Senate Meeting Minutes


October 8, 2003

I. Call to Order:
A. Floor Leader temporary filled in for Vice President Frost which called the meeting to order at 8:30pm.

II. Opening Ceremonies:
A. Senator Rice led the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Roll Call:
A. Senators Present: Pro Tempore Frost, , Secretary Doll, Senator Singer, Senator Rice, Senator Sadighi, Senator Burdette, and Senator Bass, Senator Boyd, Senator Upton, Senator Ainsworth, Senator Rodriguez, and Senator Schjetnan
Absent- Floor Leader Menicucci, Senator Whalen

B. Executive Council Present: Secretary Zankich, AG Moreno- Campos, GAD Fallstich
Absent- President Franzoy, Vice President Frost, PID Bruchhauser, Treasure Carbajal

IV. Sargent of Arms Appointment:
A. Senator Bass was appointed Sargent of Arms for the current meeting.

V. Approval of Agenda:
A. After reviewing the agenda for October 8, 2003 Senator Sadighi moved to approve the agenda. Senator Rice seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

VI. Approval of Minutes:
Senator Singer motioned to amend the minutes on line item F under Sexual Harassment Policy because it was never voted on. Correction noted Senator Bass seconded the motion; motion passes unanimously.

VII. Executive Council Reports:
A. President Franzoy-
No report- absent

B. Vice President Frost-
Vice President Frost sent a verbal report stating his appreciation for everyone that helped with Homecoming. Thank you very much!

C. Secretary Zankich-
Secretary Zankich thanked the senate for their help with Homecoming- It turned out great!

D. Treasurer Carbajal-
Treasurer Carbajal absent due

E. PID Bruchhauser-
No report- absent

F. Attorney General Moreno- Campos-
He would like to clarify that we are unable to amend the agenda if it was already voted on and passed, with the exception of the Floor Leader, he/she may do so.

G. GAD Fallstich-
She has been hard at work trying to set appointments with the representatives and senators for the state. She has gotten an few and is very egger for the start of the political year. She truly wants people to take her up on her offer about going with her to the Roundhouse. She wants to involve the students and let them know that things can change because of us. She also started a group and has sent out letters to the departments recommending one student form each department to join her group. The letter was in fact approved by the Ag, so that there would be no problems. Their meetings as of right now will be every other Monday at 3:30pm. She will keep us informed any changes or upcoming events or news.
Senator Boyd- have you contacted the Deming Representative?
GAD- No not yet
Senator Boyd- He is very friendly and truly cares about the student.
GAD- I will contact the Representative ASAP.
Senator Doll- Have you yet been able to send them the Western Gifts?
GAD- I am having difficulties with the bookstore but I will and plan to have them all out very soon.
Senator Boyd- If other students attend the Roundhouse, is there an issue of budget?
GAD- I will check into that ASAP.

H. Student Regent Miller-
Had nothing to report on.

VIII. Old Business:
A. Polo Shirts-
Vice President Frost – Temporary announced that we need more money- in the amount of 150.00. Still this quote is better than any other that we looked at. We did not account for the cost of the embroidery. Secretary Zankich confirmed the fact that this was still the lesser of the quotes given on the shirts. Senator Schjetnan motioned to approve the 150.00 extra to go to the Polo Shirts so that we can have to embroidery. Senator Doll seconded, motion passes (5 Approve) 4 (Disapprove) 2 (Abstain).
Senator Singer calls a roll call- Vice President –Temporary re-calls the vote- Re-Vote/ Senator Singer revokes his initial motion/ request.

B. Parking Citation Proposal-
We plan to use this as a guideline that we as ASWNMU can use to better Western new Mexico University.

