Senate Meeting Minutes


(Recording of Meeting Tape 2A)
October 3, 2000

I. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by Vice President Cano at 7:20 a.m.

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Roll Call
President Murguia, Vice President Cano, Secretary Loving, Treasurer Bocanegra, Attorney General Hazlett, Governmental Affairs Director Luna were present for the Executive Council. Senators Denton, Gomez, Kenny, Perez, Preston, Romano, Talimatasi, Urquijo, Zuniga were present for the Senate. Senator Levitt was late. Senator Rutherford was tardy.

IV. Approval of Agenda
Senator Pro-Tempore Urquijo moved to accept the agenda with the addition of The Mustang under New Business AA. Senator Secretary Zuniga seconded the motion. Motion carried 10-0. V. Approval of the Minutes Senator Romano's name needed correcting. Vote totals needed to be changed from 10-0 to 9-0 under section IV and V. Senator Preston moved to accept the minutes of September 19, 2000 as changed. Seconded by Senator Secretary Zuniga. Motion carried 10-0.

VI. Executive Council Reports
A. President Murguia In accordance with Senator Pro-Tempore Urquijo, Vice President Cano and Senator Floor Leader Denton President Murguia interviewed two new candidates for the senate: Gabby Amavizca and Raquel Guevara. Attorney General Hazlett requested a recess at 7:28. Called back to order at7:30 President Murguia asked to place the appointments under New Business letter E. ASNM Finances: No set total yet due to late invoices. Rough estimate $1,800.00. Office Supplies: Fax machine has been filled. Business cards will be made for Pro-Tempore, Secretary and Floor Leader. This concluded his report.
B. Vice President Cano Vice President Cano asked all the senators to write down their name address, phone numbers, e-mail address and any committees in which they are involved to update records. Athletic committee will meet to discuss Title 9 compliance. One male member is still needed for committee. Anyone interested should contact Vice President Cano. This concluded her report.
C. Secretary Loving Club representatives must give notification of activities before October 21st. Must participate in homecoming for allocation. Fund raising during homecoming does not count as participation. However, floats, window painting, or monitoring events that go on that week will count as participation. Entry forms were due by Friday October 6th. Alumni will be meeting in Hunter Hall Wednesday to help any students with homecoming necessities: floats, money, man power etc…This concluded her report.
D. Treasurer Bocanegra The ASWNMU account balance is $17,513.56. Wal-Mart POs still pending. For next meeting, Treasurer Bocanegra will have financial balance report that will include details about what has and will be spent. Marriott still pending waiting for Jessica to give figures at next meeting. This concluded his report.
E. Attorney General Hazlett Attorney General Hazlett pointed out that this year's committee is conducting an in depth review of club constitutions. In their review they have found that some constitutions contain serious flaws concerning issues on voting and office appointments. Attorney General Hazlett asked senators to meet with Floor Leader Denton, Vice President Cano or Pro Tempore Urquijo to straighten this out. He then reminded everyone that the final draft of the student surveys were done and asked everyone to comment on them. He suggested that the club with the most surveys win an award as an incentive. This concluded his report.
F. Governmental Affairs Director Luna Governmental Affairs Director Luna presented the 2001 ASWMNU Lobbying agenda. Members pushed to change the agenda to reflect the needs of WNMU. The new Agenda is now: 1) Lottery, 2) Faculty and Staff wages and 3) Special Needs. Gov. Affairs Director Luna then handed out a chart containing the 2000-2001 PUBLIC SCHOOL CAPITAL OUTLAY COUNCIL AWARDS and pointed out that Silver City was not even listed. He also handed out a chart containing the LOTTERY SUCCESS SCHOLARSHIP DRAWS. WNMU is one of the lowest in student recipients. He suggested that a committee be formed as soon as possible to investigate these issues. Director Luna also wanted everyone to be aware that at the last ad-hoc meeting, raising student fees by $.50 was requested for a proposal on hiring a ASNM Executive Director. At the time this motion was not accepted by ASNM because of lack of information. However, there is a possibility that at the next Oct 14th meeting, this issue may be approved. Senator Urquijo motioned for a committee to be formed to help Governmental Affairs to investigate issues concerning the New Mexico Lottery. Senator Levitt seconded the motion. Motion carried 10-0. Adhoc committee: Chair, Senator Pro-Tempore Urquijo, Senator Romano, Senator Preston and Senator Levitt. This concluded his report.

VII. New Business
At this point the following clubs were recognized:
1. Psi Chi
2. Cardinal Key
3. Non Traditional Student Focus Group
4. Social Science Club
5. Delta Mu Delta
6. Psychology Club
7. SAM Club
8. Sport Medicine Club
9. National Student Nurses - Tabled until represented - not recognized Senator Levitt moved to accept all the clubs, Senator Denton seconded. Motion carried 10-0.

VII. Old Business President Murguia spoke on his decision to veto on ASWNMU stipends, which had been accepted in the September 19 meeting. His reason was that the stipends had no set perimeters for payment. The stipends will be re-evaluated. He also requested that each senator be responsible for at least 10 surveys. Vice-President Cano also asked that each senator be in at least one committee.

