roll Call
Senators Amavizca, Castillo, Gomez, Guevara, Kenny, Levitt, Perez, Preston, Romano, Rutherford, Talimatasi, and Urquijo were present for the Senate.

IV. Approval of Agenda
Under New Business, Senator Castillo - Stipends was added as AA. Floor Leader Nominations was added as BB, Supreme Court Nomination was added as C. Supreme Court Justice Castillo was added as D, and Senator Urquijo added to the agenda the issue of the American Flag under item E. Senator Talimatasi moved to approve the agenda as corrected. Senator Romano seconded. Motion carried 12-0.

V. Approval of the Minutes
Senator Urquijo moved to approve the minutes of October 31, 2000. Senator Romano seconded. Motion carried 12-0.

VI. Executive Council Reports
A. President Murguia President Murguia informed the Senate that he and Governmental Affairs Director Luna had a chance to go to the FACU, Founding Association of College & Universities, conference over the weekend. The conference consisted mostly of lectures and workshops. Information was available for those looking for careers. He informed the Senate that internships were available as well as possible career openings. President Murguia asked anyone interested in obtaining this information to contact him. President Murguia informed the Senate of the student surveys that would be presented today. He expressed to the Senate the importance of these surveys and suggested that they be taken seriously. Finally, President Murguia informed the Senate that the Executive Council was planning a social gathering for the members of ASWNMU on Thursday November 16th. Details would be available later during the week. This concluded his report.

B. Vice President Denton Vice President Denton apologized to Senator Levitt for failing to inform him on the dance that was scheduled for November 4th. Vice President Denton also informed the Senate that a Pajama Jam was being planned for December 2nd. This concluded her report.

C. Chief of Staff Loving Chief of Staff Loving informed the Senate that she along with President Murguia and Treasurer Bocanegra had been working on getting the ASWNMU finances posted on the Banner system. However due to some problems with the system and the Business office, this has not been possible. Chief of Staff Loving also informed the Senate that a craft fair is scheduled for Saturday November 18th and that anyone interested in reserving a booth should contact Elaine Martinez. This concluded her report.

D. Secretary Zuniga Nothing to report.

E. Treasurer Bocanegra Treasurer Bocanegra restated to the Senate that the Banner system was not working to their advantage and that they were in the process of deducting costs from the appropriate accounts. Our balance right now without the total deductions are $14,574.98 in the Supplies account, $2,715 in the Travel account and a $0 Balance in the Equipment account. Treasurer Bocanegra asked the Senate to contact him if they had any questions. This concluded his report.

E. Attorney General Hazlett Attorney General Hazlett informed the Senate that on November 13th, six senators formed a caucus to discuss the Senate's pending stipends. Attorney General Hazlett encouraged the Senate to form caucuses to discuss and work out details on issues. This concluded his report.

F. Governmental Affairs Director Luna At this point Governmental Affairs Director Luna yields the floor to President Murguia. President Murguia wanted the Senate to be aware that in last weeks election, Bond Issue B was passed which would have given Western New Mexico University 2.7 million dollars, but unfortunately it did not pass in Grant County. Governmental Affairs director Luna handed the Senators the student surveys. He informed the Senate the each senator was responsible for completing 20-22 surveys and that each Senator had an assigned interview code that needed to be recorded on each survey. He specified that the surveys had to be done in a one-on-one interview. Governmental Affairs Director Luna told the Senate that if anyone needed help answering any of the questions, they could only restate the questions. He suggested to the Senate that a committee be formed, consisting of both executive members and Senate members, to see what issues affect WNMU and determine what to use as their lobbying platform. The results will be shown to both the student body and the Board of Regents. President Murguia suggested that the Senate interview a variety of people and not just those who were familiar. Attorney General Hazlett stated that a no response was a valid answer. Surveys need to be turned in by Wednesday November 22nd.