VIII. New Business:

A. Mustang Editor-
Senator Schjetnan stated that there was not a meeting this week because of the lack of interest and completed applications. Therefore, we have three options on the table-
1. Table this issue and talk about it at the caucus which is two weeks away
2. Vote on the refund to students therefore, no paper
3. Vote to keep the search open and keep trying
We were expecting October 21, 2003 to be the first publishing date but that is not going to happen.
Secretary Doll- Dr Farren if we do refund the money to the students and find an editor next semester can we take back the fee and start the paper?
Dr. Farren- You can either refund it or hold the money until next semester and thus, not charging the spring fee. Remember ASWNMU is here for the students.
Senator Singer- I am aware that there was one application that was never received and they left in the ASWNMU offices and drop boxes.
Senator Schjetnan- I as a student wants a paper.
Senator Singer- I motion to seize the search for an editor and start looking in the spring, we will keep the money now and not collect it in the spring.
Vice President Temp.- Will the money roll over without problems?
Dr. Farren- Yes.
Secretary Doll Motions for a short recess, Senator Rice seconded; motion passes unanimously.

Recess- approximately 6 minutes

Senator Singer- Withdrawals his motion on the floor- which was - I motion to cease the search for an editor and start looking in the spring; we will keep the money now and not collect it in the spring.
Senator Rice motions to table the issue of the Mustang Editor. Senator Bass seconded; motion passes unanimously.

B. Club Recognition-
Representatives from the Art Club, Science Club, SSS, and Sota were present at the meeting. Discussion on if the clubs had to be here for recognition to take place- Found no it is just Tradition. Therefore, Senator Rice motions to blanket approve all the clubs on the agenda, Senator Ainsworth seconded; motion passes 7 (Approve) 2 (disapprove) 1 (Abstain)

IX. Announcements:

A. Betsy Miller/ Dr. Farren - The graduation date that has been an issue due to the basketball game that has fallen on the same night that has already been published in the catalog. We have to take into account the issue of payroll and if they go with our suggestion, we will have to pay maintenance overtime, which is not a choice. We choose the Fact instead of the Gym. That will be the only change so that all other events such as the Honors breakfast and things in that nature are at the regular times. The basketball game will also be delayed until 8:30pm. This is the best option and our only one that is reasonable.

B. Dr. Counts- Absent

C. Duane Elms- IT Director
He is just confirming that they did in fact find the money that they needed in the account. According to Banner we have 68,010.00. I have a plan on what to use it on but that is always subject to change. We have issues with software licenses and conditions of that nature. We are planning to use 1,500.00 for connections in areas such as B. Lab. Most of all he is asking for the students input on what they think they need. His list of goals
- Use of this will be visible
- Distribute throughout the campus
- Address is current
- Created Value
- Creativity
- Minimizing supplies
Senator Singer stated that the printers are in good shape but we have a large need for scanners.
Well in the original plan, we had planned for 7 new scanners. I need to know the exact location of the problem and we can fix it. Because scanners can be pricy so I need hard evidence that there is a problem and that we need to fix it. He is going to work with Dr. Farren and Dr. Vowell to get the needs of the students meant first.
Senator Schjetnan- talked about the new copyright laws and the drama that is involved with the issue. Duane Elms stated that he hope that the students know between right and wrong. However, there are ways to track things and fix problems. Again, the students are number one in the IT Directors plan.

D. Dr. Farren
Also stated that Wells Fargo will be removing the ATM at the bottom floor of the Student Memorial Building. We will have another ATM ASAP.

E. Furniture request was also handed out for review of the prices.

F. Dr. Farren and Hayes have agreed to do the Sexual Harassment forum but the date and time needs to be set ASAP. He also wants to know what format to use when conducting the Forum.

G. Dr. Farren also wanted to congratulate us on the great Homecoming!

H. Next meeting and caucus are the following /Caucus- Monday October 20, 2003 at 8:30pm/ Meeting Wednesday October 22, 2003 at 8:30pm

IX. Adjournment:

A. Senator Rice motioned to adjourn the meeting. Senator Frost seconded, motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 10:00pm.

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