VIII. New Business
A. Student Dance
Vice President Cano suggested that there be a dance held on November 4th for the students. The dance would run from 9:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. Senator Levitt informed us that the cost for music would be $250.00. Senator Denton motioned to accept this proposal. Senate Secretary Zuniga seconded. Motion carried 10-0.
B. Maintenance
Senator Pro-Tempore Urquijo introduced Mike Martinez who works in maintenance. Urquijo informed everyone that Marriott was taking over WNMU maintenance. Mr. Martinez introduced himself. He then some informed us of his departments' latest projects. A work-order is being processed to give students on-line access to Marriott so that they may voice any concerns. He also informed everyone that this year's homecoming bomb fire would be held at the old tennis courts. Mr. Martinez also wanted the students to be aware that during homecoming there will be a large number of crewmembers around campus. As a precaution they will be wearing identification tags. He then distributed ADA's most recent survey to Orpha Gonzales from the Special Needs Program and one for ASWNMU. He stated that there was a total of $24,644.00 from a rollover account from last year and that there has been no new money allocated by the state. He then asked everyone to please contact him if there were any problems around campus. His phone number is 538-5535 and his e-mail address is Mr. Martinez also informed everyone that he had a 16ft trailer for anyone that may need it for their homecoming float. He also requested to see the surveys so that he can have an idea of student needs.
C. Orpha Gonzales Special Needs Coordinator,
Orpha Gonzales was present to talk about WNMU Special Needs Program. She started out by giving the Senate an estimate of $10,000.00, which she felt the program needs to begin bringing it to higher standards. She informed the senate that the reason for this amount was because of all the special equipment that was needed for the program. Among these items were tape recorders, voice activated computers, ramps, computers and televisions. She informed everyone that the program also lost all of its funding for the early alert program.
D. Yearbook
Attorney General Hazlett suggested that the Yearbook Club recognition be recinded until their constitution is in order. Senator Levitt made this motion. Senator Rutherford seconded. Motion carried 10-1.
E. Executive and Senate Appointments
1. Senate Appointments - At this point President Murguia entertained a motion from the senate to accept Gabby Amavizca and Raquel Guevara as Senators. Senator Denton motioned to accept Gabby Amavizca and Raquel Guevara as Senators. Seconded by Senator Preston. Motion carried 10-0. Gabby Amavizca and Raquel Guevara were sworn in by Attorney General Zeke Hazlett.
2. He then informed the Senate that it is stated in the constitution that he has the power to establish new positions. This new position is that of Executive Assistant Chief of Staff. He explained that this position would allow Sarah Loving more time to focus on specific issues. President Murguia appointed this position to Sarah Loving. He also recommended that Senate Secretary Zuniga be moved to the position of ASWMNU secretary. Vice President Cano then read two letters of resignation from Secretary Loving and Senate Secretary Zuniga. Senator Denton motioned to accept Secretary Loving as Executive Assistant Chief of Staff. Seconded by Senator Talimatasi. Motion carried 12-0. Senator Romano motioned to accept Sharon Zuniga as ASWNMU Executive Secretary. Seconded by Senator Preston. Motion carried 12-0. Senator Talimatasi motioned to accept Gabby Amavizca as Senate Secretary. Seconded by Senator Preston. Motion carried 12-0. Executive Assistant Chief of Staff Loving and ASWNMU Executive Secretary Zuniga were sworn in by Attorney General Zeke Hazlett. President Murguia then informed the Senate that Executive Secretary Zuniga's scholarship would be pro-rated as of October 3rd.
F. Homecoming
Executive Assistant Chief of Staff Sara Loving presented a working budget for homecoming. She explained that funds are split in two categories: food and non-food. Non-Food items totaled an amount of $1,000.00. At the moment, there is no specific amount set on the food items. Chief of Staff Loving then informed the Senate that the cost for the tailgate party would be $500.00. It was suggested that there be a $2.00 fee for those students not a meal plan. Senator Denton moved to allocate not to exceed the amount of $1,800.00 for homecoming. Seconded by Senator Talimatasi. Motion carried 12-0.
G. Mustangs
Senator Pro-Tempore Urquijo informed the senate that there has been conflict about why Vice President Cano is also the Mustang editor. It was also inquired why there has been no Mustang issue distributed. Senator Floor Leader Denton then read a letter from Vice President Cano in her defense. The letter stated that the reason there has been no Mustang paper is due to delays caused by the changing of Vice Presidents of student affairs at WNMU. More time was also spent looking for an editor and a publisher for the newspaper. Editor Cano stated that she hopes to have a Mustang issue out by October 11th. Senator Urquijo moved for a committee to investigate the issue of why Vice President Cano is also the Mustang editor. Seconded by Senator Preston. Motion carried 7-1. A meeting will be set to vote on this issue. Everyone will attend.

IX. Announcements
The next meeting is on October 17th at 7:15 a.m.

X. Adjournment
Senator Denton moved to adjourn at 8:25 a.m. Seconded by Senator Romano. Motion carried 12-0.

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