VII. Old Business

VIII. New Business
AA. Senator Castillo - Senate Stipends Senator Castillo informed the Senate that he and five other Senate members met to discuss the Senate stipends. Senator Castillo proposed a $200.00 stipend for Senators and a $300.00 stipend for Senate Secretary. Senator Castillo informed the Senate that the stipends would be awarded under the following conditions: 1. All surveys had to be completed. 2. All senators had to be assigned to a committee and participate with that committee. Senator Castillo moved to accept the Senate stipends. Senator Romano seconded. Motion carried 12-0.
BB. Floor Leader Nominations Senator Gomez, Senator Levitt and Senator Urquijo were nominated for Floor Leader. Senator Levitt moved to vote by secret ballot. Senator Pro-Tempore Preston seconded. Motion carried 12-0. Results: Senator Gomez 7-4-1. Senator Gomez is moved to the position of Senate Floor Leader.
A. Club Allocation
1. S.A.M club - S.A.M club representative asked the Senate to match the total of $353.25 that they raised during a fundraiser. Senator Talimatasi moved to allocate $353.25 to the S.A.M. club. Senator Castillo seconded. Motion carried 12-0.
2. Criminal Justice Club - A Criminal Justice club representative asked the Senate to match the total of $202.50 that they raised during a fundraiser. Senator Levitt moved to allocate $202.50 to the Criminal Justice club. Senator Guevara seconded. Motion carried. 12-0.
B. President Murguia - Committees President Murguia handed the Senate their committee appointments. President Murguia encouraged everyone to participate in the committees. He also informed everyone about the form that each senator is to fill out each time they attend their committee. To this form will be added a second page in which the senators will be able to record student input on issues. This form should help the senator decide where to stand on an issue. Senator Pro-Tempore Preston moved to accept the committee appointments as well as alternate appointments. Senator Romano seconded. Motion carried 12-0.
C. President Murguia - Supreme Court appointment. President Murguia asked the Senate to consider Nick Sloan as Supreme Court Chief Justice. Senator Urquijo moved to accept Nick Sloan as Supreme Court Chief Justice. Senator Castillo seconded. Motion carried 12-0. Attorney General Hazlett swore in Nick Sloan as Supreme Court Chief Justice.
D. Senator Urquijo - Associate Justice Castillo Senator Urquijo reminded the Senate of the actions taken by Supreme Court Justice Castillo in soliciting signatures for a petition during the expulsion of Guadalupe Cano as Vice President of ASWNMU. Senator Urquijo urged the Senate to expel Supreme Court Justice Castillo for his biased actions. Discussion - Associate Justice Castillo stated to the Senate that he only wanted to present an option to the students with the petition, concerning the expulsion of Vice President Cano. Mr. Castillo stated that he understood now the magnitude of his actions and was willing to abide by any decision that was made by the Senate. President Murguia asked the Senate to be lenient towards Associate Justice Castillo. He stated that at times we all take chances thinking that it will help our cause. Unfortunately this is not always the correct thing to do. President Murguia reminded everyone that the best way to learn is by failing. At this point Senator Urquijo asked Supreme Court Justice Sloan, for his advice. Supreme Court Justice Sloan asked for a 5-minute recess to discuss this issue with Associate Justice Castillo. Recess: 8:10 a.m., Called back to order at 8:14 a.m. Supreme Court Chief Justice Sloan recommended that the Senate be leniant towards Associate Justice Castillo. Senator Urquijo moved to vote by secret ballot to expel John Castillo as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Senator Kenny seconded. Motion carried 12-0. Results: Motion not carried 11-1.
E. Senator Urquijo - U.S. Flag Senator Urquijo asked the Senate to consider the purchase of a United States Flag to be placed in the conference room. Associate Justice Castillo volunteered to bring his own flag.

IX. Announcements
The next meeting is on November 28th at 7:15 a.m. Vice President Denton also informed the Senate that the next meeting after the 28th will be during finals week so we will not meet. Instead we will meet the Thursday before which would be December 7th at 7:15. Vice President Denton reminded everyone that on Thursday, the Senate would be having a social gathering at Secretary Zuniga's house and everyone was invited.

X. Adjournment
Senator Urquijo moved to adjourn at 8:37 a.m. Seconded by Senator Preston. Motion carried 12-0.

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